Maharashtra Will Reopen Cinemas, Auditoriums With 50% Capacity With COVID-19 Guidelines

Cinemas, theaters, and auditoriums in Maharashtra will reopen at 50% capacity from Friday and follow strict COVID-19 regulations. In light of the decline in COVID-19 cases in the state, the Mumbai citizen group-BMC earlier allowed the reopening of cinemas, theaters, and auditoriums under COVID-19 regulations. BMC stated that its SOP will only apply to cinemas, theaters, and auditoriums in Mumbai that fall under the jurisdiction of its citizens.


Petrol And Diesel Prices Raise By 35 Paise Per Liter Across The Country

Petrol and diesel prices have increased by 35 paise per liter for the third consecutive day, setting a record high across the country. According to the price notice from the state-owned fuel retailer, the gasoline price in Delhi rose to 106.89 rupees per liter and Mumbai to 112.78 rupees per liter, the highest level in history. In Mumbai, diesel is now 103.63 rupees per liter, while in Delhi, it is asking for 95.62 rupees per liter.


Nykaa's Will Open An Initial Public Offering (IPO) For Subscription On October 28

The much-anticipated IPO of FSN E-Commerce Ventures Limited, which possesses Nykaa, is set to open for membership on October 28. The famous web-based aggregator stage for magnificence, individual consideration, style, and way of life items intends to raise roughly Rs 5,200 crore, as indicated by sources cited in a report. In the interim, anchor financial backers will actually want to offer for the organization's portions to the tune of Rs 2,340 crore simply a day prior to the public


Amazon Prime Will Soon Increase 50 Percent Fee For Annual Subscription plan In India

Amazon will before long change the costs of the Prime video memberships. The organization has affirmed this on its authority site. The internet business monster hasn't yet reported the specific date of value change however is affirming this will happen soon. According to Amazon's help page, the month-to-month cost of Amazon Prime will be Rs 179 and the individuals who will purchase the yearly membership will be needed to pay Rs 1,499. There is likewise a quarterly arrangement, which will cost

Amazon Prime

Silver Arise 0.44% To Rs 65,000, Gold Arise 0.36% To Rs 47,574 Per 10 Grams

Gold crept higher and was ready briefly week by week gain on Friday. The milder dollar gave some relief against higher US security yields. A more fragile dollar and rising assumptions that national banks could start facilitating financial help fortified the bullion. A precarious assembly in security yields restricted the potential gain. Gold fates on MCX were exchanging higher 0.36 percent, or Rs 170, at Rs 47,574 for each 10 gram.


Swiggy Announced A Two-Day Paid Monthly Vacation Policy For Female Delivery Partners

First, food delivery giant Swiggy announced a paid monthly vacation policy for female delivery partners. Swiggy joined its first female delivery partner in Pune and currently has more than 1,000 female delivery partners. Swiggy said that since it established relationships with female delivery partners, it has been working hard to build inclusiveness and diversity across the platform. The company believes that creating a comfortable environment for women will encourage more women to consider


YouTube Music Will Begin To Provide Pure Audio Services For Free Listeners

YouTube Music will become sound just and can presently don't play recordings with the expectation of complimentary audience members. The change will at first carry out to clients in Canada beginning November 3 - close by the expected foundation play include for the clients who have not preferred YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium. It will, nonetheless, not carry any updates to endorsers of YouTube Premium as they can keep on watching recordings on the YouTube Music application.

YouTube Music

Former President Trump's Own Social Media Platform Launch Plan Called “Truth Social"

Former President Donald Trump declared Wednesday he will dispatch his own special media organization, including a web-based media stage called "TRUTH Social," to "face the oppression of Big Tech." The application gives off an impression of being the main undertaking of the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), which will list on the Nasdaq through consolidation with Digital World Acquisition Group, as per a declaration tweeted out by representative Liz Harrington.

Social Media Platform

Petrol, Diesel Prices Continue To Rise For Second Running Day

Fuel costs keep on ascending for the second consecutive day on Thursday, October 21, to hit new untouched highs following a flood in worldwide unrefined petroleum rates. Fuel costs keep on ascending for the second consecutive day on Thursday, October 21, to hit new unequaled highs following a flood in worldwide unrefined petroleum rates. The rates were kept unaltered for two days prior. In the public capital, petroleum and diesel rates took off 35 paise to cost ? 106.54 and ? 95.27 per liter


Microsoft Launched Microsoft AI Innovate, A New Program To Nurture And Expand Startups In India

Tech monster Microsoft dispatched another program Microsoft AI Innovate for supporting and scaling new businesses that are utilizing Artificial Intelligence. The 10-week drive will uphold new companies in India utilizing AI advancements, assisting them with scaling tasks, driving development, and assembling industry skills. Both B2B and B2C new companies from different enterprises, medical services, schooling, horticulture, space, assembling, and web-based business can take part in the quarterly


Instagram Announced New Feature That Allows Two Accounts To Co-Create Posts

The new collaboration feature will allow two accounts to co-author posts or scrolls. The post or scroll will be displayed to each user’s followers together and will share the same comment thread as well as the view and like count. Facebook-owned Instagram publishes on Wednesday a new "participation" feature that will allow users of social media platforms to collaborate with others on Feed Posts and Reels. The new collaboration feature will allow two accounts to co-author posts or scrolls.


Prime Minister Inaugurate Kushinagar International Airport Today

The Prime Minister will unveil the Kushinagar International Airport on Tuesday. At that time, about 100 Buddhist monks from Colombo, Sri Lanka will arrive and lay the cornerstones for different development projects at public events held here. The airport costs 2.6 billion rupees and occupies more than 3,600 square meters. It is essential for religious tourism because the Buddha's "Malay Nirvana" Kushinagar is one of the four famous Buddhist routes.


DMRC Starts Training The First Batch Of Dhaka Metro’s Operation And Maintenance Staff

DMRC started to train Dhaka Metro officials. The officials sent the first batch of officials/staff to Hong Kong for training before the opening of the metro service in the capital Delhi in 2002. Now they have reached a historic milestone by starting to train Dhaka Metro. The first batch of operation and maintenance officers/staff for the Dhaka Metro and Railway Network. Dhaka Metro staff training is carried out by Delhi Metro at its famous training academy called Delhi Metro Academy (DMRA).


Petrol Price Crossed Rs 112 In Mumbai And Rs 106 In Delhi

The petroleum cost crossed ?112 in Mumbai on Wednesday. At a record-breaking high, a liter of petroleum was evaluated at Rs.112.11 in the city and that of diesel at ?102.89. Their costs were expanded by 34 paise and 37 paise on Wednesday. The fuel costs stayed stable for two days. On Tuesday, one liter of petroleum was estimated at ?111.77 while that of diesel at ?102.59. In Thane, a liter of petroleum crossed the ?112 mark also on Wednesday and was evaluated at ?112.24.


Grofer’s Preparing To Deliver The Mobile Phone Within 10 Minutes

Grofers intends to cultivate community entrepreneurship by collaborating with ambitious businesswomen and men who will run "dark shops" where inventory is kept. Grofers is an online grocery delivery platform that is preparing to grow into a mature e-commerce company that can deliver everything, even mobile phones, within 10 minutes of receiving an order. In a blog post, Albinder Dhinsa, the founder and CEO of Grofers, communicated his vision for the company, which was established in December 201


In Delhi, Mumbai Silver Sold At Rs 63,600, Gold At Rs 48,070

Ten grams of 24-carat gold was on Tuesday selling at Rs 48,070, unaltered from the previous exchanging cost. Silver was at Rs 63,600 for every kg, as indicated by the Good Returns site. Gold adornments cost shifts across India, the second-biggest shopper of the metal, because of extract obligation, state expenses, and making changes. In New Delhi and Mumbai, 10 gm of 22-carat gold was marketing at Rs 46,450 and Rs 47,070. In Chennai, the yellow metal was an exchange at Rs 44,620.


WhatsApp Launches New Feature To Join Ongoing Calls Directly From Group Chats

WhatsApp has coordinated its joinable calls include, which allows clients to join a continuous gathering video-straightforwardly into bunch visits. The furthest down-the-line update will give clients the choice to join a continuous gathering call directly from the gathering talk tab. Joinable calls were first presented on WhatsApp in July this year. The texting application has now carried a few upgrades to the component by incorporating it with WhatsApp gatherings.


Facebook Declared To Appoint 10,000 People In European Union To Improve A Meta-Universe

Facebook declared on Monday that it decided to hire 10,000 people in the European Union to produce Metaverse, a virtual reality version of the Internet that a technology giant thinks of the future. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has always been the main voice in Silicon Valley's hype around the concept of Metaverse, which will blur the boundaries between the physical world and the digital world.


Petrol In Delhi Reached Close To Rs 106 And Diesal Reached A Price Of 94.57

According to the price notification from the state-owned fuel retailer, the Petrol price in Delhi rose to 105.84 rupees per liter and Mumbai to 111.77 rupees per liter, the highest level in history. In Mumbai, diesel is now 102.52 rupees per liter; in Delhi, it costs 94.57 rupees. This is the fourth consecutive day that Petrol and diesel prices have risen by 35 paise per liter. The rates on October 12th and 13th have not changed.


Gold Price Reached Rs 48,070 Per 10 Grams And Silver At Rs 63,360

Ten grams of 24-carat gold was on Monday selling at Rs 48,070, unaltered from the previous exchanging cost. Silver was at Rs 63,360 for each kg, as indicated by the Good Returns site. Gold gems cost shifts across India, the second-biggest purchaser of the metal, because of extract obligation, state expenses, and making changes. In New Delhi and Mumbai, 10 gm of 22-carat gold was traded at Rs 46,360 and 47,070. In Chennai, the yellow metal was trade at Rs 44,630, as per the site.


Today Domestic Flights Operate Fully Capacity Without Any Restriction

Carriers can work homegrown trips with no limit limitation from today (October 18) onwards, the Ministry of Civil Aviation had declared the week before. The service began in its request that "it has been chosen to reestablish the booked homegrown air tasks with impact from October 18, 2021, with next to no limit restriction". The request noticed that the choice was taken "after a survey of the current status of planned homegrown activities viz-a-viz traveler interest for air travel".


Delhi Government Has Made Pollution Control (PUC) Certificate Mandatory For All Vehicles

Delhi has made Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate obligatory for vehicles in the midst of rising contamination levels in the colder time of year with the Transport Department mentioning drivers to deliver the record before its groups at the city's fuel stations. The office has dispatched an enormous requirement drive against vehicles that don't have a legitimate PUC Certificate, said a notification given by the Pollution Control Division of the office.

Pollution Control

Petrol, Diesel Are Now 30% More Than Jet Fuel Prices

Petroleum and diesel costs took off to new record highs after rates were climbed again on Sunday by 35 paise a liter. Curiously, auto powers presently cost a third more than the rate at which ATF is offered to aircraft. The cost of petroleum in Delhi rose to its most elevated at any point level of Rs 105.84 a liter and Rs 111.77 per liter in Mumbai, as indicated by a value notice of state-possessed fuel retailers. In Mumbai, diesel presently comes for Rs 102.52 a liter; while in Delhi, it costs


Bengaluru Touched First-Time Petrol And Diesel Prices At Rs. 100

As petrol and diesel prices across India rose by 35 paise per liter, the price of diesel in Bangalore reached triple digits for the first time. As of Saturday, gasoline prices were 109.16 rupees per liter, while diesel prices were 100 rupees per liter. After raising the prices of gasoline and diesel by 35 paise for the second day in a row, both hit record highs. In contrast, a year ago, on October 16, 2020, gasoline prices were 83.69 rupees per liter, while diesel prices were 74.63 rupees


NASA Launch Spacecraft On 12-Year Mission To Research Jupiter Planet

Lucy's first experience will be in 2025 with space rock Donald Johanson in the Main Belt, among Mars and Jupiter. NASA was set Saturday to dispatch a space apparatus called Lucy on a 12-year mission to investigate interestingly a gathering of rough bodies known as the Jupiter Trojan space rocks, assembling new bits of knowledge into the nearby planet group's arrangement. The Atlas V rocket answerable for impelling the test was booked to take off on Saturday at 5:34 am neighborhood time (9:34 am


PM Will Dedicate Seven New Defence Companies To The Nation On Occasion Of Vijayadashami

The Prime Minister will dedicate these seven new defense companies to the country on the occasion of Vijayadashami on Friday. He will also give a video speech at an event organized by the Ministry of Defense. Defense Minister Rajnat Singh and representatives of the National Defense Industry Association will attend. Today, Prime Minister Modi will also hold the Bhoomi Poojan ceremony of the first phase dormitory (boys’ dormitory) built by Saurashtra Patel Seva Samaj in Surat via video conference.

Prime Minister

Microsoft Closed Linkedin Seven Years After Launching In China

Microsoft closed LinkedIn nearly seven years after its launch in China, marking the last major U.S.owned social network retreat in China as the Chinese authorities have further strengthened their control over the Internet industry. LinkedIn said in a blog post on Thursday that it will replace the platform with a streamlined version later this year, which focuses only on jobs, called "jobs," and does not include social feeds or sharing options.


Central Government Launched Production Linked-Motivating Force (PLI) For Telecom Manufacturing

The Government On Thursday dispatched the creation connected motivator (PLI) conspire for telecom fabricating, under which 31 worldwide and neighborhood organizations will embrace gradual creation worth Rs.1.82 lakh crore more than five years. The goal of the PLI plot is to support homegrown assembling in telecom and systems administration items by boosting gradual speculations and turnover with a complete cost of Rs. 12,195 Crore.


Salman Khan Will Starts NFT (Non-Fungible Token) In Cooperation With Bollycoin Club In Dec 2021

The actor announced on Wednesday that Bollywood actor Salman Khan will launch NFT (Non-Fungible Token) in cooperation with BollyCoin in December 2021. The actor said on the Weibo website Twitter: "Aa Raha hoon main, I like NFT. Salman Khan static NFT will launch bollycoin soon". The Bollywood actor asked his 43 million fans to "keep following" for more updates, as he is about to launch a static NFT.


Petrol And Diesel Price Hiked After Two-Day Pause

Petrol and diesel prices were raised by oil marketing companies on Thursday after a two-day suspension. The price of Petrol in the capital today is 104.79 rupees per liter, which is 35 paise higher than yesterday. The retail price of diesel in the capital is 93.52 rupees per liter. So far in October, the prices of petrol and diesel have increased 10 times. Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL), Indian Petroleum Corporation (IOCL), and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL) revise fuel prices daily


PM Will Launch The Gatishakti National Multi-Mode Connection Master Plan

Prime Minister will begin PM GatiShakti-National Master Plan for adaptable Transport in Pragati Maidan, the national capital, on Wednesday. PM GatiShakti will help solve the problem by arranging the overall planning of associate of major framework projects. The Prime Minister's Office (PMO) stated that these projects will now be developed and achieve with a common vision. "This will authorize investors to plan their business in a suitable location, thereby enhancing synergies.


Ministry Of Civil Aviation Gives NOC To Jhunjhunwala's New Airline 'Akasa Air' To Operates In India

On Monday, a company statement stated that the Ministry of Civil Aviation has issued a No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the operation of the new airline "Akasa Air" supported by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala in India. Vinay Dube, CEO of Akasa Air, said: "We are very pleased and thank the Ministry of Civil Aviation for supporting and granting NOC. We will continue to work with regulators to ensure all the additional compliance required for the successful launch of Akasa Air."

New Airline

No Power Shortage In Delhi Says Power Ministry

The Power Ministry on Wednesday said that there was no blackout by virtue of the force deficiency in Delhi. "According to the data got from Delhi Financial Turnaround of Power Distribution Companies DISCOMs, there was no blackout by virtue of force deficiency, as the necessary measure of force was provided to them," a service proclamation said. It expressed that the greatest interest of Delhi was 4683 MW (top) and 101.9 MU (Energy) on 11 October 2021.

Power Industry

Central Government Approved Rates Of Nutrient Based Subsidy (NBS) For Phosphorous And Potash Fertilizers

The Central on Tuesday supported the paces of Nutrient Based Subsidy (NBS) for phosphorous and potash composts for the period October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022. A choice with this impact was taken at a gathering of the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The monetary ramifications of the choice will include Rs 28,655 crore, as indicated by an authority proclamation.

Subsidy Potash Fertilizers

Ministry Of Civil Aviation Allowed Domestic Airlines To Operate 100 Per Cent Of Their Scheduled Capacity

The Ministry of Civil Aviation on Tuesday permitted carriers to work 100% of their planned limit from October 18 onwards, eliminating a key limitation forced when homegrown flight activities continued in May 2020 following a two-month lockdown. Notwithstanding, limitations on toll groups keep on being set up. "After an audit of the current status of booked homegrown tasks opposite traveler interest for air travel.


Greater Noida Authority Will Divide The Area Into Eight Zone To Track Pollution In The Winter Season

The authorities in Greater Noida will divide the area into eight areas to track pollution in the coming winter. Officials from the Greater Noida Authority (GNIDA) and the Pollution Commission held a review meeting on the measures to be taken. The official said that a node official will be appointed for each region. "It has been spotted that pollution levels will wing in winter.

Air Pollution

Amazon Will Allow Many Technical And Corporate Employees To Continue To Work Remotely

Amazon said it will allow many technical and corporate employees to continue working remotely indefinitely, as long as they can commute to the office when necessary. The new policy was announced in a blog post and is different from Amazon’s previous expectations that when the office reopens from the COVID-19 pandemic in January, most employees will need to stay in the office for at least three days a week.


Due To The Coal Crisis, India Is On The Edge Of A Power Crisis

India is facing an imminent power crisis as coal inventories in power plants have fallen to unprecedented low levels and states have warned of power outages. Indian states have issued panic warnings that the coal supply to thermal power plants that convert heat from coal to electricity is at a dangerously low level. According to CEA data, nearly 80% of the country's coal-fired power plants are in the critical or "supercritical" stage, which means that their stocks may be exhausted in less than

Coal Power

Adani Group Took Over The Responsibility Of Jaipur International Airport For 50 Years

Adani Group Monday undertakes command over the responsibility of the Jaipur International Airport. The air terminal has been rented out to the gathering by the public authority of India for a time of 50 years. Air terminal chief J S Balhara gave over a representative key of the air terminal to Chief Airport Officer Adani Jaipur International Ltd Vishnu Jha within the estimation of different authorities.

Adani Group

Big Star Amitabh Bachchan Turned 79 Today

When the superstar Amitabh Bachchan turned 79 on Monday, the veteran actor stated that his heart "beats with excitement" because of the love of fans and blessers. Bachchan wrote a blog post on Sunday night, stating that it is impossible for him to admit every wish, but he was moved by the news from fans. "The intensity of greetings is rich and extensive, full of the warmth of family affection.

Amitabh Bachchan

PM Narendra Modi Will Launch The Indian Space Association (ISpA) On Today

To contributions to the proximity space-related industry, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dispatch the Indian Space Association on Monday at 11 am. He will likewise interface with industry players during the dispatch program. In an authority explanation, the Prime Minister's Office said, "Repeating the head administrator's vision of 'Aatmanirbhar Bharat', the ISpA will help in making India independent, innovatively progressed, and a main player in the space arena


T20 World Cup Winners Bring Cheque Of USD 1.6 Million While The Runners Up Will Get Half That Amount: ICC

The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Sunday reported that the champ of the men's T20 World Cup 2021 will bring home prize cash of 1.6 million dollars while the other participants will get half of the triumphant sum. "The victors of the 2021 ICC Men's T20 World Cup will be granted value cash of $1.6 million while the other participants will bring home $800,000," the ICC's assertion read. The delivery adds that the group which will crash out in the Super12s will be granted Rs 52.50 lakh.

T20 World Cup

Diesel Vehicles Older Than 10 Years And Petrol Vehicles Older Than 15 Years To Be Impounded : Noida's Winter Plan To Control Pollution

In order to prevent air pollution, the Gautam Buddh Nagar government has asked the district police to seize diesel vehicles older than 10 years and gasoline vehicles older than 15 years on the order of the Supreme Court. According to the "Winter Action Plan" issued by the Gautam Buddh Nagar regional government, the police are also required to ensure that vehicles not going to Noida or Greater Noida use bypass or outlying highways.

Control Pollution

In Delhi, Petrol Price Jump Up 30 Paise Per Liter And Diesel Were Pull Up By 35 Paise Per Liter

On Sunday, gasoline and diesel prices rose again for the sixth consecutive day, setting a record high. In the capital, the price of gasoline increased by 30 paise per liter, and the price of diesel increased by 35 paise per liter. In many states, the price of gasoline and diesel has exceeded the 100 rupees per liter mark, making ordinary people very tight. In Delhi, after the latest price revision, the retail price of gasoline is Rs 104.14 per liter and the retail price of diesel is Rs 92.82 per


Create Awareness Among The People Especially Youths On Importance Of Mental Health

AIIMS coordinated a progression of projects on Saturday to make mindfulness among individuals particularly adolescents on significance of psychological well-being on the event of the world emotional well-being day at the branch of psychiatry and NDDTC, AIIMS. It will be commended on October 10. This year, the subject of world psychological wellness day is "Emotional well-being in an Unequal World" to feature the justification for disparities in emotional wellness care and discover ways of

Mental Health

Reliance New Energy Solar Acquires REC Solar For $771 Mn

Dependence New Energy Solar Ltd (RNESL), a completely claimed auxiliary of Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), has declared obtaining 100% shareholding of REC Solar Holdings AS (REC Group) from China National Bluestar (Group) Co Ltd, for an Enterprise Value of $771 million. REC's Alpha and Alpha Pure scope of sun-based modules are perceived as among industry pioneers in proficiency, unwavering quality and since a long time ago ensured life. The heterojunction (HJT) innovation utilized by REC

New Energy Solar

32 Sites Fined For Pollution Norms Violation: DPCC

The Delhi Government's contamination checking organization Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) on Saturday reviewed 103 building locales as a component of its enemy of residue crusade and forced fines to 32 such destinations to the tune of ' 15 lakhs for abusing standards. Climate Minister Gopal Rai communicated fulfillment with consistency against dust gauges in the Khyber Pass region. "Today I directed an unexpected assessment of the building site of a business complex. After review

Delhi Airport Terminal 1 Will Be Reopened For Passenger Use: DIAL

Delhi International Airport Co., Ltd. (DIAL) announced on Friday that the operation of Terminal 1 will resume on October 31. After 18 months of closure, flight operations at Terminal 1 will resume using IndiGo and SpiceJet. After the reopening will be the Indigo flight, which will fly to Mumbai at 0105," DIAL said. "After being closed for nearly 18 months, Delhi Airport will reopen for domestic flight operations at Terminal T1.

Airport Terminal 1

Tata Sons Group Buys Air India With A Bid Of Rs 18,000 Crores

Tata Sons will recover control of Air India because it has grabbed over the government’s 100% stake in the national airline, marking the end of the long-term struggle to sell the airline and the first step in the center’s large-scale privatization drive. The Mumbai-based conglomerate won the bid of 18,000 crores, of which 2,700 crores will be paid in cash, and the remaining 15,300 crores will be absorbed from the airline’s debt of more than 60,000 crores as of August 31, 2021.

Air India Bid

Gold Prices Get up At Rs 46,940 Per 10 Gram

In India on October 9th, the price of gold (24 carats) was 46,940 rupees per 10 grams, an increase of 40 rupees from the previous transaction price. According to the Good Returns website, the price of silver is 61,200 rupees per kilogram, which is the same as yesterday's market price. Due to consumption taxes, state taxes, and production costs, India, the second-largest consumer of metals, has different prices for gold jewellery. The price of 10 grams of 22-carat gold in New Delhi and Mumbai is


Again Petrol Price Increase 30 Paise Per Litre And Diesel 35 Paise Per Litre

Petroleum cost on Friday was climbed by 30 paise a litre and diesel by 35 paise per litre as homegrown fuel costs saw conceivably the biggest meeting in rates. The cost of petroleum in Delhi arise to its most elevated at any point level of Rs 103.54 a litre and to Rs 109.54 per litre in Mumbai, as per a value warning of state-possessed fuel retailers. Diesel rates too reached a high point of Rs 92.12 in Delhi and slink close to the Rs 100-a-liter imprint in Mumbai. It is presently valued at Rs 9


Again Social Media Platform Instagram Blackout On Friday Evening

Instagram went down for a ton of clients on Friday evening, Facebook Messenger was influenced as well. The blackout occurred for the second time in seven days. Nonetheless, this blackout was not as serious as the worldwide blackout that influenced three significant web-based media applications including WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. It took Facebook six hours to continue the administrations. Be that as it may, this Instagram blackout was relatively brief and Facebook had the option to

Social Media Platform

Tesla's Car Launch In India Will Cost Rs 35 Lakh: Union Transport Minister

Tesla's vehicle will be "reasonable" when it is dispatched in India, and it will cost Rs 35 lakh here, said Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari on Friday. His comments were a further sign of the Indian government and the Elon Musk-run association's shared revenue in having Tesla voyage into the world's fifth-biggest vehicle market, which has a standing of being value touchy.

Tesla car

Petrol Price Increased 30 Paise Per Litre & Diesel By 35 Paise Per Litre

National gasoline and diesel prices soared to record highs on Thursday, as interest rates rose again as international oil prices soared. According to the price notice from the state-owned fuel retailer, the price of gasoline will increase by 30 paise per litre, and the price of diesel will increase by 35 paise per litre. According to the notice, the gasoline price in Delhi rose to a record high of 103.24 US dollars per litre, and that in Mumbai to 109.25 US dollars per litre.


SDMC Will Fix Price Of 10 Rupees Per Unit In E-Vehicles Charging Stations

A senior metropolitan authority from the gainful ventures cell said that in the primary stage, three public area undertaking organizations and BSES are introducing 109 charging stations, of which 35 will explicitly take into account electric bikes. SDMC authorities say the general levy will be kept lower than different pieces of the city. The authority said that of ?10, the metropolitan body will take ?1 for framework and land, and the rest will be shared by the force dispersion organization and

E-Vehicles Charging Stations

Oneplus 9RT Will Be Launch On October 13 2021

In a post on Weibo, Pete Lau, a fellow benefactor of Oneplus, indicated the presence of the OnePlus 9RT. OnePlus 9RT will be delivered on October 13, as per reports. OnePlus 9 RT is relied upon to have components, for example, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC and a 120 Hz show. Pete Lau shared a short history of the OnePlus T series in a post distributed on Sunday. It started with the dispatch of the OnePlus 3T in 2016 and finished with the OnePlus 8T, the latest model in the series.

Oneplus 9RT

Delhi Government Provide 27 PSA Oxygen Plants Of 37 Mt Capacity

The new 27 PSA plants with a capacity of 31 metric tons and two cryogenic oxygen refuelling plants with a capacity of 12 metric tons were put into use in Delhi government hospitals on Wednesday. This move takes into account the threat of an increase in Covid -19 cases in the capital city before the holiday. When opening an oxygen plant, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that Delhi’s Covid-19 infections have decreased

Oxygen Plants

Apple Diwali Offer, Air Pods With Heavily Discounted Price

Iphone's Diwali offer is now live, and those who scheme to purchase an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 mini can get a set of AirPods for free. The Diwali discounts are published on Apple's official India website and are only applicable to these two iPhone models. When users exchange iPhone 8 or newer models for iPhone 12 or 12 mini, Apple also offers discounts ranging from 9,000 to 46,120 rupees. What is Apple’s free AirPods offer? Apple provides free AirPods for iPhone 12 and 12 mini.

Air Pods

Indian Railways Has Given Jobs To More Than 2,800 People , Who Died From Covid-19 While Working During The Pandemic

Indian Railways has offered occupations to in excess of 2,800 individuals, who are the closest relatives of representatives who kicked the bucket from Covid-19 while working during the pandemic, on empathetic grounds. The perished people's minor kids will find a new line of work when they turn 18, the Ministry of Railways said Wednesday. The Indian Railways lost 3,256 authorities of different positions and offices who were working at stations, tracks and studios, among different spots to Covid


25 % Rebate On Road Tax For Vehicles That Are Purchased After Scrapping Old Vehicles

The Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry on Wednesday said the states and union territory (UTs) will give up to 25 per cent refund on-street impose for vehicles that are bought in the wake of rejecting old vehicles under the new National Automobile Scrappage Policy. The service in a press note said that in the vehicle rejecting strategy, it is proposed to have an arrangement of motivations to push vehicle proprietors to dispose of old and contaminating vehicles.

Road Tax

Country’s First Smartphone-Based E-Voting Is In Testing Phase

The Telangana government on Wednesday reported it was prepared to start the test run of the country's first cellphone-based e-casting ballot framework with a spurious political race in the Khammam area. Citizens can enlist themselves on the cell phone-based application between October 8 and 18, and the fake democratic is to be hung on October 20. The trial run is open for all residents of the area. TSEC executes the framework with the help of the arising advances wing of the ITE&C of the state


70 Million Users Adds To Telegram When WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook Collapse

WhatsApp's misfortune is Telegram's benefit. WhatsApp as of late experienced a gigantic blackout universally which was most recent for over six hours yet the whole length that WhatsApp was down, Telegram added 70 million clients. Alongside WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram additionally went dead for very nearly six hours on Monday evening. The online media monster has faulted a flawed design change for the blackout that influenced over 3.5 billion clients across the globe. While Facebook's


Veteran Actor Arvind Trivedi, Best Known For Playing Raavan Dies At 82 In Mumbai

Veteran actor Arvind Trivedi is known for playing Lavin in the popular mythical drama "Ramayan" in 1986. He died of a heart attack on the evening of Tuesday, October 5, 2021. He is in his early 80s. According to Kaustubh Trivedi, the actor's nephew, the actor was unwell for a long time and took his last breath at his residence in the suburb of Candivari at around 10 pm. "He had a lot of age-related health problems and was in poor physical condition. He was in the hospital earlier and had only

Arvind Trivedi

No Change In Petrol Diesel Price Today

Petroleum and diesel costs stayed unaltered on Monday after the siphon costs of the two energizes rose all the while for four successive days taking up its retail rates by more than '1 for every litre. Benchmark rough costs have settled at a touch lower level of $ 79 a barrel now subsequent to shooting over a three-year undeniable degree of $ 80 a barrel early a week ago. This has given some space to OMCs to end fuel value rise. With no adjustment of fuel costs, diesel keeps on being evaluated


Mark Zuckerberg Loses USD 7 Billion In Hours After Whatsapp, Facebook And Instagram Suffer Server Down Glitch

Online media goliath Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's own abundance went down as he lost almost USD 7 billion in a couple of hours after Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram experienced a worldwide blackout on Monday. As indicated by a Bloomberg report, Zuckerberg additionally slipped to the fifth spot in the very rich people's rundown after Facebook stocks plunged because of the worldwide blackout. Zuckerberg, with an all-out abundance of USD 121.6 billion, has fallen behind Bill Gates. As indicated

Server Down

Government Plans To Handle Worsening Coal Crisis

India is confronting conceivable energy supply issues in the coming long time because of coal deficiencies and a post-pandemic flood popular, the force serve said in a report distributed Tuesday. His remarks come as China and European nations face energy emergencies that are upsetting worldwide stockpile chains and sending costs soaring. "Normally the interest begins descending in the second 50% of October... at the point when (the climate) begins cooling," R. K. Singh told the Indian Express


Lieutenant Governor (Lg) Anil Baijal Gets Proposal Of Doorstep Ration Scheme

Delhi Government on Tuesday again sends the proposition of doorstep conveyance plot for proportion to Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal. Prior to October 1, the Delhi High Court has given a green sign to the Delhi Government to redirect proportion conveyance to cardholders at doorsteps in case there is no deficiency in reasonable value shops. In June, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had additionally sent a record of the doorstep to apportion conveyance plan to the workplace of Lieutenant

Ration Scheme

Petrol Price For The Third Straight Day Hiked By 25 Paise A Litre And Diesel By 30 Paise

Petroleum and diesel costs were climbed again on Sunday to send rates taking off to new record high Government authorities demanded oil organizations haven't passed on the whole increment justified from worldwide oil and gas ascending to three-year highs and have guaranteed UK-like circumstance of siphons going dry isn't seen anyplace in India. Petroleum cost for the third consecutive day climbed by 25 paise a litre and diesel by 30 paise, as per a value notice of state-possessed fuel


Nation Development Depends On Grass Root Level Development Of Rural Areas : Min

Association Minister for Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Giriraj Singh Saturday said the comprehensive and reasonable advancement of the country is conceivable provided that rustic regions are created at the grass-root level. He said the current government drove by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is "extremely sharp" to foster provincial regions by enabling local and nearby institutions.

Rural Area Development

No Packaged Mineral Water In Sikkim From Jan 1

Sikkim Chief Minister PS Tamang on Saturday declared that bundled mineral water will be prohibited from January 1, 2022, in the Himalayan State, which is "honoured with normal assets that give new and great quality drinking water".Tamang, during his location here on the event of Gandhi Jayanti, likewise said that individuals, after the boycott is executed, will select water from regular assets, which is far more grounded than that accessible in plastic containers


Flipkart Register 40% Growth In Early Access Big Billion Days Sales

Flipkart on Sunday said it saw a 40 per cent development in early access deal for Flipkart Plus clients when contrasted with last year, as the business stage started off the eighth release of 'The Big Billion Days' (TBBD) bubbly sales. More than 2 million clients pre-booked near 5 million items only before Early Access by paying simply Re 1.Nearly 45% of client request has been from level 3 urban communities and then some, flagging a solid inclination for high-esteem merchandise/things, the


Petrol And Diesel Set To New Record Again

Petroleum and diesel costs took off to new record highs the nation over on Saturday after rates were climbed again by 25 paise and 30 paise a litre, respectively. The cost of petroleum in Delhi rose to its most noteworthy at any point level of Rs 102.14 a litre and to Rs 108.19 in Mumbai, as indicated by a value notice of state-claimed fuel retailers. Diesel rates too contacted a record high of Rs 90.47 in Delhi and Rs 98.16 a litre in Mumbai. Costs vary from one state to another contingent upon


Rising Demand May Hike Electricity Prices

The RI interest is relied upon to keep power costs raised in the present moment. As per India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra), the all-India energy request kept on recuperating in August 2021 by 17.8 per cen YoY to 129.4 billion units (BU)."There was a recuperation of interest in all the significant assembling states, for example, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu," Ind-Ra said in a report."Additionally, the all-India energy request expanded barely in the initial 20 days of September 2021 to


Petrol, Diesel Rise To New Record Highs

Petroleum and diesel costs took off to new record highs the nation over on Saturday after rates were climbed again by 25 paise and 30 paise a litre, respectively. The cost of petroleum in Delhi rose to its most elevated at any point level of Rs 102.14 a litre and to Rs 108.19 in Mumbai, as indicated by a value notice of state-claimed fuel retailers. Diesel rates too contacted a record high of Rs 90.47 in Delhi and Rs 98.16 a litre in Mumbai. Prices contrast from one state to another contingent


'No Increase' In Power Tariff For 7 Yrs In Row In Delhi: CM

CM Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday praised Delhiites for "no expansion" in power levy for a very long time. The force tax for 2021-22 was declared by the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) on Thursday. "Congratulations Delhi. No adjustment of the power tax of Delhi for the sequential seventh year. Where on one side power rates are contacting sky (soaring costs), the Delhiites are getting 24 hours power at less expensive rates as well as getting 200 units free of charge," Kejriwal said

Delhi CM

Govt Hikes Gas Price By 62 Per Cent

The Government on Thursday climbed by 62% the cost of gaseous petrol that is utilized to create power, make composts and transformed into CNG to use as fuel in autos and cooking gas for family kitchens. This is the first expansion in quite a while since April 2019 and returns one of the firming benchmark global costs yet don't mirror the spray in spot or current cost of condensed gaseous petrol saw during the most recent few weeks.


Air Marshal Sandeep Singh Appointed As Vice Chief Of IAF

Air Marshal Sandeep Singh on Friday assumed responsibility as the new Vice Chief of the Indian Air Force. He succeeded Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari, who turned into the 27th Chief of the Air Staff on Thursday. A former student of the National Defense Academy, Air Marshal Singh was authorized in the flying part of the IAF in December 1983, as a warrior pilot. The official is a trial aircraft tester and a certified flying teacher. He has rich and different involvement with functional and test

Sandeep Singh

Delhi Government Extend The Validity Of All Transport Documents To Reduce Overcrowding At Zonal Offices

The Delhi Government on Wednesday chose to broaden the legitimacy of all vehicle records, including driving permits and allows till November 30. Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said the progression has been taken considering the issues being looked at by the everyday citizens in the midst of the pandemic and to decrease packing at zonal workplaces. The Transport Department will give important orders in regards to this expansion soon, an authority said. The Delhi Government is likewise

Driving Permit

Fuel Prices Were Hiked By State-Run Oil Companies, Espite A Fall In Global Crude Oil Prices

State-run oil promoting organizations climbed fuel costs forcefully on Thursday even as worldwide unrefined petroleum rates declined for the second sequential day. Petroleum and diesel rates the nation over have been climbed by 25 paise and 30 paise, individually. Petroleum costs Rs 101.64 per litre in Delhi and Rs 107.71 per litre in Mumbai. Petroleum is retailing at Rs 102.17 per litre in Kolkata and Rs 99.46 per litre in Chennai. There are a few urban communities where petroleum value stays


Amul Introduce Its Honey In Market

Having forayed into a few non-dairy marked food sections of palatable oils, prepared to-eat snacks, pastry shop items and chocolates, dairy major Amul has brought its own marked nectar on the lookout. Association Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Tuesday dispatched 'Amul Honey' within the sight of Union Minister for Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying Parshottam Rupala, Union Minister of State for Agriculture Shobha Karandlaje and Union Minister of State for Agriculture Kailash


Petrol, Diesel Prices Hiked Once Again

Petroleum cost on Tuesday was climbed by 20 paise per litre and diesel by 25 paise as global oil costs approached USD 80 for every barrel mark without precedent for three years. The cost of petroleum was climbed to ' 101.39 a litre in Delhi from '101.19 and to '107.47 per litre in Mumbai, as indicated by a value notice of state-possessed fuel retailers. Diesel rates went to '89.57 a litre in Delhi and ' 97.21 in Mumbai. Costs contrast from one state to another contingent upon the occurrence of


“Jelly Scroll” Problem On The Screen On The iPad Mini Is Normal Behaviour For Lcds : Apple

iPad smaller than expected is typical conduct for LCDs. It added that the LCDs revive line by line, so there is a little deferral between when the lines on one half and the lines on the other half are invigorated. This is especially apparent when the iPad scaled-down is held in representation mode, making messages on a site page or a record look shaky to a mindful eye.

IPad Mini

Petrol Price Hiked By 20 Paise Per Litre And Diesel By 25 Paise As International Oil Prices Neared USD 80 Per Barrel

Petroleum cost on Tuesday was climbed by 20 paise per litre and diesel by 25 paise as worldwide oil costs approached USD 80 for each barrel mark without precedent for three years. The cost of petroleum was climbed to Rs 101.39 a litre in Delhi from Rs 101.19 and to Rs 107.47 per litre in Mumbai, as indicated by a value warning of state-claimed fuel retailers. Diesel rates went to Rs 89.57 a litre in Delhi and Rs 97.21 in Mumbai. Costs contrast from one state to another contingent upon the


More Than 90% Indian Business Travellers Want To Resume Work Trips

Around close to 100% of Indian business, voyagers intend to continue work trips inside the following year, another review displayed on Monday. Over 78% are "exceptionally willing" to get back on work trips which are higher than the worldwide average. The study charged by SAP Concur Respondents was completed in India, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. while experts are anxious to restart face to face gatherings soon, they additionally


Private Liquor Stores To Remain Close For 45 Days

Private alcohol stores in Delhi will stay shut from October 1 as the new Liquor License Policy is good to go to be carried out in the public Capital. According to the new strategy of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Government, just Government-run alcohol shops will stay open while private alcohol shops will be shut till November 16. The regions where alcohol deals will be influenced incorporate RK Puram, Andrews Ganj, Lajpat Nagar, Patparganj, Rajouri Garden, Tughlaqabad, Kotla Mubarakpur, Inderpuri,


Display Refresh Issue With Apple IPad Mini

The new iPads smaller than normal was delivered last week and a few clients immediately tracked down a little issue with the gadget. It's being accounted for that the tablet appears to have an issue that makes its screen look unbalanced while looking over. While the iPad small's jam screen may not be a significant issue for some clients, the wellspring of the bug is by all accounts observable while looking over. Various pieces of the screen look at changed rates, which can take pictures and text

IPad Mini

Diesel Price Increased Again, No Change In Petrol Rate

Diesel cost on Sunday was climbed by 25 paise per litre - the second expansion in rates after the state-possessed oil firms finished a three-week rest in rates following global oil costs flooding to their most elevated since 2018. The cost of diesel was climbed to Rs 89.07 per litre in Delhi and to Rs 96.68 in Mumbai, as per a value warning of state-possessed fuel retailers. Petroleum cost was not changed. It costs Rs 101.19 a liter in Delhi and Rs 107.26 in Mumbai


Tourism Sector Heading For A Comeback

With the assistance of huge scope inoculation programs and new standards carrying out, the travel industry area is creeping its direction back to reoperation, and restart of the travel industry will help launch recuperation and development, the Confederation of Hospitality, Technology and Tourism Industry said on Saturday. It is likewise fundamental that the advantages this will bring are appreciated broadly and genuinely, the business body said in an assertion. "The movement area, particularly

Tourism Sector

Motorola Intorduce Moto Tab G20, Motorola Edge 20 Pro In India Soon

Motorola is good to go to dispatch two new gadgets in India. The Lenovo-possessed organization has affirmed dispatching two gadgets including the Moto Tab G20 and the Motorola Edge 20 Pro. The gadgets were prodded on Flipkart. Motorola had recently uncovered the Motorola Edge 20, Motorola Edge 20 Fusion. Be that as it may, the Motorola Edge 20 Pro, which is the top variation, was not uncovered close by the other two gadgets. The Edge 20 Pro is said to show up with a 144Hz AMOLED show, Snapdragon


Amazon Prime Video Partnered With Eight Other Streaming Services To Provide An Expanded Content

Amazon Prime Video on Friday declared that it has joined forces with eight other web-based features to give an extended substance library on its foundation. The web-based feature uncovered Prime Video Channels, which will offer assorted substance from its partners like discovery+, Lionsgate Play, Eros Now, Docubay, MUBI, Shoichi, Manorama Max, and Shorts TV. The organization will give its supporters the choice to add-on memberships on Amazon Prime Video application and site so they access the

Amazon Prime

Google Introduce Exclusive 'Locked Folder' Option For All Android Phones

Internet searcher monster Google has affirmed that the Locked Folder in Photos is set to show up on all Android gadgets soon. The component was delivered solely on more up to date Pixel telephones in June. Google hasn't given a careful date to when the component is delivering all the more generally, reports The Verge. The Photos Locked Folder will carry out soon to gadgets running Android 6.0 and fresher. When it is life, clients will actually want to set up this organizer after they get a

Locked Folder

Consumer Electronic Prices May See A Spike Of Up To 8%

This happy season you might need to dish out additional for purchasing your fantasy vehicle, bikes, cell phones, PCs, TVs, fridges and forced air systems as organizations are set for fourth to the fifth round of cost expands this year in the midst of unrelenting expansion in information and cargo costs, concurring with top deals time — the merry season. "We have never seen more regrettable occasions than these on costs," the Economic Times cited one producer as saying. Purchaser electronic costs

Electronic Goods

Liquor Vends To Open In 105 Of 272 Municipal Wards In Delhi From Oct 1

With new retail licenses coming into power from mid-November, no alcohol distributes will open in 105 of the 272 city wards of Delhi from October 1, authorities said on Monday. Under the new extract strategy of the regional Government, retail alcohol deal licenses have effectively been designated to the most elevated bidders in 32 zones, each having around 10 wards and 27 alcohol vends. The offering measure for the 32 zones, closed by the extract office in two stages in August and September


Netflix Buys The Roald Dahl Story Company

The streaming goliath said it had purchased The Roald Dahl Story Company - the family firm which claims the late British creator's copyright. Netflix in 2018 marked an arrangement with the organization to make enlivened series dependent on 16 Dahl books."This procurement expands on the association we began three years prior to making a record of vivified TV series," Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos and Luke Kelly, overseeing head of the RDSC and Dahl's grandson, said in a joint assertion

Roald Dahl

Fuel Prices Remain Same As Global Crude Oil Prices Rise

state-run oil showcasing organizations (OMCs) have not changed oil costs on Wednesday as worldwide raw petroleum rates crawled higher. Petroleum and diesel costs have not been changed for the 17 sequential days. This shows that OMCs are not eager to reduce fuel costs even as petroleum and diesel rates stay on the higher side, gambling a time of delayed expansion. Nonetheless, state-run oil organizations are probably not going to cut homegrown rates if unrefined petroleum costs stay at current


Motorola May Launch A New TV Along With Moto Tab 8 In India

Motorola is good to go to enter the tablet market in India with the Moto Tab 8. The organization has not made any authority declaration at this point however the reports recommend that the tablet would be dispatched in India on October 1. Presently new reports likewise propose that the Lenovo-possessed organization will likewise another shrewd TV in India close by the tablet. Motorola isn't new to the keen TV market. The organization has a few Smart TVs accessible on the lookout. This time,


Moon Site Selected By NASA For Ice-Hunting Rover

NASA on Monday reported it would land an ice-chasing meanderer on a district of the Moon's south pole called the Nobile Crater in 2023. The space organization trusts the robot will affirm the presence of water ice just beneath the surface, which could one day be changed over into rocket fuel for missions to Mars and more profound into the cosmos."Nobile Crater is an effect hole close to the south pole that was brought into the world through an impact with another more modest heavenly body,"


Sony To Develop The ZV-E10 Interchangeable Lens Camera For Vloggers

Video sites are for the most part the fury nowadays. With a very long time of content being transferred to YouTube each moment during the pandemic, Sony needs to capitalize on the prevalence of the class with the ZV-E10, its first Alpha series exchangeable focal point video blog camera. This is Sony's second Vlogging-explicit camera after it presented the ZV-1 last year, which shows how pandemic has encouraged the interest for passage level proficient cameras among Vloggers, with a considerable


Petrol, Diesel Prices Remain Same For Over 2 Weeks

Petroleum and diesel costs are probably not going to fall if unrefined petroleum rates don't descend significantly. Petroleum is retailing at Rs 101.19 per litre in Delhi and over Rs 107 for each litre in Mumbai. It costs Rs 101.62 per litre in Kolkata and Rs 98.96 per litre in Chennai. Right now, petroleum costs over Rs 100 for each litre in a few Indian urban areas. Diesel costs additionally stay raised the nation over. It costs Rs 88.62 per litre in the public capital and over Rs 96 for each


Vodafone Idea Records High Speed Of 3.7 Gbps During 5G Trials

Vodafone Idea is directing 5G preliminaries on government-designated 5G range in the urban communities of Pune in Maharashtra and Gandhinagar in Gujarat, alongside its innovation merchants. The organization noticed that in Pune city, it has conveyed its 5G preliminary in a lab arrangement of a start to finish hostage organization of Cloud Core, new age Transport and Radio Access Network. In this preliminary, Vi has accomplished pinnacle speed in overabundance of 3.7 Gbps with extremely low enact


Ration Card Update Services Now Avail At Common Services Centres

Administrations identified with apportion cards, for example, applying for another card, refreshing subtleties and cultivating with Aadhaar, will currently be accessible at over 3.7 lakh normal administrations places (CSC) the nation over. The move is relied upon to help 23.64 crore proportion cardholders the nation over. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution has restricted with CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd, a specific reason vehicle under the


Hero Motocorp Is Going Full Throttle To Launch A Harley-Davidson Model

Driving bike creator Hero MotoCorp is going max speed to dispatch a Harley-Davidson model with retro styling as it hopes to enter an entirely beneficial fragment in the top-notch bike space, as per a senior organization official. The union among Hero and Harley-Davidson was fructified last year after the notable US bike producer declared the cessation of deals and assembling activities in India, 10 years after it began selling its top-notch bicycles in the country.


Airlines Can Now Operate A Maximum Of 85 Per Cent

Carriers would now be able to work a limit of 85% of their pre-COVID-19 homegrown trips rather than the 72.5 per cent permitted to date, the Ministry of Civil Aviation expressed on Saturday. The transporters have been working 72.5 per cent of their pre-Covid homegrown trips since August 12, as indicated by the service's order. Between July 5 and August 12, the cap remained at 65%. Between June 1 and July 5, the cap was at 50%. The service gave a new request on Saturday, where it adjusted the


SpaceX All-Civilian Crew Return To Earth Safely

The group of four of recently stamped resident space travellers involving the SpaceX Inspiration4 mission securely sprinkled down in the Atlantic off Florida's coast on Saturday (September 18, 2021) at 7 pm EDT (4:30 am IST), finishing a three-day trip of the very first all-non military personnel team dispatched into Earth orbit. SpaceX's Crew Dragon container, named Resilience, dropped into quiet oceans around 7 pm EDT (4:30 am IST), presently before dusk, following a robotized reemergence


No Change In Fuel Price Today

Auto fuel costs in the nation have kept up with security in the midst of unpredictability in worldwide oil costs with rough on the bubble again rising strongly for the beyond hardly any days. The oil promoting organizations (OMCs) on Friday kept siphon costs of auto-fills petroleum and diesel unaltered, the twelfth continuous day of no correction, as they liked to watch the worldwide oil circumstance prior to making any update in costs. Appropriately, the cost of petroleum and diesel z unaltered


Russia Force Google And Apple Remove Voting App

Apple and Google eliminated an application intended to organize fight casting a ballot in this current end of the week's Russian races from the nation Friday, a hit to the adversaries of President Vladimir Putin and a presentation of Silicon Valley's cutoff points with regards to opposing crackdowns on disagree around the world. The choices came after Russian specialists, who guarantee the application is unlawful, taken steps to indict neighborhood workers of Apple and Google — a sharp


Iphone 13 Series Pre-Orders Starts Today At 5:30 Pm In India

Apple Official Merchants Ingram Micro And Redington India Have Effectively Reported A Lot Of Cashback Offers For Intrigued Purchasers Of The New iPhone 13 Series. The New iPhones Will Be Accessible To Pre-Request Beginning At 5:30 Pm Ist By Means Of The Apple Online Store, Internet Business Sites, And Disconnected Channels. Moreover, Apple Wholesalers Have Affirmed That The Retail Deals And Client Conveyance Will Start Beginning At 8 Am Ist, September 24.


Air India Bidder May Select In 3 Weeks

Last Offers For Obtaining State-Run Transporter Air India Were As Of Late Presented By Tata Sons And Spicejet Advertiser Ajay Singh. The Public Authority Could Choose The Champ Of The Bid In Roughly Three Weeks. Two Significant Level Boards Will Choose The Hold Cost For The Public Transporter Inside This Period, Added The Report. This Will Be One Of The Last Strides In The Air India Divestment Measure, Following Which The Public Authority Will Intend To Finish The Exchange By December.


Uber Introduce Corporate Shuttle Service In Delhi, Mumbai, 5 Other Indian Cities

Ride-hailing stage Uber on Wednesday reported the dispatch of Uber Corporate Shuttle to empower organizations to assist representatives with getting to and from work, securely and reasonably in the midst of the pandemic. The help will be accessible across Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, an assertion said. Uber Corporate Shuttle is a modified drive administration for organizations, offering seating limit with regards to anyplace between 10-50 workers in a solitary


Elon Musk's SpaceX Creates History, Sends First All-Civilian Crew Into Earth Orbit

It was at whatever point a rocket at first streaked toward a circle with an all-fledgling group, no master space voyagers. The Dragon case's two men and two women are expecting to go through three days encompassing the world from an oddly high circle, 100 miles (160 kilometers) higher than the International Space Station, before sprinkling down off the Florida coast this week's end. SpaceX's first private flight dispatched Wednesday night with two test champs, a clinical consideration worker


Good News For Bikers, TVS Raider Launched In India

TVS has extended its scope of cruisers in India with another item. The organization has dispatched Raider at ?77,500 (ex-display area, Delhi). It is a worker bike that is impelled by a 125 cc motor. In any case, dissimilar to most suburbanite bicycles in India, the Raider has an energetic plan and is stacked with many fragment first components. The Raider, notwithstanding being a worker bicycle, looks very energetic when contrasted with the greater part of its adversaries. It gets a LED headlamp


Ola Electric S1, S1 Pro On Sale Now

Ola Electric has at long last opened the offer of Ola Electric S1 and S1 Pro on Wednesday (September 15), precisely one month after the dispatch of the two new electric bikes. Clients who had pre-booked the electric bikes can now finish the booking with their electric bikes. Purchasers will presently conclude their variation between the two alternatives - S1 and S1 Pro, other than choosing the shading choices. Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal took to Twitter to report that the offer of Ola S1


SpaceX First All-Civilian Mission Launch Today

Near 555 individuals have so far arrived at Earth's circle, wandering into the district we call space, every one of them has been prepared space explorers. On Wednesday when the Inspiration-4 mission takes off from the Kennedy Space Center it will be the first occasion when that none of the four group individuals on board will be proficient astronauts SpaceX has said that the climate conditions have improved and there is an 80 percent chance of dispatch for the main all-non military personnel


Ford's India Factory Workers Seek Govt Help For Job Safety

Assembly line laborers at Ford Motor Co's southern Indian plant close to Chennai city have looked for the express government's assistance to protect occupations that will be lost once the carmaker stops creation, laborers and association pioneers said. Last week, Ford said it would quit making vehicles in India, making an effort of about $2 billion to end long periods of unbeneficial tasks in a market that once guaranteed outstanding development however has frustrated.


After Iphone 13 Launch , Apple Discontinues Iphone 12 Pro, Iphone 12 Pro Max

Apple has dispatched a huge number of items in the September 14 dispatch occasion. The Cupertino-goliath divulged the iPhone 13 series, the Apple Watch 7 series, and the iPad ninth era, and the new iPad Mini. Be that as it may, before long dispatch, the costs of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 were cut and Apple even stopped the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. According to reports, the iPhone 12 Pro models have vanished from the Apple site to account for the iPhone 13 series.


Jio May Increese Jiophone Next Price Due To Delay In Launch

Jio Phone Next cost could get more costly than anticipated attributable to its deferral in dispatch, as indicated by experts. There is no authority word on the estimating of the impending gadget from the telco at this point. Google-sponsored Jio Phone Next was reported at the 44th Annual General Meeting recently. The cell phone should dispatch on September 10 yet a day in front of its dispatch, the dates were pushed ahead to Diwali attributable to industry-wide semiconductor deficiencies.


Due To Heavy Rains Flight Operations Affected At Kolkata Airport

Flight activities were to some extent influenced at the Kolkata air terminal because of substantial downpours. A few flights were postponed, yet no abrogations were accounted for. As per Met update, an exceptional spell of a tempest with moderate to weighty precipitation is probably going to proceed over certain pieces of Kolkata and adjoining spaces of North and South 24 Paraganas, Howrah, and Hooghly locale during the following 2-3 hours, prompting gridlock and water-signing in low lying


Brahmos Cruise Missile Manufacturing Unit To Be Set Up Between Lucknow And Jhansi

BrahMos, the supersonic journey rocket which is as a rule together created by India and Russia, will be fabricated in the Lucknow hub of the Uttar Pradesh Defense Corridor soon. As indicated by reports, the assembling unit for the BrahMos rockets will be set up between Lucknow, Kanpur, and Jhansi with a venture of Rs 300 crore. The BrahMos undertaking will give backhanded work to around 5,000 individuals and almost 10,000 will get work through the creative communities.


Before Launch Of Iphone13 , Apple Iphone 12 Series Gets Discounted On Amazon And Flipkart

Amazon and Flipkart are offering a major markdown on the iPhone 12 series only hours in front of Apple's iPhone 13 series occasion. Both the online business stages are not facilitating any brand-explicit deals are as yet giving great limits on last year's iPhones. Here is a brief glance at the iPhone bargains that are accessible on Amazon and Flipkart.


Jiobook Laptop India Launch Could Be Soon

JioBook PC India dispatch can be anticipated to occur soon as it has now been supposedly spotted on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) site. Three variations of the impending PC by Jio are supposed to be recorded on the accreditation site. Aside from the inside model assignments, very little else has been uncovered with regards to the scratchpad. Notwithstanding, past reports recommend that the JioBook might accompany 4G LTE network, a Snapdragon processor, 4GB of LPDDR4x RAM, and up to 64GB


Online Sale Of Ola S1, S1 Pro Electric Scooter Starts For September 15

Various clients, who had signed in to buy the Ola S1, S1 Pro electric bikes confronted specialized challenges in making the site while they were checking in for the online acquisition of the vehicles. Ola is good to go to begin the online deal interaction of the Ola S1, S1 Pro electric bikes on Wednesday, September 15 after the buying cycle must be delayed by seven days on September 8. Various clients, who had signed in to buy the Ola S1, S1 Pro electric bikes confronted specialized challenges


Apple Is Set To Launch The Iphone 13 Series On Septmeber 14

San Francisco: Tech monster Apple is set to dispatch the iPhone 13 series on September 14 and presently in front of the authority declaration, trustworthy examiner Ming-Chi Kuo has uncovered the normal stockpiling capacities with regards to the iPhone 13 arrangement. As indicated by Kuo, the iPhone 13 setup will begin with 128GB of capacity, with no 64GB alternative for any model. The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be accessible with up to 1TB of capacity, which would be the biggest li


Transport Department Has Decided To Make The Challan System 100 Percent Digital Within The Next Three Months

To forestall street mishaps and guarantee security, the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has given stricter rules. The new request will be executed in more than 13 urban areas in Uttar Pradesh, including Noida and Ghaziabad. According to the new rules, the vehicle division has chosen to make the challan framework 100% advanced within the following three months. As indicated by a report in Hindustan Times, the specialists have likewise guided the traffic police to likewise deduct


RFID Number Plates Must For Commercial Vehicles For Entering Capital : SDMC

Following the request for the Supreme Court, South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) has executed the utilization of radio-recurrence distinguishing proof (RFID) framework an absolute necessity for the assortment of cost charges from indicated business vehicles while entering Delhi. A senior SDMC official said that the cost charge branch of SDMC while making imperative moves to authorize the request has halted the section of indicated business vehicles in the city through each of the 124 cost


Zomato May Shut Grocery Delivery Service

Food tech major Zomato has chosen to scrap its staple conveyance administration for the second time in the midst of developing rivalry in the portion. The organization is of the view that its interest in Grofers will create preferable results over its in-house staple exertion. Zomato has educated its staple accomplices through the mail that it intends to stop its pilot administration with impact from September 17. "We have chosen to close down our staple pilot and at this point, have no designs


2 Telecom Service Providers Fine Rs. 20 Lakh For Damaging Roads In Greater Noida

A punishment of Rs. 20 lakh each has been slapped on two telecom specialist organizations in Greater Noida for purportedly harming streets while laying optical fiber lines in the city, as indicated by an authority proclamation Sunday. Inhabitants were confronting a difficult situation because of the wrecked streets and had over and over whined about it to the nearby Greater Noida Authority, it stated. "Telecom specialist co-ops Reliance Digital Company and Airtel's neighborhood seller Telesonic


SpaceX To Send First All-Civilian Crew Into Orbit For 3 Days

One more very rich person business visionary is set to ride into space this week, tied inside the case of a SpaceX rocketship, as a feature of an Astro-vacationer group ready to impact the world forever as the principal all-regular citizen team dispatched into Earth circle. Jared Isaacman, the American originator and CEO of internet business firm Shift4 Payments, will lead three individual spaceflight fledglings out traveling expected to most recent three days from launch


Delhi Power Minister Inaugurated A First-Of-Its-Kind Urban Micro Grid System

Delhi Power Minister Satyendar Jain on Friday initiated a first-of-its-sort Urban Micro Grid System (Solar+ Battery) at the LV circulation network in the public Capital. With the developing joining of sustainable power into customary energy sources, microgrids will assume a basic part in empowering the change and expanding the unwavering quality of the force supply, a senior BSES official said. The undertaking's set-up cost is assessed at around Rs 5.5 crore. The miniature network is a lattice a


Delhi Airport Turns Into Swimming Pool After Heavy Rain Fall

With substantial precipitation recorded in Delhi on Saturday morning, the Safdarjung observatory has now recorded a sum of 1,100 mm of precipitation this storm season in the public capital. Prior to this, in 2003, Delhi had recorded a record all out precipitation of 1,050 mm during the rainstorm season. With this, the 2021 storms have seen the most noteworthy precipitation Delhi has seen since 1975 when a sum of 1,150 mm of precipitation was recorded. Accordingly, Delhi's 2021 rainstorm


Jiophone Next Launch Expected On September 10

Google Jio Phone Next dispatch is practically here. At Reliance Industries 44th yearly regular gathering (AGM) held in June, the organization reported its first 'Google telephone'. Called Jio Phone Next, it will is a super reasonable cell phone running on Google's Android working framework. At the occasion, held for all intents and purposes, Google CEO Sundar Pichai also talked about the JioPhone Next. JioPhone Next will dispatch in the country upon the arrival of Ganesh Chathurthi, September 10


Ola Electric Scooters Sale Start From Today

Just before World EV Day, Ola Electric initiated with the online acquisition of its new Ola electric bikes accessible in Ola S1 and Ola S1 Pro variations. Retailing at Rs 99,999 and Rs 129,999 (ex-display area, India) for both the variations, the Ola electric bikes will be marked down today till stocks last, and the whole technique will be dealt with carefully. The Ola electric bikes are accessible in 10 tones and will be conveyed straight by Ola across 1,000 urban communities in India.


Iphone 13 To Be Introduce On September 14

Apple's enormous fall occasion will occur on September 14, where we can expect the new iPhones to appear. The organization is probably going to dispatch the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 scaled down, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max, equivalent to the iPhone 12 series. Apple has recently conveyed solicitations for the following extraordinary dispatch occasion on September 14, which is without a doubt to include the following iPhones alongside one more pack of items. The greeting prods the declaration


Tesla Could Launch Electric Hatchback Without A Steering Wheel Worth Rs 18 Lakh

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has all the earmarks of being on the way to reshape the electric vehicle section once more. Another report proposes that the extremely rich person could dispatch another electric vehicle that could cost pretty much Rs 18 lakh ($25,000). The forthcoming vehicle, which was recently declared by Tesla, could dispatch as ahead of schedule as 2023. Be that as it may, presently a report by electrek. co recommends that the new vehicle probably won't be furnished with a


Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Quick Start Guide Landed Online

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE dispatch is by all accounts not far off as an implied speedy beginning aide of the unannounced telephone has showed up on the Web, only days after its client manual. The fast beginning aide shows a portion of the essential insights concerning Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and gives us a brief look at its plan and interface. Notwithstanding the Galaxy S21 FE as its new "fan-release" model, Samsung is supposed to be in plans to update its Galaxy A series by bringing optical picture a


India’s Exports Rise Over 45% In August

India's product trades in August 2021 rose to $33.14 billion, higher by 45.17 percent on a year-on-year premise, starter information displayed on Thursday. Fares in August 2020 remained at $22.83 billion. Also, the information outfitted by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry showed that in contrast with August 2019, last month's fares rose by 27.5 percent. "Value of non-oil sends out in August 2021 was $28.58 billion, enrolling a positive development of 36.57 percent over non-oil fares of $20.


Nifty Tops 17,300, Sensex Crosses 58K

Value benchmark Sensex got around 250 focuses in early exchange to scale the 58,000-level interestingly on Friday, driven by gains in file majors Reliance Industries, Kotak Bank, and ICICI Bank in the midst of a positive pattern in worldwide business sectors and supported unfamiliar asset inflows. The 30-share Sensex was exchanging 250.75 focuses or 0.43 percent up at its lifetime high of 58,103.29, and Nifty progressed 67.65 focuses or 0.39 percent to record 17,301.80 in introductory


Apple Watch Series 7 May Take More Days To Arrive Due To Production Issues

The current frustrating creation quality could be credited to the intricacy of plan, which is essentially not the same as that of past ages of the watch, the report added. San Francisco: Apple is relied upon to dispatch iPhone 13 series alongside Watch Series 7, AirPods 3 just as another iPad Mini this month. Notwithstanding, another report has guaranteed that the creation of the forthcoming Apple Watch Series 7 has been postponed because of its confounded plan.


Hyundai I20 N Line Launched In India

Hyundai Motor India Ltd on Thursday dispatched the most anticipated i20 N Line in India with costs beginning at Rs 9,84,100 (Ex-display area). Hyundai i20 N Line will be presented with 4 Mono Tone Color Options - Thunder blue (New and Exclusive), Fiery red, Titan dim and Polar white; just as 2 Dual Tone shading choices - Thunder blue with Phantom dark rooftop and Fiery red with Phantom dark rooftop. Hyundai i20 N Line will be presented with 4 Mono Tone Color Options - Thunder blue


Rs 25 Increased In Cooking Gas From Today , One 14.2 Kg LPG Cylinder To Cost Rs 884.50 In Delhi

In an advancement that is probably going to affect a large number of families in India, the cost of non-financed melted petrol gas (LPG) chambers has been climbed by Rs 25 for each chamber with impact from Wednesday (September 1, 2021).The cost of non-sponsored LPG chamber was climbed by Rs 25 for every chamber with impact from August 17. Prior on July first, the cost of the LPG chamber was expanded by Rs 25.50. As of now, the public authority gives 12 financed LPG chambers of 14.2 kilograms to


Decrease In Petrol , Diesel Price Today In Delhi

In the wake of staying unaltered for a few days, petroleum and diesel costs have been diminished on the primary day of September by 13-15 paise across metro urban communities. Petroleum is presently retailing at ?101.34 in Delhi, while diesel at ?88.77. In India's monetary capital Mumbai, petroleum is being sold at ?107.39 per liter, and diesel at ?96.33 per liter. In Kolkata, petroleum costs remain at ?101.72 per liter and diesel costs at ?91.84 per liter in the city.


E-GOPALA App Launched To Aid Dairy Farmers

The web form of the e-GOPALA application created by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) has been dispatched to help dairy ranchers. It was dispatched by Parshottam Rupala, Union Minister of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairying in presence of Meenesh Shah, Chairman, NDDB. Rupala said that in accordance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's fantasy of ''Digital India'', NDDB is advancing innovation driven exercises for milk makers.

Dairy Farmers

Increase In Price Of Maruti Cars From September 2021

The country's biggest carmaker Maruti Suzuki India has said that it will climb costs across its different models from the following month in the midst of rising information costs. "With reference to our previous interchanges regarding a cost increment, we wish to illuminate you that over the previous year the expense of the Company's vehicles keeps on being unfavorably affected because of an expansion in different information costs. Henceforth, it has gotten basic to pass on some effect of the


Tata Motors Launches Electric Vehicle Tigor With Starting Price Rs 11.99 Lakh

TATA Motors on Tuesday dispatched its second electric vehicle - Tigor EV, taking into account the individual section in the homegrown market, estimated between Rs 11.99 lakh and Rs 13.14 lakh. The auto major has as of now made progress with its first electric model, Nexon EV, and presently initiates conveyances of Tigor EV from around 150 deals outlets in 70 urban areas the nation over. The model, which has gotten a 4-star security rating from Global NCAP for grown-up and youngster insurance


Maruti Suzuki To Increase Prices Across Models From September

The country's biggest carmaker Maruti Suzuki India on Monday said it will climb costs across models from the following month in the midst of rising info costs. In an administrative recording, the organization said, ".... over the previous year the expense of organization's vehicles keeps on being unfavorably affected because of expansion in different information costs. "Hence, it has gotten basic to pass on some effect of the extra expense for the clients through a value rise, it added.


Petrol And Diesel Prices Remained Unchanged

Petroleum and diesel costs stayed unaltered the nation over for the 6th back-to-back day on Monday, August 30, 2021. The costs of the key auto fills were keep going modified on August 24 when petroleum and diesel costs were cut by 15 paise per liter each in the public capital. The cost of petroleum in Delhi remains at Rs 101.49 per liter while that of diesel is at Rs 88.92. In Mumbai, petroleum presently costs Rs 107.52, while diesel is retailing at Rs 96.48, information accessible on Indian


Indian Railways 2021 Recruitment On 1664 Vacancies In North Central

The Indian Railway Recruitment Cell (RRC), North Central Railways has welcomed applications for 1664 opening in different divisions. The application interaction for positions in the assigned exchanges under Apprentice Act 1961 at different Divisions, Workshops inside the NCR purview (Prayagraj, Agra, Jhansi, and Jhansi Workshop) for the year 2020-21 began on August 2. Notwithstanding, the last date to apply for North Central Railway Recruitment 2021 is 1 September 2021.


Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Launch Expected On September 8

Samsung as of late affirmed that the Galaxy S21 FE is ready to go. A reasonable, restrained adaptation of the Samsung Galaxy 21, the Galaxy S21 FE will succeed the S20 FE from last year and target bringing leader execution and provisions with more value efficiency. The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE was purportedly expected to dispatch close by the new Z-series gadgets – The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3, yet couldn't because of the chip lack, recommends a report by Phonearena


Pre-Bookings May Starts This Week For Jiophone Next

JioPhone Next is the most recent telephone in the Jio telephone setup. JioPhone Next is a minimal expense cell phone that has been created in a joint coordinated effort between Reliance Jio and Google. Dependence Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani had affirmed the advancement of the JioPhone Next at the 44th Reliance Industries Annual General Meeting occasion, which was held for all intents and purposes on August 28. At the occasion, it was declared that the JioPhone Next would be accessible.


Odisha Endorses Electric Vehicle Policy, State To Offer Motivators, Without Interest Credits On EV Buy

Odisha state government has joined a little rundown of states that have supported their own electric vehicle strategy to fuel the progress from petrol-based vehicles to cleaner electric vehicles. Odisha's State Cabinet headed by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik endorsed the Electric Vehicle Policy, 2021, on Friday (August 27), intending to advance the utilization of electric vehicles in the state. Offer: The public authority is expecting to have about 20% electric vehicles on street by 2025.


Charging Point Installed At Mcg Office For E-Vehicle

To advance e-vehicles, the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has set up an e-vehicle charging station in the organization's office situated in Sector-42. During an occasion, a preliminary attempt was directed on Thursday. MCG's Joint Commissioner-3 Sanjeev Singla while tending to the drivers on the event said that all conceivable assistance is being given by the MCG to advance e-vehicles in Gurugram. "Charging stations are being set in the mood for charging e-vehicles, where e-vehicle.


Pre-Orders Likely To Begin September 17 For IPhone 13 Series

iPhone 13 is to a great extent expected to dispatch one month from now and another report reveals insight into the specific Apple guide. The Cupertino monster is relied upon to have its dispatch occasion on September 14 wherein it is expected to divulge the new iPhone models. The arrangement is probably going to incorporate four models -iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, and iPhone 13 smaller than normal. Every one of the four models are accounted for to go up for pre-request a couple.


Record Dip In Prices Of Sliver And Gold For Second Consecutive Day

Today both gold and silver costs have indeed seen a ruin on the Multi Commodity Exchange(MCX). Recording a plunge of 0.53 percent or Rs 252, gold fates developing on October 5, 2021, remain at Rs 47,435 for every 10 grams. In the interim, seeing a plunge of 0.66 percent or Rs 419, silver prospects, developing on September 3, 2021, are exchanging at Rs 63,001 for every kg on the MCX. Recently, gold remained at Rs 47,480 for each 10 grams on the MCX, while silver exchanged at Rs 62,792.

Mining Industry

Indian Motorcar Industry Facing Many Direct, Medium-Term Challenges : Siam

The Indian auto industry is going through a profound underlying log jam and the COVID-19 pandemic has additionally affected the area moving it back by numerous years, SIAM President Kenichi Ayukawa said on Wednesday. Talking at industry body SIAM's 61st Annual Convention, Ayukawa noticed that all auto portions like traveler vehicles and bikes have seen an intense drop in development rates throughout the last 5-10 years. The COVID-19 pandemic has additionally caused negative development.


At 11,000 Feet India’s Highest Herbal Garden Inaugurated In Uttarakhand

India's highest natural nursery, situated at an elevation of 11,000 feet, was initiated close to the Badrinath place of worship in Uttarakhand on Saturday. The nursery, situated in Mana town of Chamoli locale, has been created by the examination wing of the state backwoods office on a three-section of land given by Mana Van Panchayat. The nursery, introduced by Mana sarpanch Pitambar Maulfa, has been created in three years under the focal government's Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management.

Herbal Garden

Since Launch Kia Seltos Registers 2 Lakh Sales

Kia India celebrates two years of its India tasks with three consecutive achievements in succession. Before long accomplishing the tag of the quickest carmaker to record 3 lakh deals in India, Kia enlisted the 2 lakh deals characteristic of its leader Seltos SUV. The organization additionally attests to the main situation in the associated vehicle unrest with 1.5 lakh associated vehicles sold.


Zydus Cadila To Begin Making 1 Crore Dosages Of Covid Immunization By October

The declaration comes after Zydus-Cadila's DNA-based immunization got crisis use approval from the Drug Controller General of India for use in grown-ups and kids over the age of 12 years. At a question-and-answer session, the organization said that they have gotten beginning load of implements. They further added that the immunization will be made in India, however for some time, the firm is getting the underlying part from PharmaGen in the US.Zydus Cadila said that the antibody will be made.


2022 Hyundai Creta Creation Begin In Brazil, May Strike Indian Shores Later

Hyundai is all set to drive in the new generation Creta SUV in Brazil on August 25. Ahead of the official debut, the Korean carmaker has started production of the 2022 Creta at its facility in Piracicaba, Brazil. The new Creta SUV, or Crete as it's known in Brazilian markets, will come with a new-look front face. It gets a redesigned grille, the most prominent of all the updates, which has a similar visual appeal seen in the recently launched Hyundai Alcazar three-row SUV's front face too.

Hyundai Creta

Buy Indian Oil With A Target Price Of 200 Rupees: Motilal Oswal

Motilal Oswal has bought Oil India NSE 2.30% Ltd. with a target price of Rs 200. The present retail price of Oil India Ltd. is 162.75 rupees. The time period given by the analyst is one year in which the price of Oil India Ltd. can reach the set target. Founded in 1959, Oil India Ltd. is a medium-sized company engaged in the natural gas and oil industries.


Iphone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, New Airpods, Ipad Mini, And Macbook Pro May Launch Next Month

iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7, new entry-level AirPods, and new MacBook Pro, it is a long list of devices that we expect Apple may finally announce at its fall event. Apple has been unveiling its new iPhones in September since long. Apple is on target for its September launch timeline. this suggests we should always hear the large go back Apple by the last week of August, fingers crossed.


Ola Electric Scooter Launched At A Initial Price Of Rs 99,999

Ride hailing major and electric vehicle manufacturer Ola on Sunday unveiled its much-awaited S1 and S1 Pro electric scooter models, which while undercutting the worth of offerings from rivals Ather Energy, Bajaj Auto and TVS Motors, still promises greater range and better performance. Starting at a price of Rs 99,999, which incorporates FAME II subsidies Ola said it'll start Buyers to get its vehicles from September 8 with the first deliveries beginning sometime in October across 1,000 cities.


Reliance Jio And Bharti Airtel Infocomm Sign Spectrum Trading Agreement

Bharti Airtel announced the finish its agreement with Reliance Jio Infocomm on Friday to transfer the "right to use" Airtel's 800 MHz spectrum to a company led by Mukesh Ambani within three circles. Airtel stated in a statement that it has acquired 1,004.8 crore from Jio for the proposed transfer. The statement added that, in addition to this, Jio will assume a future liability of Rs 46.93 crore related to the spectrum.


HPL India Grew 34% Year-On-Year And Reported Revenue Of Rs 129 Crores

The company reported that its consumer sector grew 31% year-on-year in the first quarter of Fiscal Year 2022 to reach ? 80 crore. HPL’s electrical and power switchgear division’s revenue increased by ?129 crores in the first quarter of Financial Year 2022. HPL Electric and Power Limited announced on Thursday that its revenue for the first quarter of the 2021-22 fiscal year was ?129 crores.


Oneplus Begin Rolling Out Android 11 Update For Smartphones 3 Years Ago

OnePlus has begun rolling out the Android 11 update for its OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T smartphones. Both smartphones were launched in 2018 and received stable Android 11 updates ahead of the promised timeline. The company began testing the first beta version of Oxygen OS 11 in July this year. The smartphone then received two subsequent beta updates.


Zomato Q1 Net Loss Opened To Rs 360.7 Crore

Online food delivery platform Zomato announced on Tuesday that its net loss expand to Rs 360.7 crore for the quarter ended June 30, 2021, mainly due to increased expenses. Zomato Ltd stated in a regulatory document that the company’s net loss for the same period last fiscal year was Rs 99.8 crore. It added that the company’s consolidated operating income for the quarter was Rs 844.4 crore, compared with Rs 266 crore in the same period last year.


India’s Smartphone Mkt Shipped 34 Million Units In The June Quarter: IDC

Research firm IDC stated that during the second wave of Covid-19, the Indian smartphone market performed poorly at the beginning of the April-June quarter, but recovered quickly towards the end, increasing by 86% year-on-year to approximately 34 million Ministry said. The second wave of Covid-19 only hit the country nearly a year after the first wave, but the market response has varied widely.


Pidilite Industries Is An Indian Multinational Company With A Complex Business Structure

Pidilite Industries NSE 0.38% Managing Director Bharat Puri called the manufacturer of Fevicol adhesives and M-Seal sealants "an Indian multinational company with a complex business structure." Puri has been at the helm of Pidilite since joining the Mumbai-based company from chocolate maker Mondelez International in 2015, with four years left in his term


India Needs 3 Private Companies In The Telecommunications Industry; Hope The Government Will Support The Industry: CEO Of Airtel

Bharti Airtel CEO Gopal Vittal asserted on Wednesday that a large country like India needs three private companies in the telecommunications industry and hopes that the government will take measures to ease the industry facing "serious financial pressure." These comments are of great significance in the context of Vodafone Idea's desperate struggle to make ends meet.


Government Agencies Strengthen Their Vigilance Against E-Commerce Companies

India has increased its scrutiny of US e-commerce companies. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) asked Wal-Mart’s Flipkart and its founders to explain why they should not be fined $1.35 billion for violating Foreign Exchange Rules. In 2020, Flipkart and Amazon India have faced actions from government agencies with local regulators on affair ranging from violations of Foreign Direct Investment rules to antitrust laws.


Devyani International, KFC And Pizza Hut Operators Begin Their IPO Today

The initial public offering of fast food chain KFC as well as Pizza Hut operator Devyani International initiated accepting subscriptions on 4th August. Most analysts gave the issue a "subscribe" rating on the grounds of reasonable valuation, global well-known brand portfolio, low debt burden, light asset expansion business model and changing consumer behavior.


With The Decline In Covid Cases, Domestic Air Passenger Traffic Resumed Its Growth Trajectory In June: Report

A report on Tuesday said that due to the decline in the number of Covid-19 cases in the country, domestic air passenger traffic resumed a growth trajectory in June. There were about 3 million passengers on local routes last month, compared with about 2 million in May. Credit The rating agency ICRA stated in its report that despite some recovery in June, demand pressures continue, mainly caused by the second wave of pandemics, and travel is limited to necessary travel.

Domestic Air

No International Flights Before July 31

International flights will be suspended until July 31. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Wednesday extended the ban on scheduled international flights to and from the country until July 31. This restriction does not apply to international all-cargo flights and scheduled flights according to travel arrangements. The ban on scheduled international flights has been implemented since March last year.


Meeting Soon on the Growth of the Automotive Industry: Minister

Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said on Tuesday that the Ministry of Heavy Industry and Public Enterprise will soon hold a stakeholder meeting to discuss the rapid growth of the automotive industry, including electric vehicles. He also said that with the development of NATRAX (National Automotive Test Tracks) Indore facilities, domestic vehicles will no longer need to be sent abroad for testing.

Automotive Industry

Free Visas to 500,000 Tourists and Financial Support for the Tourism Industry

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said on Monday that the government will provide free visas to 500,000 tourists visiting India. In announcing measures to revive the tourism industry hit hard by Covid-19, Sitharaman stated that it will provide financial support to more than 11,000 registered tour guides, travel, and tourism stakeholders.


Maruti Suzuki to Increase Prices in Next Quarter

The country's biggest carmaker Maruti Suzuki Monday said it will increase prices across its scope of vehicles in the forthcoming quarter to balance any rise in input costs. The Company said in a statement that over the past year the cost of the company’s vehicles continued to be adversely impacted due to an increase in various input costs. “Hence, it has become imperative for the company to pass on some impact of the above additional cost to customers through a price rise.


Indian IT Industry is in Hiring Mode

NASSCOM Indian IT Industry is booming and going to hire more & more staff due to its dominance in all over the world. According to a report, top Indian IT companies are going to hire 96,000 employees in 2021-22. The latest move of IT industry came after the report released by Bank of America that the IT sector is firing its employees. It is a great opportunity for qualified IT specialists to get a well-paid job.


Indian Fashion Industry Witnessed Growth by 51%

The new policies of the Central Government in the e-commerce domain have increased the growth rate of India by 51% as the Fashion Industry has full potential to push the economic growth of the country. Brands have witnessed an increase in orders after the unlocking process of the Central government. Kidswear witnessed a growth of 200% growth rate in online growth. These numbers are released by “Fashion e-commerce Report” which is published by Unicommece .e-commerce focused supply chain.


Clean Mode of Goods Transportation is Needed

According to a Report, Indian can save its logistics worth Rs311 lakh crore by 2020 to 2050 utilizing the clean & cost-effective mode of transportation and it can save 10 gigatonnes of cumulative carbon dioxide emission in three decades. The report is named “Fast Tracking Freight in India: A Roadmap for clean & Cost effective.” As the demand for Goods & services are increasing and it leads to increase the demand of fright services.


Reliance Jio Help Users in Fnding COVID 19 Vaccines Details

This service is made for WhatsApp and it has other features like recharging, making payments, getting the answers, etc. Giving brief details about the service Reliance Jio said that its users can know the availability of vaccines by messaging” Hi” to 7000770007. It is not like another online portal on this platform users can check the availability of vaccines by searching the vaccine centers. Till now India has administered 240 million vaccine doses to all its eligible beneficiaries.

Reliance Jio

Automakers Started to Work as Lockdown Ease

As the unlocking process of the Central Government has started and Automakers started to make their targets high as Maruti Suzuki, India’s top carmaker is likely to produce 1,65000 -169000 cars in June and increased its capacity to 1,74,000 vehicles in July. The top car maker company is hoping that sales will likely boost in the upcoming months as various State Governments started graded unlocking. The company will expand its manufacturing capacity in the upcoming time.


There is an Increase in Chinese Trade About demand in the US

There is a major increase in Chinese imports & exports of 28% & 51% respectively. The reason behind this upsurge is the rebounding of Demand in the USA, Chinese economy is in the process of recovery after a major fallout of last year. China is fighting back against the global pandemic and the economy is coming on track but the major parts of the world are still struggling due to the lack of Vaccination programs.


Sensex, Nifty Witnessed a Surge, RIL is on the Top

After starting of Lockdown ease in many states the risk settlement sentiment of the investors is in the process of recovery, and Equity Benchmarks witnessed a major surge. Improvement in the value of the Rupee against the US dollar also gives momentum to the rise. Reliance industries contributed half of almost all benchmarks gain. According to experts” Domestic equities are going high because of prioritization in vaccination process and low number of cases which are coming.


G7 Leaders Finalized Deal to Impose a Tax on Google, Amazon & Big Tech Companies

ON Saturday US, Britain & other big nations finalized a landmark agreement to take more money from Multinational Companies like Amazon & Google.G7 Countries decided to came with a minimum international tax rate of 15%. The historical decision is taken at the meeting of the Finance Ministers of G7 countries in London.IT will help the countries to come in a recovery process after the COVID pandemic. Rishi Sunak posted a Tweet describing the decision.


Hotel Occupancy Rate Hit Very Hard: ICRA

The attack of COVID 19 has severely affected the occupancy rate of India’s Hotel Industry for the next two-three months. The second wave of the COVID 19 has dropped the occupancy rates at the ground. It has dropped 45%.In the first few months of FY21 Demand was limited to Vande Mataram repatriation travelers, medical & Frontline workers, Stranded travelers & work-from hotel guests. RBI has decided to put the fiscal stimulus in COVID 19 affected sectors and it will be great for the Hotel industry


India Has Increased the Target of Achieving 20% Ethanol Blending in Petrol: PM

India, World’s third-largest Oil Importer looks to cut the dependency on the international market for oil demand and also putting the path to reduce Carbon Emissions. The country has advanced the goal of achieving 20% ethanol blending in petrol by 2025. As we know that Ethanol is extracted from sugarcane & Damaged food grains. On the occasion of World Environment Day Honourable PM Narendra Modi speaking at “Ethanol Blending Road Map 2020-25.”PM said that the target will be achieved shortly.


India Can Lose the Badge of Second Largest Stainless Steel to Indonesia

On Monday ISSDA (Indian Stainless Steel Development Association)said that in 2021 India can lose the tag of the World’s second-largest stainless steel producer to Indonesia. Surplus production in Indonesia is the main reason. Currently, Indonesia is at 4th position in the production of Stainless steel and can overtake Japan & India with a production of 4.2 million tonnes of stainless steel.


The Output of the 8 Core Sectors Witnessed the Growth of 56.1%

According to data released on Monday” Output of eight core sectors has increased by 56.1% in April owning to low base effect and simultaneous increase in production of Natural Gas, Refinery Products, Cement & Electricity, Steel, etc. Due to restrictions imposed in COVID second wave eight infrastructure sectors of Coal, Crude oil<natural Gas, Steel, Cement & Industry contracted by 37.9% in April 2020. But in this year these sectors witnessed record growth.

financial growth

There is a Disappointment in the Travel Sector Due to the Failure of the GST Council in Rationalizing the Taxes

As we know that Travel industry is the worst-hit-affected industry amid the COVID pandemic and the sector is disappointed due to the Government's failure to provide the fiscal; stimulus. IATO, the Apex body of the tour operators has shown Disappointment due to the lack of government attention on this issue as it is not being discussed in the GST council. The tourism industry is hoping that the government will decrease the GST stuff imposed on the industry.


Prominent Automakers in India Come on Digital Routes to Increase Sales

Leading automobiles of the Country like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota, Tata Motors Mercedez Benz, etc. come up with the latest techniques to digitize their business amid the pandemic as customers are not willing to visit their showrooms for purchasing physically. According to Srivastava” We are utilizing the social media for targeted marketing to customers and also using AR/VR experiences. He also said that Digitization is the way forward in unprecedented times.


DOT Will Go to Propose the 5G Technology Testing in Rural Areas

According to Officials” DOT is going to ask the telecom operators to start the process of testing for 5G technology in rural areas along with the urban” A trial validity of 6 months has been given to Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio, and Vodafone. MTNL will also be given the license for conducting the trials shortly after the payment of 5000 as permission feels. One thing is important to note that DOT has not partnered the trial process with any Chinese vendor.