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Easy EMI Options

* The above-mentioned government fee has been calculated on a minimum capital contribution of Rs.100000
* Stamp duty may vary from state to state
* Extra charges for NRI/Foreign directors, or an additional person or Foreign shareholding companies

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How to Register A Private Limited Company in India?

CLIQTAX will help you register a Private Limited Company in five simple steps

Give us your details
Give us your details

A professional from CLIQTAX will contact you and verify the information provided

Apply for DSC and DPIN
Apply for Digital Signatures

We will obtain Digital Signatures (DSC) and DIN for both the Directors

Apply for Name Reservation
Apply for Name Reservation

Our experts will check for name availability and apply for company name approval

Submit the documents
Submit the documents

Our team will draft all the documents, prepare the application & submit it to ROC for registration

Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Incorporation

Get the Certificate of Incorporation, open the company bank account and start your business.

Registration of Private Limited Company Online- All you need to know



A Private Limited Company is the most preferred form of business among start-ups and entrepreneurs in India. An Indian Pvt. Ltd. Company is incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs as the regulatory authority.

Registering a Private Limited Company is very simple and can be done easily with CLIQTAX in less than 7 working days. The complete process is managed online and CLIQTAX provides you with assistance every step of the way. Our experts take care of all legal requirements and manage all the compliances.

At CLIQTAX, we offer Private Limited Company registration with 2 Digital Signature Certificates (DSC), 2 Director Identification Number (DIN), Company Registration Certificate (COI), Company MOA & AOA, Company PAN Card, TAN No, ESI, PF registration, GST Registration, Company bank account & Payment Gateway for your company at the lowest price of Rs. 7499/- only (inclusive of all government fees and taxes).


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A Private Limited Company offers limited liability and protection to its shareholders. Since the business becomes a separate legal entity after registration, the creditors can sell only the business assets in case of a default and not the personal assets of shareholders/directors. Moreover, in a Pvt. Ltd. Company, ownership can be separated from management. For these reasons, a Private Limited Company is favoured by investors, venture capitalists, and banks for equity and debt funding.  

Benefits of registration of private limited company

Registering a company helps you to build trust in the customer’s mind. A customer always feels safe and assured while dealing with a registered entity. It offers multiple other benefits which are as follows

  •    A registered company increases the legitimacy of your business.
  •    Separate legal entity status- protection from personal individual obligation and other risks and losses.
  •    Easy to get funds- Investors prefer to invest in private limited company
  •    Attracts more clients- National as well foreign customers
  •    Procures bank credits and good investment from reliable investors with ease.
  •    Offers liability protection to safeguard the company’s assets
  •    Larger capital contribution and greater stability
  •    High potential to grow big and expand

Additionally, you will also get a Current Account for your Company - Powered by RBL Bank *

Checklist for Registering a Company in India

As defined under the Companies Act 2013, the following requirements have to be met for registering a company.

Minimum 2 individuals required

At least 2 persons are required to register a private limited company in India. At least one person should be an Indian resident out of all 15 directors in the company.

Unique Company Name

It is very important to remember that the proposed company name must be a unique one & should not match with any existing business, brand name or trademark in India.

Business Activity

A business activity or objective must be mentioned in the Memorandum of Association of the company. Eg: E-commerce, Technology, Education etc.

No Minimum Capital Requirement

There is no requirement of minimum paid up capital for a company but it must have an authorized capital of Rupees One Lakh.

Company’s Registered Office

A registered office address is required along with valid address proof and pin code to register a company in India. The company can also be registered on a residential address.


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How to Register a Company Online - A detailed registration process

Here are the few simple steps to be followed to register a private limited company

Submission of documents

Submission of documents

Apply for DSC/DPIN

Apply for DSC/DPIN

Apply for Name approval

Apply for Name approval

LLP Deed Filing

E-MOA & E-AOA Filing

Get approval

Get approval

GST Registration

GST Registration

Payment gateway

Payment gateway

Start your business

Start your business

Why Choose CLIQTax

CLIQTAX believes at rendering premium services and delivering it in a quick manner. The incorporation services shall be delivered following the SPICe route.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction
Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing
Technology Platform
Technology Platform
Payment Security
Payment Security
Timely work completion
Timely work completion
All time consultancy
All time consultancy

Selecting a Company name before Registration

The first step in getting a company registered is to choose a unique name for the company which the customers will easily identify and relate with. But now-a-days, selecting a company name or brand name has become difficult as one has to be sure that the name has not already been taken up by some other business. Moreover, the website domains and trademark are not available if one wants to host a website with the same name or use the name as brand of the product or services.

It is therefore advisable to come up with 3 to 4 company names when you decide to form a company. Our experts will check your chosen company names on MCA and Trademark database to select the best company name or brand name. Subsequently you can book a website domain as well as trademark registration to secure your brand.

Kindly note that it is always the concerned authority or concerned officer’s discretion to approve the company name which has been applied for. As per the name availability rules and regulations under Companies Act, 2013, MCA is the final authority to approve or reject the name approval application. If your preferred name is already reserved or not available due to some other reason but the website domain or trademark is available, in that case you can use the desired website domain & get it registered under trademark to secure your company brand & get the company registered under some other available name.

Documents & Information required for Online Company Registration

In India, one can register a private limited company with proper identity proof and address proof for all the directors and shareholders of the company to be registered.
Following are the list of documents and information required to proceed for online company registration

For Partners

For Directors and the shareholders

Identity and Address Proof- Only scanned copy required

For the foreign nationals, an apostilled or notarized copy of the passport has to be submitted compulsorily. All the documents submitted should be valid. The residence proof documents such as the electricity bill or bank statement must be less than 2 months old.

Registered Office Proof- Only scanned copy

Registered Office Proof- Only scanned copy

Following is the list of documents required to be submitted for the registered office of the company

Note : It is not necessary to have a commercial space as registered office of the company; you can use your house address as registered office for communication purpose as well.

How does CLIQTAX help you in registering your Company in India?

You can get your private limited company registered from the comfort of your own home. You don’t even need to come out to visit the offices of any professionals to get this work done. This process is completely online & our experts will help you get this registration completed over call within 5 to 6 working days. During the process we will keep you updated about the developments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

CLIQTAX believes in providing affordable and premium services while delivering them in a quick manner. The incorporation services shall be delivered following the SPICe route.

Q. What is a Private Limited Company?


A Private Limited Company is registered with 2 or more persons in India. No minimum capital is required to form a private limited company. It is very easy to register a company under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs with the help of CLIQTAX.
A private limited company lies somewhere between a partnership and a widely owned public company. It provides you the benefits of limited partnership while extending the liability only to your respective shares. The maximum number of shareholders in a private limited company has been extended to 200 (from 50) as per the new Indian Companies Act & a company can appoint a maximum number of 15 directors.

Q. What are the minimum requirements to register a Private Limited Company (PLC) in India?


For Private Limited Company (PLC) registration in India, the following things must be required:

  •    Minimum 2 directors & shareholders are required to be appointed, out of which one must be a resident of India. It should be noted here that both individuals can become shareholders and directors at the same time.
  •    A place of business in India must be provided as a registered office address.
  •    KYC documents such as copy of PAN card & Aadhaar card of both Directors/Shareholders
  •    E-mail id & Mobile number for both Directors/Shareholders

Q. How can I become eligible to get benefits under the Startup India Initiative?


Following are the list of entities which qualify as a “Startup” for the purpose of Government schemes

  •    Private Limited Company (PLC)
  •    Registered Partnership Firm
  •    Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Following conditions are applicable on all entities & should be satisfied for qualifying as a Startup:

  •    Entity Age Limit: It should not be older than 5 years or more. Not more than 5 years should have passed from the date of entity incorporation/ registration
  •    Turnover criteria: Turnover for any of the financial year has not crossed INR 25 crore
  •    Objectives: It is working towards innovation, development, deployment or commercialization of new products, processes or services driven by technology or intellectual property

CLIQTAX team will help you in getting registered under the Startup India Initiative to avail the benefits.

Q. What is the time required for setting up a private limited company in India?


After submission of all the required documents & information, the MCA usually takes 2 to 3 working days to respond to our application. On an average it takes 8 to 10 working days to complete the registration process & immediately after that you can start your business.

Q. What is the Director Identification Number (DIN)?


An individual who wishes to be appointed as a Director in any Company or Designated Partner in an LLP, he or she must first apply for a Director Identification Number. An application can be filed in form DIR-3 with MCA for allotment of Director Identification Number. It must be noted that an individual can’t have more than 1 DIN. Director Identification Number (DIN) is a unique number allotted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs to an individual.

Q. What is Paid-up Capital and Authorized Share Capital?


Paid-up share capital refers to the actual amount raised by a company; i.e. amount paid by the shareholders on the issuance of shares. Whereas authorised share capital can be defined as the maximum amount of share capital that a company can raise by way of issuance of shares at present or in the future. It is also possible to increase the authorised share capital to raise more paid-up share capital by way of issuance of shares.
Anyone can register a private limited company in India by any amount of paid-up share capital not exceeding the amount of authorized share capital. It must be noted that amount of paid-up share capital can be less or equal to the authorized share capital but can’t be more than the amount of authorised share capital in any case.

Q. Can we register a private limited company at the residential address?


Yes, it is possible to use a residential address for a Private Limited Company registration to receive official communication from authorities such as MCA, Income Tax, GST department etc.

Q. Is physical presence required during the registration process?


No, the Company registration process is completely online. So, none of the promoters/directors are required to visit physically at any place. All required documents & information can be sent through e-mail or uploaded on our portal for filing.
Self-attested scanned copies of all documents & relevant information are required along with your authorisation to submit an application before the authority on your behalf.
All the forms are filed online on the MCA web portal, application & documents are digitally signed & submitted before the authority for approval.

Q. What are the statutory compliances required to be done immediately after Private Limited Company registration?


Once, your company is registered, you should complete below-mentioned requirements on priority within 30 days of registration:

  •    The opening of the company’s current account within 30 days after receiving the PAN card
  •    Appointment of a Statutory Auditor
  •    Depositing paid-up capital as mentioned while registration
  •    Issuance of share certificates and allotment of shares

Q. Are private limited companies good for small businesses?


Yes, it is always advisable for small businesses to register their business as a private limited company since it adds credibility to their business. Registering a company helps you to build your company's trust in your customer’s mind. A customer always feels safe, confident and comfortable while dealing with a registered entity. It is also easier for the private limited company to get loans from banks and potential investors as compared to a one-person-company, sole proprietorship or a partnership.

Q. Is there a minimum Share Capital requirement to register a private limited company?


There is no requirement of minimum capital prescribed to register a private limited company but it is advisable to have a minimum capital of Rupees ten thousand to one lakh as an authorised share capital during the registration. Requirement of minimum share capital has been eliminated by the Government as part of the ‘ease of doing business’ initiative to simplify the business registration process in India. However, it is required for every member to subscribe to a minimum number of 1 share to contribute the minimum share capital amount as paid-up share capital to run business smoothly at the time of private limited company registration.

Q. How to file an application to reserve the proposed company name?


An applicant can file the maximum of 2 names with their order of preference under RUN form on MCA portal along with the details of nature of business to be carried out. The applicant should comply with the provisions of the Act or regulations. The registrar may ask to re-submit the application with a different name if the names do not fall under the criteria of uniqueness, relevancy or do not fulfill other requirements.

Q. Who can be appointed as a Director in a Private Limited Company?


Any individual above the age of 18 years can be appointed as a director in the company after getting the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) & Director Identification Number (DIN). Even a foreign national can also become a director in a private limited company. There is no specific criteria prescribed in terms of his/her citizenship or residency. Now-a-days DIN gets allotted at the time of company registration subject to a limit of maximum 3 DIN. If more people require a DIN application, it can be filed separately in form DIR-3 with MCA.

Q. What is a Digital Signature Certificate? Who can apply for it?


From incorporation to regular annual filing, there are multiple e-forms prescribed under MCA which are required to be digitally signed & submitted to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Digital Signatures can be used for filing purposes only such as MCA Filing for Company Incorporation, Annual Filing etc. It can also be used for GST Registration & Returns filings, Income Tax filings etc.
MCA has authorised certain authorities to issue Digital Signatures Certificates in the form of a token. DSC can be issued in 2 forms, one is class-2 digital signature certificates & another one is class-3 digital signature certificate.

Q. Can a Private Limited Company run multiple businesses?


Yes, it is a standard practice to include multiple business activities in the object clause of Memorandum of Association (MoA) to cover more scope of business.

Business activities which are not related to the same field or of the same nature, those business activities are not allowed under the same company unless approved by ROC.

Q. Can NRIs / Foreigners hold shares by way of investment in Private Limited Company?


Yes, NRIs or foreigner nationals can become shareholders or directors by way of investment in a private limited company subject to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) guidelines. But such a person can be considered as a director only when there is one director who is a Resident of India. Additional documents would be required which are:

  •    A Copy of Passport which is attested by the Consulate of Indian Embassy or Foreign Public Notary.
  •    A Copy of Driving License/ Bank Statement or copy of Electricity Bills or any Property Tax Payment Receipt which is attested by Consulate of Indian Embassy or Foreign Public Notary.

RBI approval is required for foreign capital contribution. Additional charges will be applicable for RBI approval. Our experts at CLIQTAX will advise you on the applicable charges.
However, a company will be deemed as a foreign company if the foreign contribution is above 50% of total capital contribution.

Q. Is stamp duty payable during the company registration process?


Yes, Stamp duty charges are imposed by the state in which the registered office of the company is proposed to be located. The charges are on MOA, AOA & application form.
Our charges are covered under the plan for all the states except Kerala, Punjab & Madhya Pradesh.
Our experts will guide you on additional charges applicable, if any, for Kerala, Punjab & Madhya Pradesh.

Q. What are the Annual Compliance requirements to be fulfilled by a Private Limited Company?


For a private limited company, there are multiple compliances to be done in every financial year which are as follows:

  •    To hold one Annual General Meeting (AGM) and at least 4 board meetings (one in each quarter).
  •    Get the company’s accounts and financial statements audited by an independent auditor.
  •    File the audited financial statements along with the audit report & board report in form AOC – 4 and MGT – 7 as part of Annual Compliance within the given time.
  •    Re-appointment of auditor of company
  •    File GST returns, if applicable
  •    File income tax returns for company as well as for directors of company
  •    File TDS returns, if applicable

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