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Get your Proprietorship Firm Registration @₹ 1999.00* Only

How to Register a Sole Proprietorship in India?

CLIQTAX will help you register a sole proprietorship firm in four simple steps

Give us your details
Give us your details

A professional from CLIQTAX will contact you to understand your business requirements

Submit the documents
Register a name

Our experts will check for name availability and apply for trademark registration

Submit the documents
Submit the documents

Our team will draft all the documents, prepare application & submit it for registration

Choose a partnership name
Registration is Completed

Get the GST Registration, open the bank account with PAN and start your business.

Registration of Sole Proprietorship Online- All you need to know



Registering a sole proprietorship is very simple and can be done easily with CLIQTAX in less than 7 working days. The complete process is managed online and CLIQTAX provides you with assistance every step of the way. Our experts take care of all legal requirements and manage all the compliances.

At CLIQTAX, we offer Proprietorship registration with MSME, GST Registration, bank account opening & Payment Gateway for your proprietorship at the lowest price of 1999/- only (inclusive of all government fees and taxes).

A proprietorship is the most popular form of business among traders, merchants and small business owners in India. A sole proprietorship is owned and managed by a single person who has control over the entire business. Hence, this type of business is preferred by traders and business owners who are in the early stage of a business and prefer to take lower risks.


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A Sole Proprietorship is not a separate legal entity from its owner and therefore, the proprietor has unlimited liability. This means that he can be held personally liable for any default in the business. Proprietorships have minimal regulatory compliances and even registration is not mandatory.

However, it is recommended to register a business as sole proprietorship for better operational functioning of the firm. One can simply form a proprietorship, register it with the concerned regulatory authority like MSME, open a bank account with the proprietor’s PAN and start operating the business.

Benefits of registration of sole proprietorship

Registering your business as a proprietorship firm with the MSME helps you to build trust in the customer’s mind. A customer always feels safe and assured while dealing with a registered entity. It offers multiple other benefits which are as follows

  •    A registered firm increases the legitimacy of your business.
  •    Attracts more clients- National as well foreign customers
  •    Procures bank credits with ease.
  •    Easy establishment and operational process
  •    Cheaper to set up than one person company
  •    Minimal compliance requirements
  •    No need to hire an auditor
  •    No income tax on income less than 2 lakh per annum
  •    Maximum privacy and no government interference
  •    Many tax benefits and deductions
  •    No sharing of profit

Additionally, you will also get a Current Account for your Firm - Powered by RBL Bank *

Here are the prerequisites for registering a Sole Proprietorship in India

Only 1 individual required

Just one person is required to register a sole proprietorship. He/she should be an Indian citizen and resident and have a PAN card in his or her name.

Name for Proprietorship

A proprietorship can be registered with the owner’s name but it is advisable to register the name under a trademark name to build a distinct identity.

Documents Submission

Applicant is required to submit KYC documents such pan card, adhaar card & address proof.

No Minimum Capital Required

There is no requirement of minimum capital for a proprietorship and it can be started with any amount of capital in the bank account.

Registered Office

Any rented/commercial/residential property can be used as a registered office for the communication address of the firm.


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How to Register a Sole Proprietorship Online - A detailed registration process

Here are the few simple steps to be followed to register a sole proprietorship

Submission of documents

Submission of documents

GST Registration

GST & MSME Registration

Payment gateway

Payment gateway

Start your business

Start your business

Why Choose CLIQTax

CLIQTAX believes at rendering premium services and delivering it in a quick manner. The incorporation services shall be delivered following the SPICe route.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing
Technology Platform
Technology Platform
Payment Security
Payment Security
Timely work completion
Timely work completion
All time consultancy
All time consultancy

Selecting a name for your Proprietorship before Registration

The first step in getting a proprietorship registered is to choose a unique name for the firm which the customers will easily identify and relate with. But now-a-days, selecting a firm name or brand name has become difficult as one has to be sure that the name has not already been taken up by some other business. Moreover, the website domains and trademark are not available if one wants to host a website with the same name or use the name as brand of the product or services.

It is therefore advisable to come up with 3 to 4 names for your proprietorship when you decide to get it registered. Our experts will check your chosen names on the Trademark database to select the best firm name or brand name. Subsequently you can book a website domain as well as trademark registration to secure your brand.

Kindly note that it is always the concerned authority or concerned officer’s discretion to approve the proprietorship firm’s name which has been applied for. If your preferred name is already reserved or not available due to some other reason but the website domain or trademark is available, in that case you can use the desired website domain & get it registered under trademark to secure your brand & get the firm registered under some other available name.

Documents & Information required for Registration of Proprietorship

In India, one can register a sole proprietorship with proper identity proof and address proof for the owner or proprietor of the proprietorship firm to be registered.
Following are the list of documents and information required to proceed for online registration

Address Proof

Address Proof

Identity and Address Proof- Only scanned copy required

All the documents submitted should be valid. The residence proof documents such as the electricity bill or bank statement must be less than 2 months old.

Registered Office Proof- Only scanned copy

Registered Office Proof- Only scanned copy

Following is the list of documents required to be submitted for the registered office of the proprietorship firm

Note : : It is not necessary to have a commercial space as registered office of the proprietorship firm; you can use your house address as registered office for communication purpose as well.

How does CLIQTAX help you in registering your Proprietorship firm in India?

You can get your sole proprietorship registered from the comfort of your own home. You don’t even need to come out to visit the offices of any professionals to get this work done. This process is completely online & our experts will help you get this registration completed over call within 5 to 6 working days. During the process we will keep you updated about the developments.

After the proprietorship registration process, you will get

Now, you can begin your business operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CLIQTAX believes in providing affordable and premium services while delivering them in a quick manner.

Q. What is a Sole Proprietorship?


It is the simplest form of business ownership where the entire business is owned and managed by a single person. The business itself does not have a separate legal identity, i.e. the businessperson and the business are the same in the eyes of law. The sole proprietor is entitled to all the profits of the business but also has unlimited liability for all losses and debts.

Q. What are the benefits of registering a proprietorship under the MSMED Act?


Registering a proprietorship is a recommended step since it adds credibility to their business. Customers and vendors always prefer a registered entity as compared to an unregistered one. Registering a business helps you to build trust in your customer’s mind. A customer always feels safe, confident and comfortable while dealing with a registered entity. It is also easier for the firm to get loans from banks when the proprietorship is registered. Registering under the MSMED Act has several advantages like making it easier to avail subsidies, incentives and schemes launched by the government on the basis of the registration.

Q. Is there a minimum capital requirement to register a sole proprietorship?


There is no requirement of minimum capital prescribed to register a sole proprietorship and the business can be started with any amount of capital as per the discretion of the owner.

Q. What is the time required for setting up a sole proprietorship in India?


After submission of all the required documents & information, the MSME usually takes 2 to 3 working days to respond to our application. On an average it takes 7 to 8 working days to complete the registration process & immediately after that you can start your business.

Q. How do I open a bank account for my proprietorship firm?


As per RBI norms, to open a bank account for sole proprietorship, the following documents are required - PAN, two forms of registration, identity proof like Aadhar or Voter ID and address proof like mobile bills or electricity bills. The two forms of registration can be either of the following - Shop & Establishment Act Registration, MSME registration, professional license, Chartered Accountant Certificate, GST Registration or any other form as per the KYC norms of the Reserve Bank of India or as per the requirements of the respective banks.

Q. Can I convert my sole proprietorship into a partnership or a private limited company?


Yes, a sole proprietorship can be converted into a partnership or a private limited company if the proprietor wishes to do so at a later stage of business. However, the process is complex and involves a lot of paperwork. Therefore, it is advisable to set up a partnership or private limited company at the first stage itself, if the business owner is looking for investment and expansion.

Q. Can we register a sole proprietorship at the residential address?


Yes, it is possible to use a residential address for the official address for the registration of the sole proprietorship. One can even use the address of a rented property after providing the No Objection Certificate from the property owner.

Q. Is physical presence required during the registration process?


No, the proprietorship registration process is completely online. So, the business owner or proprietor is not required to visit physically at any place. All required documents & information can be sent through e-mail or uploaded on our portal for filing. Self-attested scanned copies of all documents & relevant information are required along with your authorisation to submit an application before the authority on your behalf. All the forms are filed online on the MSME web portal, application & documents are digitally signed & submitted before the authority for approval.

Q. What are the relevant compliances required to be done after Proprietorship registration?


Once, your proprietorship is registered, you should complete below-mentioned requirements:

  •    The opening of the firm’s current account
  •    Apply for GST Certificate
  •    TAN registration, if applicable
  •    Apply for relevant licences under Shop & Establishment Act, FSSAI etc.

Q. Is it necessary to register a sole proprietorship in India?


No, registering a sole proprietorship is not mandatory. A proprietor can simply start his business by opening a bank account with his own PAN card. If the business exceeds 20 lakhs per annum, the proprietor should get a GST registration done. If operating out of a commercial establishment, it is imperative to register under the Shops and Establishment Act. For other businesses, registration can be done under the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Act, 2006.

Q. What are the minimum requirements to register a Sole Proprietorship in India?


For a Sole proprietorship registration in India, the following things must be required:

  •    An individual as the sole owner/proprietor
  •    A place of business in India must be provided as a registered office address.
  •    Utility bills such as electricity bills/mobile bills
  •    Rental agreement/property deed
  •    KYC documents such as copy of PAN card & Aadhaar card of the proprietor
  •    E-mail id & Mobile number
  •    Current account in bank

Q. How do I register the name of the sole proprietorship?


There is no provision of registering the name of a sole proprietorship firm. The firm can adopt any name as per its choice which is not identical to any existing business or brand or trademark name. The business of the sole proprietorship can even be carried out on its owner’s name. However, to ensure that the name is unique and to build a business brand, the owner can obtain a Trademark registration of the business name.

Q. How can I transfer my proprietorship?


A proprietorship business cannot be transferred to another person. Only the assets of the business can be transferred to others through sale. Intangible assets like government approvals, registrations, etc. cannot be transferred to other people unlike a private limited company or a limited liability partnership.

Q. Will my proprietorship firm have a registration certificate?


A registration certificate or a certificate of incorporation is not issued for a sole proprietorship firm. The identity of a proprietorship firm is established by registering with a regulatory government authority like the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises.

Q. What are the compliance requirements for a sole proprietorship?


A sole proprietorship firm has to file annual tax returns with the Income Tax Department. The firm may have to file GST returns if the annual turnover exceeds 20 lakhs or doing an online business. However, compliances like filing annual reports and accounts with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs are not required. Those compliances only apply to the private or public limited companies. The proprietorship may have to file TDS returns, if applicable.

Q. Is it mandatory to get an audit for the Sole Proprietorship?Is it mandatory to get an audit for the Sole Proprietorship?


It is not required for the sole proprietorship firm to get their financial statements audited each year. However, if the turnover exceeds a certain amount, tax audits may be required.

Q. Can investors invest in a sole proprietorship?


No. Sole Proprietorship is a business owned, managed and controlled by a single person. This type of business cannot issue shares or get investors. For trading shares or seeking funds, the sole proprietorship must first convert to a Private Limited Company.

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