Whatsapp Announced A Pilot Program In Collaboration With Novi Digital Wallet

According to reports, WhatsApp is receiving an option that allows users to edit recipients before sending media. This feature was discovered in a beta update, but it is said to be still under development, and it may take some time to reach beta testers. However, there is no information about when it might happen. Earlier this week, WhatsApp announced a pilot program to collaborate with Novi Digital Wallet, a fintech platform owned by Meta.


Telegram Has Start Rolling Out Latest Monthly Updates For Android And IOS Devices

Social Media messaging app Telegram has started rolling out the latest monthly updates for Android and iOS devices, adding many new features to users. Some important features include protected content in groups and channels, deleting messages by date, logging in by calling, etc. "The new protected content feature will help creators guard the satisfaction they publish on Telegram and ensure that it is only available to their target audience.


Instagram Will Launch A Chronological Version Of The Application Next Year

The head of Instagram said on Wednesday that his goal is to launch a chronological version of the app next year, not an algorithm-ranked app. This is his first appearance in Congress on children’s online safety issues. Cross-examined. Adam Mosseri of Instagram is the latest technology executive to pressure legislators to provide more transparency to make the algorithm of the platform and the influence of the content they plan and recommend for users more transparent.


Gmail Allows Undo Send Feature In New Update For Web And IOS Users

Gmail's Undo Send highlight is getting another update for Web and iOS clients. The element, that permits clients to review messages, will currently offer distinctive time spans. With this, clients can 'unsend' an email subsequent to tapping send button in 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, or 30 seconds before it gets to the beneficiary. Google's mail administration prior offered a standard five-second window to review an erroneously sent message.


CFINE Asia's Biggest Workplaces Of Meta Set Up In Gurugram

Meta on Today said it means to ability 1 crore private ventures and 2.5 Lakh makers over the course of the following three years in the country through its Center for Fuelling India's New Economy (CFINE) in Delhi-NCR. CFINE is housed in probably Meta's biggest office in Asia that has been set up in Gurugram. The new office will house different groups from Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. "India's not simply the biggest country for Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.


YouTube Rolls Out A 'Listening Control' Feature For Android And IOS Users

YouTube has purportedly begun carrying out a 'listening controls' element for Android and iOS clients who are YouTube Premium supporters. Listening controls supplant everything under the video window with an inadequate sheet. Play/stop, next/past, and 10-second rewind/forward are the primary buttons, reports 9to5 Google. Utilizing the listening controls, YouTube application clients can likewise save new melodies to a playlist assuming that they like.


SpaceX Will Apply For A Business License Early Next Year To Contribute Wideband & Other Services In India

Starlink, the satellite internet wing of billionaire Elon Musk’s rocket company SpaceX, will apply for a trade license in India early next year to provide broadband and other services, its country chief said on Friday. “We hope to apply for a commercial license on or before January 31, 2022 (unless we encounter some major obstacles),” said Sanjay Bhargava, SpaceX India’s National Director of Starlink, in a LinkedIn post.


Meta Launched StopNCII.Org To Protect Female Users On Its Platform

Meta (formerly Facebook) introduce on Thursday a series of estimates to protect female users on its platform, including the launch of StopNCII.Org in India, aimed at fighting the spread of volunteer private images (NCII). Meta also launched the Women’s Safety Center, which will be available in Hindi and 11 other Indian languages, which will permit more Indian female users to approach information about tools and resources to help them make the most of their social media experience during their


Microsoft Announced The Launch Of A New Office UI For Its Users

American technology group Microsoft begin to roll out a new Office UI for its users this week. The visual update was originally declared earlier this year and was tested in the vacation. According to The Verge, it is now beginning to roll out to all Office 365 and Office 2021 users. This new Office UI is produced to match the optical changes in Windows 11. It includes a more go-round aspect of the Office ribbon bar and some subtle adapt to the buttons in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.


FSS Launches UPI E-voucher To Accelerate Adoption Of Digital Payments In Underserved Areas

Payment processor FSS (Financial Software and Systems) said on Wednesday that it has enhanced its Unified Payment Interface (UPI) suite to support vouchers to accelerate the adoption of digital payments in segments with insufficient financial services. The company said in a statement that UPI eVoucher enables customers to transfer funds used for specific purposes to any mobile phone number in real-time, regardless of whether the beneficiary has a bank account.

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Paytm Launches A Card-On Tokenization Solution In Partnership With Oyo, Domino's, & Myntra

Paytm Payments Services, a totally-possess secondary of Paytm, has launched its card file tokenization facility. According to a media declare provide by Paytm on Monday, for its on-card tokenization solution called Paytm Token Gateway, it has partnered with platforms such as Myntra, Oyo, Domino's, and payment introduction such as Visa, Mastercard, and RuPay. The press release stated that all Paytm consumers and merchants can use the file tokenization tool on the card.


Twitter Bans Sharing Of Personal Pictures And Videos Without Their Consent

Twitter introduced new rules on Tuesday that prohibit users from sharing other people’s private images without their consent and tightened the network’s policies only one day after it changed CEO. Under the new regulations, non-public figures can ask Twitter to delete photos or videos that they have reported without permission. Twitter stated that this policy does not apply to “public figures or individuals who share media and accompanying texts of tweets for the public interest or to add value


Telecom Regulator Begins Process To Fix Base Price For 5G Services Across 10 Spectrum Bands Fixed By Govt

The telecommunications regulator has initiated the process of setting basic prices for the 10 frequency bands designated by the government for 5G services. These include the 600 Mhz and millimeter-wave frequencies that will be auctioned from April to May next year. The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has solicited opinions from stakeholders before December 28 and solicited opinions on issues such as the application of reserve prices before January 11


Government Launched A Unique Face Recognition Technology For Pensioners With An Aim To Ease Lives Of Elderly Citizens

The government has introduced a unique face recognition technology for retirees, aimed at bringing convenience to retirement and the elderly. It was initiated by the Federal Minister of State, Dr. Gitendra Singh, who said: “The face recognition technology that provides proof of life is a historic and far-reaching reform because it will not only touch 6.8 million central government pensions. The lives of pensioners will also touch the lives of tens of millions of pensioners

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Indian-Born Parag Agarwal Is New CEO Of Twitter

Parag Agarwal, born in India, is the new CEO of Twitter. After the company's co-founder Jack Dorsey stepped down 16 years later, Agarwal took over as CEO. In this way, Agarwal joined the Indian CEO Alliance of Silicon Valley companies, including IBM's Arvind Krishna, Google's Sundar Pichai, and Microsoft's Satya Nadella. Tesla CEO Musk has an interesting view on Agarwal's appointment as the new CEO of Twitter.

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Reliance Industries Ltd Launches WhatsApp To Use New "Click And Chat" Option For Jiomart Ordering

Indians can now use WhatsApp to order groceries from billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s JioMart through the new “click and chat” option, as his Reliance Industries Ltd. challenges the dominance of Amazon and Walmart’s Flipkart. According to JioMart users who received a WhatsApp shopping invitation with a 90-second tutorial and catalog, the delivery is free and there is no minimum order value.

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Ice Universe Motorola Will Launch Its First 200MP Sensor Camera Smartphone

Samsung announced its 200MP ISOCELL HP1 sensor in September, and now a new report claims that Motorola will be the first company to use the sensor, followed by Xiaomi. According to the leaker, Ice Universe Motorola will be the first company to use the 200MP sensor, followed by Xiaomi, which will use it in the second half of 2022, while Samsung is said to be using the 200MP sensor later in 2023.


Amazon Raises Prices By 50%, Including Amazon Prime Membership And Amazon Prime Video

Amazon plans to increase the annual subscription price of its Prime membership plan from 999 rupees to 1499 rupees, higher than the current 999 rupees. Even the monthly and quarterly subscription fees for Amazon Prime members, including Amazon Prime Video and one-day delivery of goods on the e-commerce platform, will also increase in price. Amazon previously announced that the three-month plan India Prime membership price will increase from 329 rupees to 459 rupees.

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Twitter Will Soon Provide New Features For IOS Users, Including Replies, Veto Votes, And Sorted Replies

According to reports, after launching a number of features this year, the microblogging site Twitter is ready to prepare new features for iOS users, including reactions, votes, and sorted responses. According to reverse engineer Nima Owji, the response review, which was tested a few months ago, will be launched soon, 9To5Mac reported. Four new reactions are added, "Tears of Joy", "Thinking Face", "Clap" and "Crying Face". This feature is designed to allow users to better show their feelings in


Whatsapp Will Allow Users To Delete Messages For Everyone 7 Days After Sending

There was news a long time ago that WhatsApp plans to extend the time limit for the "delete messages for everyone" function. Now, the Messaging application has been found to test different time limits for this feature. Currently, users can only choose to delete a sent message after 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds. However, things will rapidly change variously, because WhatsApp users may delete their messages for everyone 7 days after sending them.


Kinara Capital Launches Mykinara Mobile App For Unsecured MSME Commercial Loan Space

Kinara Capital launched the myKinara mobile app, which provides a three-step process for the unsecured MSME commercial loan space. The application allows small business owners to securely apply for and receive digital unsecured commercial loans within a 24-hour turnaround time (TAT). The application allows small, medium, and micro-enterprises in India to directly access the digital processes used by field officials.

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WhatsApp Will Bring A New Feature That Allows Users To Change Playback Speed Of Audio Messages

WhatsApp is developing a new feature that will allow users to change the speed at which audio messages are played. This feature will be comparable to the WhatsApp voice note playback feature released earlier this year. An audio message is related to a voice note, but it is originally a forwarded file in case you are disordered. Although the change may not seem significant


Twitter Announced Its First Shopping Live Broadcast On November 28

The company announced that the Weibo website Twitter will host its first live shopping live on November 28. The company said that when watching Live Shopping live on Twitter, people can take a number of measures to make the shopping experience on Twitter seamless. "In collaboration with singer, songwriter, dancer, and social media superstar Jason Derulo, they launched the first live-shopping live broadcast on Twitter," the company said in a blog post.


Central Government Will Plan To Launch An Online Serviceable Portal For Broadcasting Sector

A senior official of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said that the government plans to launch an online convenience portal for the broadcasting industry in the next three months, which will speed up the process of obtaining any government approval or applying for any permits. MIB. "Broadcasters will be able to see where their applications are and how they are processed.


WhatsApp Launches Two New Security Features "Flash Calls" And "Message Level Reporting" For Indian Users

Meta's instant messaging platform WhatsApp has introduced two new security features "Flash Calls" and "Message Level Reporting" for Indian users. Flash Calls and Message Level Reporting will allow people to better safety and control their use of messaging applications. Through Flash Calls, new Android users or users who frequently change devices can choose to verify their phone number through automatic calls instead of text messages.


Paytm Has Launched A Physical Prepaid Card That Will Be Directly Linked To User's Paytm Wallet

Paytm launched a physical prepaid card on Tuesday, directly connected to the user's Paytm wallet. The user only needs to recharge the wallet to use the card, no need to create a separate account. The card can also withdraw money from ATM machines. Satish Gupta, Managing Director and CEO of Paytm Payments Bank said: "The launch of the Paytm moving card will grant millions of Indians to use one card to meet all transit and banking needs."

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Meta Announces New Controls That Allow Users & Businesses To Customize Their News Feed Experience On Social Media Platforms

In the face of strict scrutiny of user data privacy around the world, Meta (formerly Facebook) announced several new controls designed to allow users and businesses to customize their News Feed experience on social media platforms. The company also plans to work with third-party partners to develop brand suitability verification tools for News Feed.


Whatsapp Adds More Details To Privacy Policies Of European Countries

WhatsApp is adding more details to its privacy policy and flagging the information to European users after Irish regulators imposed a record fine on the chat service for violating strict EU data privacy rules. Starting Monday, WhatsApp’s privacy policy will be transformed to prepare more information about the data it collects and how it is used. The company said it also explained in more detail how it protects cross-border sharing of data to provide global services and the legal basis for


Phonepe Announced Friday Repurchase Of Employee Stock Options (ESOP)

Digital payment platform PhonePe announced on Friday that it would buy back employee stock options (ESOP) worth 1.35 billion rupees. A statement stated that the repurchase offer follows a three-tier model based on seniority. Company founders will not participate. It added that although the top leadership can sell up to 10% of its acquired stock. All other existing employees can sell up to 25% of their acquired stock.


Instagram Launched Two Features, Namely "A Finally" And "Rage Shake"

Instagram has confirmed that there are two features on the platform, which are said to be new features. One is called "Finally" and the other is called "Rage Shake." Adam Mosseri, the start of Instagram, display a short video on his Twitter account to let us learn more about these qualities. The first is said to be the "final" feature, allowing users to delete individual images from the image carousel.


Google Will Now Get The Hinglish Option In Google Payments App Google Pay

Google announced a major upgrade related to the Google Payments application. Google Pay will now offer Hinglish options. This will be Google's first application with the Hinglish option. With this new feature, people can use Google Pay more easily. Compared with English, most Indians are more used to communicating in Indian English. This feature will allow users from all walks of life to use Google Pay to make payments easily.

Google Pay

Facebook Meta Is About To Launch High-Tech Gloves With Texture, Pressure, And Vibration

Meta (formerly Facebook) is developing sci-fi tactile gloves that can use air pockets to duplicate a range of commotions in the virtual world, including texture, pressure, and vibration. The team is building new hand-tracking technology to allow it to accurately identify where your hand is in the virtual scene, whether you are in contact with a virtual object, and how your hand interacts with the object.

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Kerala Govt To Launch Mobile App For Tracking And Improving Collection Waste Disposal

The Kerala government will launch a mobile application to improve and track the collection of inorganic waste by local autonomous agencies. The smart waste mobile app will initially be launched in all 6 municipal companies, more than 70 municipalities, and 300 village groups. The Minister of Local Self-Government MV Govindan Master stated that the plan will make waste treatment more efficient.

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Social Media Apps Snapchat, Spotify, And Alphabet’s Google Cloud Were Outage On Tuesday

Several social media applications such as Snapchat, Spotify, and Alphabet's Google Cloud appeared to be back online after a brief global outage on Tuesday. Google said that shortly after thousands of users flagged it on downdetector.com, the downdetector.com site, the problem with its cloud network was partially resolved, and the problem considered Etsy, Spotify, and Snap as customers. Google Cloud’s dashboard earlier revealed that services including cloud developer tools, cloud consoles, and

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Instagram Will Soon Allow Users To Set Moderators To Manage Real-Time Video Comments And Users

For some time, Instagram has been adding more features to its video features, now let’s take a look at the next important addition to Instagram's live video. The platform will obviously add the ability for users to set the host as a real-time video. A new leak on Twitter by Twitter Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a) shows that users who live video on the platform can now set a moderator for the meeting.


Nearly 50 Million Indians Will Participate Gadget-Free On Saturday (November 20) Between 7:30 Pm And 8:30 Pm

More than 50 million Indians will notice a device-free hour on Saturday (November 20) between 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The drive is dispatched so families can invest some energy away from the innovation and invest time with their families. Tuition-based schools and instructive foundations, corporates, NGOs, cine stars, sportspersons, and scores of guardians have additionally vowed to participate in this drive.


Twitter Will Expand Free Access To Social Networking Site's Data To Help Software Developers Create Tools

Twitter said on Monday it will grow free admittance to the informal communication webpage's information to help programming engineers make instruments and items that could advance more secure internet-based discussions or curate content. The move is essential for Twitter's developing exertion over the previous year to decentralize the organization, a dream that expects to give clients more command over what content they find in their Twitter channel or have better approaches for sharing


YouTube Announced That It Will Set Videos As "Dislikes" Count Across Platform

Google's video streaming giant YouTube announced that it will privatize the "Dislike" count of videos across the platform. YouTube stated that although the dislike count will be privatized, the company has no intention of removing the dislike button. The "Dislike" button allows users to dislike the creator's video in case they dislike it. If they want, creators will be able to track their dislikes and other analysis on the performance of their videos on YouTube Studio.


WhatsApp Has Added New Privacy Feature That Allows You To Hide The Last Seen Status From Certain Contacts

WhatsApp is the most abroad used rapid messaging program. The "Last Seen" feature of the app is considered the most divisive because it can be both beneficial and unpleasant when you are trying to avoid specific text messages. Although there is a way to disable Blue Ticks and "Last Seen" dates in WhatsApp, it is a very limited feature that allows you to turn these two features on or off.


India's First Drone Technology Excellence Research Center Was Established In IIT Guwahati

The Union Minister of Civil Aviation established India’s first Drone/UAV Technology and Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence at IIT in Guwahati, India on Tuesday. The Minister also established the Drone/UAV Operation and Maintenance Skills Development Center, the Northeast Region UAV Data Overall Administrative Management Node Center and "AXOM Droneports", which will be used to support cargo drones to deliver emergency medical care to the local area. And emergency supplies. Remote areas

Drone Hub

Microsoft Announced From March 1, 2022, Windows 7, 8, And 8.1 Will No Longer Support OneDrive

Technology giant Microsoft tells this week that starting March 1, 2022, it will no extended support OneDrive on Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. Starting January 1, 2022, the OneDrive desktop application on personal Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 devices will no longer provide the latest and safe experience," Microsoft's Ankita Kirti wrote in the announcement post.


Unified Payment Interface (UPI) Recorded More Than 4 Billion Transactions In October

As we all know, UPI recorded more than 4 billion transactions in October, which is a record high since the establishment of the payment platform, driven by the festival. In terms of value, the payment platform's transaction volume in October was 7.71 trillion rupees, a record high. UPI's transaction volume in September was Rs 36.5 billion, valued at Rs 6.5 billion. Compared with the previous month, UPI's October transaction volume increased by 15%, and the transaction volume increased by 18.5%.


Instagram Start Three New Stickers To Promote Users’ Contact With Friends And Family

For Diwali, Instagram introduces three new stickers on Monday to cheer its users to connect with their friends and family. Whenever people use stickers to post stories, their fans can also see these stories in Diwali’s special multi-author stories. "The stickers will be clear from tonight, and the multi-author story will be shown live tomorrow night," the company said in a statement.


WhatsApp Announced Three New Features To The New Web Version Of The Platform

WhatsApp has added three new components to the web adaptation of the stage. The organization has reported that clients would now be able to alter photographs on the web form as well and review interfaces also. It is likewise adding another sticker idea include. Clients will presently get sticker ideas when they type a message, which will permit them to track down the right sticker for their discussions.


WhatsApp Will Not Work From Today On Some Android, IOS, And Kaios Devices Running On Older OS Versions

WhatsApp will presently don't uphold a rundown of Android gadgets beginning Monday, November 1. Because of the update, influenced clients will lose every one of their visits in the event that they have not yet been supported up and traded. WhatsApp has additionally prescribed the clients change to an upheld gadget to keep on utilizing its texting administration. Gadgets running on Android 4.1 and later are among the rundown of upheld gadgets for the application.


Twitter Now Allows All IOS Users To Super-Follow Select Creators On The Platform

Social Media platform Twitter, in another update, has now allowed all iOS clients to Super Follow select authors on the stage. As indicated by The Verge, this element, first delivered in September and just accessible in the US and Canada, permits clients to adapt their Twitter account and make restrictive substance through month-to-month memberships. Twitter previously reported Super Follows in February and carried it out to choose makers in September.


Social Media Platform Facebook Will Be Renamed Meta: CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook Inc said on Thursday that it will change its name to Meta because the company is fighting criticism from legislators and regulators on its market power, algorithmic decision-making, and oversight of abuse on its platform. CEO Mark Zuckerberg, speaking at the company's live-streaming virtual and augmented reality conference, said that the new name reflects his focus on building a meta-world.

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