Petrol and Diesel

Petrol & Diesel Prices Remain Unchanged

In major cities, the prices of Petrol & diesel remain unchanged. In Delhi petrol is at Rs94.49 per liter and diesel is Rs85.38 per liter. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), HPCL(Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited) take the price decisions daily with internal prices and exchange rates.


RDSO Focus is on One Nation One Standard

RDSO (Research Design & Standards Organization) which sets the standards for Indian railways joined hands with the Central government. Under the One Nation, One Standard Scheme will ensure the quality of Products which will be delivered to consumers. In the past years, RDSO has designed 1000 standards for Indian Railways and many are under process.


Indian Economy Will Grow at 9.3%: Moody’s

Indian economy will rebound by 9.3% in March 2022 ending the fiscal year but the COVID crisis has damaged India’s credit profile and RATED Entities. There will be a declination of economic activities in the June quarter due to fear of reach by the virus. In the previous attack, the economy improved quickly but the second wave slowed the process of recovery.


US, India & China Has 60% of 2 Billion of COVID 19 Vaccines Doses Which Are Allocated Globally:WHO

Senior Advisor to the Director of WHO said that 2 billion of the vaccine doses which are distributed globally by WHO in this 60% of the vaccines have gone to only these countries India, US & China. The distribution of the vaccines has taken place in 212 countries. The main challenge which is faced by several countries is access to vaccines while COVAX has played a critical role in the distribution of COVID 19 doses to 127 countries.


India’s Forex Reserves Crossed the Mark of $5bn

In the week ended on May, 28 India's Forex reserves reached $5.271 billion. According to the weekly supplement published by RBI, there is a tremendous increase in Indian Forex reserves. India’s Forex reserves include Foreign Currency assets(FCAs), Gold reserves, Special drawing rights(SDR), and the reserves situation of the country with the international monetary fund. All these components of Forex Reserves are growing at a huge rate. The country’s gold reserves have been increased by $265 milli


Environmental Crisis: It is High Time For India & World

In the 21st century, Environmental Degradation is the burning issue, and protecting the environment is universal responsibility and all are equally responsible for Environment. World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year. The environment is necessary for making the balance in the ecosystem. The need is to make sincere efforts by both Civil society & Government to sustain the environment to its original & natural beauty. Due to a lack of concerns for Environmental Maintenance we are


Highest Discount on Gold Prices in Past 9 Months

Dealers of Gold complained that they are not receiving stocks from Jewelers on time despite the discounts given by the Government. As we know that the restrictions imposed in the country to fight COVID 19 lead to unstable consumption so the Gold dealers are given the highest discounts by the government. Reduction in the demand for gold in the local markets & the additional process of price correction lead to discounts on Gold prices.


MOU Has Been Signed Between Ladakh & CESL

Union Territory, Ladakh signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Convergence Energy Services Limited (CESL) for the establishment of a 5-MW plant in the Kargil region. On Saturday the Signing ceremony takes place digitally between Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council(LAHDC) and CESL. According to a spokesperson the objectives of CESL meet with the expectations of Ladakh addressing the needs of Efficient energy Generation, Innovation of Financial Models, Finding Solution of various Rural p


Seven of Top 10 Most Valued Firms Add More Than 1.15 Lakh Crore to Market Capitalization

Top firms added a Market Capitalization of Rs1,15,892.82 lakh crore which was valued last week. Reliance Industries come at the top position.HDFC Bank, Hindustan Unilever, SBI have witnessed an increase in their values. In contrast the Market Capitalization of TCS(Tata Consultancy Services), Infosys & ICICI Bank declined. Reliance Industries added Rs 60,668.47 crores to the market capitalization. There is also an increase in the valuation of Bajaj Finance and it came at Rs3,61,767.29 crore.


Second COVID Wave Not Affected India’s Agriculture Sector: NITI Aayog

According to Ramesh Chand NITI Aayog Agriculture Division that the second wave of the deadly virus will not impact India’s Agricultural Sector in any terms as the Virus started spreading in May when there were negligible agriculture activities. In an Interview, Ramesh Chand said that India’s stand on subsidy, prices & Technology is in the favour of rice, wheat & Sugarcane and the requirement is to make minimum support policy and procurement prices more favourable to pulses.


China Emerges as Second Largest Export Destination, US is on the TOP

China left UAE to become India’s second top export destination in FY21. US is on top of China’s performance amid the Deadly pandemic & Border aggressions is highly commendable. If we see the official data China increased its capacity to 28% in FY21 on the other hand UAE (United Arab Emirates) witnessed a sharp decline of 42%. China's share in India's total goods trade deficit comes at 43%. The total merchandise exports of India witnessed a sharp decline of 7%.


The New VP, Director for Thales India will be Ashish Saraf

Thales, A Global leader in Modern technologies, Investing in deep-tech technologies, Artificial Intelligence, and the Connectivity of Big Data. On Monday Thales nominated Ashish Saraf as Vice President & Country Director For India with effect from June 1, 2021. The New VP will be responsible for all the Company’s management decisions in India, Strategic Collaborations with other companies for better future projects and innovation.


TATA Digital is Likely to Make an Investment of $75 million in Curefit

On Monday, TATA Digital Limited a part of Tata Sons agree to invest $75 million in Curefit Healthcare Private Limited. The major part of the deal is that the Founder of Curefit Healthcare Private Limited Bansal will take the new position of President of Tata Digital. He also led the foundation of MYntra in 2007 and continued his leadership in Curefit Healthcare private Limited.


The value of the Rupee Increase Again

Due to the simultaneous foreign fund inflows in the capital market value of the rupee increased again against the US dollar. On Monday there is an increase of 15 paise in the value of the Rupee and the market closed and the Rupee came at 72.80 against the dollar. The sudden inflows in Capital markets & Foreign investments are increasing the value of the Rupee in the international market. The Key Competitors of the Dollar in the international market also giving a boost to the Indian rupee.


Gautam Adani Company Shares Increased By 19%

.Adani Power, Largest Private Thermal Power in India and it is part of a diversified Adani Group. Thermal power giant has various installed capacities in the states like Maharashtra, Gujarat & some other states. The total capacity is around 12,410 MW. Adani Power has a Net Profit of 13.13 crore in the March quarter due to higher revenues. Stocks of Adani Power have gained 19% and came at Rs151.In the last week, the stock of Gautam Adani company has gained 58%.


BSE(Bombay Stock Exchange) Crossed a Historical Mark of 7 Crore Registered Users

During the unprecedented COVID crisis number of registered users which is based on Unique client Code(UCC) has crossed the mark of 7 crore registered users.IN 139 days the journey of 6 crores to 7 crores has been achieved. If we analyze these 7 crores registered users based on age then 38% of these come in the age bracket of 30-40,24% in the 20-30 and 13% come in the age bracket of 40-50.

World Bank

A Big Opportunity for Youngsters in Corporate World

According to the recently conducted survey of Mercer Mettl, 60% of the companies are looking to hire fresh talent for business operations & different positions. HR(Human Resource) managers are optimistic and hoping to return to the optimal hiring levels of the companies. Now the interview mode is not physical in the case of many companies it becomes digital and Virtual Hiring is the most emerging method which is used by the HR manager in these desperate times.

Domestic Exporters

EU(European Union), India Trade Agreement is Likely to be Beneficial for Domestic Exporters

The latest agreement between the EU & India will benefit the domestic exporters, as the EU is one of the biggest traditional markets of the country. Trade Promotion Council of India (TPCI) organized a panel to discuss the EU-India trade relations. The Indian industries are in an optimistic mood as the EU is the biggest traditional marketers for exporters and it has the potential to give a major turnover. India needs to study the EU-Vietnam & EU-MERCOSUR agreements deeply.


Factors that guide the markets today

Despite the desperate conditions of the Indian Economy as various International rating agencies decreased their ratings but the prioritization of the vaccination process, less number of COVID cases are pushing the stocks markets to grow day by day. At 7.40 am SGX Nifty was at 10 points higher and come at 15,778. Yesterday India reported COVID cases of less than 1 lakh in a day and mortality rates are also reducing.


Sensex, Nifty is Showing Positive Signs

Due to strong Foreign Capital flow Equity Benchmarks, Sensex & Nifty is going high again on Wednesday and started as a positive trend. ONGC is the Sensex heavyweight and it was followed by SBI, HDFC twins, Dr. Reddy’s, etc. According to the Head of Reliance Securities “There is a continuous positive trend in the Domestic Equities due to the Unlocking process of the Central Government, Increasing the speed of Vaccination In urban & rural areas and recovery measures of the Central Government.


After Petrol, Diesel Reached at Rs100 per liter in Rajasthan

Giant oil Firms raised the prices of Diesel & Petrol; again and its prices in Rajasthan reached Rs 100 per liter. According to state-owned fuel retailers the prices of Petrol & Diesel increase by 28 paise and 27 paise respectively. We are witnessing the continuous increase in fuel prices due to the fluctuations in the prices of international crude oil and major oil firms are discussing the strategies to recover from this price fluctuation in different states.


UBER is Expanding its Business in India

Senior Director (Engineering) of UBER said that the teams which are working in Hyderabad & Bengaluru are working on Global projects UBER is continuing its work and various projects in India and now likely to hire 250 engineers for its global project. The current round of Hiring will be beneficial for Digital payments, Risk & Compliance, Safety,adtech, Infrastructure & Financial Technology. The expansion plans of this company have a motive to make the Global Transportation System easy & accessibl


WTO (World Trade Organization) Increase the Talks Over COVID Vaccines Protection

As we know that Developing Economies of the World push the proposal in WTO to ease the COVID 19 patent rules & other regulations as it will help gain access to COVID vaccines to various countries. Developed & richer countries opposed the proposal. On Wednesday World Trade Organization (WTO & its member countries decided to intensify the talks over COVID 19 medical products rules & regulations. The main goal is to put the COVID vaccines in the mainstream world.


Faster Vaccination Coverage is Essential for Gaining Economic Momentum

On Wednesday Finance Ministry said that faster vaccination coverage of the country’s population is essential TO REGAIN ECONOMIC RECOVERY. As the economic activities are related with lockdowns & pandemic. To improve the investment cycle in the upcoming time vaccine prioritization and the measures declared by the Central Government & RBI(Reserve Bank of India) needed faster implementation. State-level lockdown restrictions reduced the growth of Industrial & Manufacturing activities in the current

White House

White House Cancelled TRUMP Orders of Banning TikTok, Wechat

US President’s House Officials on Wednesday said that the WHITE HOUSE cancelled the orders of the TRUMP era to ban popular apps like TikTok & Wechat and now they will conduct their research on the topics of National Security & Cyber breaches. The order describes the new “Evidence-based ” research analysis of these apps according to their manufacturing & dissemination of Information. The senate Passed the bill with the motive of increasing semiconductor production in the US.


Record Buying of Wheat Government at MSP (Minimum Support Prices)

On Wednesday Central Government has procured 418.47 lakh tonnes of wheat in the current marketing year and it cost 82,684 crores. The tremendous procedure of wheat procurement has happened during the farmer's protest against the Farm bills. Farmers are continuously protesting against the three latest farm laws and they want a guarantee of MSP (Minimum Support Prices). The procurement process of wheat is going smoothly in the states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Gujarat, etc. Government p


Tata Digital acquired a major portion of 1MG

TATA DIGITAL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Sons acquired a major stake in 1MG Technologies Limited, Online Healthcare Marketplace. The Financial details of the transactions are not disclosed. In pandemic times Telemedicine, E-Diagnostics, E-Pharmacy, E-consultation are becoming a major part of the Healthcare ecosystem and the need of the current scenario is the Digitization of the Healthcare System.


COAL Sector is Facing Desperate Situations in Global Markets

On Thursday Government of India that the Coal Sector in the country is witnessing unfavourable situations in international markets due to many reasons. This is the major cause that the Global Companies are not participating in the Commercial Coal Mine auctions. The issue come to notice after COAL Minister Prahlad Joshi said that there will be the participation of Global players in the next round of auctions.67 blocks are for sale in the process.


Rise in India’s Agriculture Exports 17.34% at $41.25bn in 2020-21

The export of India’s Agriculture & Allied products witnessed a tremendous increase of 17.34%. Huge growth has been seen in the exports of cereals, non-basmati rice, millets, maize, and different coarse grains. The largest market for India’s agricultural products is in the US, Bangladesh, UAE, Vietnam & Saudi Arabia.18 Indian states have also finalized the implementation of the New Agriculture export policy.


The Third Instalment of Revenue Deficit Released

On Thursday the Finance Ministry released its third monthly installment of revenue deficit to 17 states worth 9,871 crores. This is the third monthly installment of Post Devaluatiopn Revenue deficit. The central government provides the grants of PDRD under article 275 of the Indian Constitution. These grants are released as the recommendations of different state Finance commissions to tackle the gaps of revenue accounts of different states after the post devaluation period.


Automobile Sector Hit Hard by COVID 19

The total Vehicles Registrations of India in May stand at 54.79 it was released by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) and showed a major decline. There is a reduction in tractor sales in urban areas. Personal vehicle registration also witnessed a major decline and come at 63.70%.TWO wheeler registration fell by 52.52%. The COVID has affected the Retail Sector in its various segments


Petrol Comes at Rs100 per Liter in Bengaluru

Diesel prices are also going around Rs100 a liter and it is the first time in the country. In Rajasthan Ganganagar, it is at Rs99.80 per liter. The city witnessed a major spike in petrol prices and it is highest in the country at Rs106.94 per liter. There is no pause in the uptrend of the fuel prices owing to the instability of International crude oil prices and in some states, it has crossed all the price borders & limitations.


Second COVID Wave Affected HomeBuyers Plans

BookMyShow, Online Marketplace laid employees during desperate COVID times which make almost 18.6% of its workforce. Currently, the company has 1,068employees. Ashish Hemrajani CEO of BookMyShow said that we fired 200 employees from our various offices worldwide due to a decrease in the business of the Company due to the attack of the COVID pandemic. He said that the Second Wave has severely affected the operations. He tweeted for asking for the help of the laid-off workers in another company.

Book my show

Firing of Employees at BookMyShow

BookMyShow, Online Marketplace laid employees during desperate COVID times which make almost 18.6% of its workforce. Currently, the company has 1,068employees. Ashish Hemrajani CEO of BookMyShow said that we fired 200 employees from our various offices worldwide due to a decrease in the business of the Company due to the attack of the COVID pandemic. He said that the Second Wave has severely affected the operations. He tweeted for asking for the help of the laid-off workers in another company.

Farm Tech

Government Allotted Funds For Farm Mechanization

To empower the farmers through the sub-scheme of Agricultural Mechanization India Central Governments has released the funds to different states for the fulfillment of various purposes in agricultural activity. Activities for which the funds were allocated are the establishment of the custom hiring centers, Farm-Machinery banks, High tech hubs, and the allocation of different agricultural machinery for optimal growth.


COVID Affected Passenger Vehicles Sales

COVID has affected the economic volatility and reduced the sales of passenger vehicle sales by over 61%. Base year effect, Low rate interest, and additional Government give an increase to the demand for Passenger Vehicles in May. The sales of Passenger Vehicles has increased in the period of May in comparison to last year. The Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers said that these data include some key players of the market including Tata Motors.

Indian Railway

Piyush Goyal Considered Monsoon Preparation of Indian Railways

Piyush Goyal has several key Portfolios of Ministries like Railways, Commerce & Industry, Food & Public Distribution. He reviewed the monsoon preparation of Indian railways on 10.06.2021. He said that Railways needed to fully prepare for the upcoming monsoon. He asked IIT Bombay and other prominent institutions of the country to study the architectural & civil framework of Indian Railways to cope up with the Monsoon.


IL & FS Former Chairman Arrested

Economic Offences Wing (Chennai) arrested the Former Chairman of IL&FS Ravi Parthasarathy. IL&FS group has more than 500 companies. Ravi Parthasarathy was the mastermind of scams worth of crore including IL&FS & ITNL. The FIR(First Information Report) is filled by 63 Moon Technologies which lost several crores of rupees in this scam. FIR is registered under the viable sections of the Indian Penal Code.

Oxygen Plant

NCL Allocated Money to Build Oxygen Plants

In different medical colleges of Madhya Pradesh, Coal India major NCL(Northern Coal Fields) decided to distribute Rs 10 crore for the setting of the oxygen plants. Northern Coalfields Limited CMD & Director of the company handed a cheque of Rs10 crore to Shivraj Singh Chauhan in MPs capital Bhopal. NCL said that the company is going towards fulfilling the objectives of CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) and maintaining coal stability in these desperate times.


Indian FOREX Reserves Crossed the Border of $6billion

According to the weekly supplement of RBI India’s forex reserves have crossed the mark of $6billion and reached $6.842billion.The largest part of the foreign reserve which is FCA is also gaining momentum to the forex reserves. Gold reserves & SDR in the country fell but FOREX reserves are increasing after the unlocking process of the government, the main reason is the infusion of foreign capital and bullish stock markets which is giving power.


ED (Enforcement Directorate) Issued a Notice to WazirX

Bad news for Zanmai Labs Limited (WazirX), as ED(Enforcement Directorate), has issued a show-cause notice to the company and its directors under the FEMA act (Foreign Exchange Management Act). WazirX is a prominent crypto exchange platform and recently collaborated WITH moneycontrol. The exchange platform is found to be involved in Chinese online betting and the investigation is initiated under the FEMA act (Foreign Exchange Management Act).


Why Major Economies are not Giving Attention to Climate Change?

In a G7 Meeting at Cornwell, Climate Change is the burning topic Leaders of the richest countries of the world have agreed on various theories and said to achieve the target of Net Zero Emissions by 2050. It will lead to change in the methods of working by the industries related to Fossil fuels. Recently, a report released by International Energy Agency and said that the Countries should ban Projects related to fossil fuels.

Electric Car

Higher Subsidies Can be a Firebrand for EV’s

On Saturday it was regarded as the “Phenomenal Move” by the Central Government of Giving the subsidy under the FAME 2 scheme. This is an increase of 50% in subsidy and it will increase the adoption of Electronic Friendly vehicles. Central Government has revealed the partial; notification of the FAME scheme (Faster Adoption & Manufacturing of Electronic Vehicles) in India. The demand incentive of Rs15000 for two-wheelers is a game-changer. The decision will boost the EV sector in India.


Central Government asked Ministries to Reduce Expenditure

As India recently witnessed the second deadly wave of COVID pandemic, the Indian Government said all the Ministries & various Departments to reduce the expenditure by 20%.Expenses like domestic & foreign Travel, Overtime Allowance, Office expenses, etc. The official notice was released by the Department of Expenditure which comes under the Finance Ministry on June 10. Besides these expenses Expenditure department also notified the Ministries for expenses in Royalty, Publicity & others.


India’s Pharmaceutical Sector Growth Accelerated in May

According to India Ratings & research agency, Low base effect is the main reason behind the acceleration of the sector in May. Acute therapies and various types of drugs vitamin tablets which were sold in huge numbers in the COVID times helped the pharma sector in attaining sustainable growth in desperate times. According to estimates of the research agency the market of the pharma sector in India will grow at 8-10% in FY 2021-22 and it is beneficial for the economy.


CAIT Suggested Commerce Minister for Starting CCI (Competition Commission of India) Probe

Karnataka High Court Dismissed the petition filled by Amazon & Flipkart, in the above lines, CAIT(Confederation of All India Traders) set communication with Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal for initializing of the direct investigation by CCI(Competition Commission of India) in this case. CAIT also said to issue a press release that FDI policy will continue with its monitoring system and the regulations of the Country remains the same no one can dare to break the law.

Power Grid

Indian Power Corporation Made Tremendous Profits in FY21

On Saturday Indian power Corporation Limited revealed that there is an increase of 60% in the after-tax profit and it reached almost Rs26.66 crore in the Year ended 31 March 2021. Indian power increased its sales by 2 million in 2020-21 despite the severe effect of the pandemic. According to the Company, We have added the number of consumers across voltage levels and it leads to the acceleration in sales growth from the second quarter onwards.


Five Among the Top 10 Valued Firms Added Above than Rs1 Lakh crore

Information Technology Giants TCS & Infosys contributed a lot in increasing the market valuation as Five of the top 10 companies added Rs1,01,389.44 crore The heavyweights in the market valuation are the reliance industries, TCS, Infosys, Hindustan Unilever while HDFC, ICICI Bank, State Bank of India witnessed sudden fall in the market valuation. TCS is the biggest gainer and a major contributor to market evaluation among the top 10 companies.


Steel Authority of India will Break Down its RMD Headquarters

Bad news for the contractual employees as SAIL decided to dissolve its Kolkata-based RMD headquarters. It is shocking news for the employees working under the raw material division of SAIL. The RMD division of SAIL will be shifted to Rourkela and the contractual employees working in the Kolkata-based RMD headquarters would be shifted to this division. Section of the employees working in the SAIL has approached the high officials & West Bengal Chief Minister.


Adani Enterprises Incorporated the Latest Cement Business

On Saturday, Adani Enterprises Limited incorporated Adani Industries Limited which is a wholly-owned subsidiary to manufacture all types of cement. In a form filled to BSE, it said the incorporated company will commence its business and it has owned on June 11, 2021. The new company will work in all domains of cement whether it is manufacturing, producing & processing, etc. The company will look forward to the expansion process of the cement domain in various parts.


WTO will Meet Different Trade Ministries on July 15

According to sources, WTO (World Trade Organization) Chief has organized a key meeting on July 15 of various Trade Ministries to decide about the subsidies given in Fisheries. The motive is to Finalize the negotiation faster so the agreement can be prepared for the forthcoming meeting of the WTO in December. Negotiations are in the faster mode. The main motive of these negotiations is to establish a mechanism for sustainable Fisheries subsidies


Exchanges will Discontinue Trading in DHFL Shares From Monday

Leading exchanges of BSE & NSE will stop their trading activities in DHFL (Dewan Housing Finance Limited) shares from Monday. The motive of the decision is to avoid the Market complications as the National Company Law Tribunal Finalized the resolution plan of Piramal Group for the DHFL. The resolution plan has the provision of delisting the shares. As per the notice, the value was attributable to equity shares as per the estimated liquidation value of the company under the provisions


Exports will Help the Small Businesses

The second wave of the pandemic has affected the production & sales of the vehicles. A slight increase in the export orders and the relief measures decided by the Government for the Manufacturing & Automobile Industries helped small automobile industries to recover from the pandemic shock. The decision of some states to open the factories & various industries with proper precautions give hope to India's Manufacturing sector. Small Industries involved in these manufacturing activities


NTPC Demanded Eol (Expression of Interest) for Hydrogen Fuel cell-based Pilot Projects

In a statement released on Monday Power Giant NTPC said that it is going to establish Hydrogen Fuel Cell-based pilot projects and showed a Global Expression of Interest(EOI). By these projects, NTPC is looking forward to strengthening its footprints in Global Green & clean fuel energy. It will collaborate and commercialize the projects with other companies. The power giant is looking to use Hydrogen based fuel cell electrolysers for the motive of establishing power backup systems in the future.


Sensex Decreased over 185 Points in starting Trade

Equity Benchmarks Sensex dropped over by 185 points in starting trade on Monday as Index Heavyweights like HDFC twins, ICICI Bank & SBI witnessed a major decrease in their shares. Bajaj Finance witnessed a major decline and get down by almost 1.65%.In contrast to ONGC, TCS Bajaj auto was the top gainer in the list. FII(Foreign Institutional Investors) are the major buyers in the capital markets as they brought shares of Rs 18.64 crore on Friday.


CAIT Started to Fight for Amazon & Flipkart

According to the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) that the foreign-funded e-commerce companies are indulged in unethical business practices for many years and the main motive of these practices is to control the major portion of Industry or dominate the Industry. In the above lines, the premier agency has launched “e-commerce purification Week” and it gets supported by major Indian traders. During this week the trade organizations will hand the memorandum

Max Life

The Stake of Axis Bank in Max Life is Likely to Increase

According to the CEO of the insurance company in the upcoming 12-18 months Axis Bank is likely to increase the stake by 20%. Axis Bank has two subsidiaries Axis Securities Limited & Axis Capital Limited and collectively took the stake of Max life insurance approx. of 12.99%Axis Bank is likely to increase the stake in parts as we see the current stake is about 13% and the remaining 7 will be in the upcoming months.


Rupee Decrease by 14 Paise Against US Dollar

Foreign traders said that the weak Asian Currencies and the greenback in the international markets decreased down the rupee in early trade. The simultaneous increase in crude oil prices and the weak domestic equities lead to the decrease in rupee value against the US dollar and it finally came at 73.21. According to Reliance Securities, Asian Currencies witnessed a fall on Monday due to continuous slowdown.


Retail Inflation Came at 6 Months High of 6.3%

The tremendous rise in retail inflation has increased the tensions of RBI (Reserve Bank of India). The simultaneous rise in the prices of protein-rich items & Edible oils has increased the Retail inflation to 6.3%. Central Government asked the RBI to keep the inflation at 4 % and a margin of 2% on either side. There is a continuous rise in the Wholesale Price Index and Consumer Price Index by 12.94% and 4.23% respectively. The previous surge in Retail prices was at 6.93%.


COVID 19 Improved Indian Ecosystem: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

The advent of COVID led to the production of effective vaccines in less time like COVAXIN, GenovamRNA program, etc. India has also approved various vaccines. At India-US Pharma summit at Boston. BIOCON chief Kiran Mazumdar said that COVID 19 has created an Ecosystem of innovation in India. According to PTI Mazumdar cleared that the whole motive is to generate an innovative ecosystem in India which COVID has created much before.


Gold Hallmarking will be Mandatory From Today

IN the last 5 years Government Hallmarking Centres have increased by 25% and with the existing capabilities of certification Centers, the country has the potential to hallmark about 14 crore articles per year. Hallmarking on Gold jewelers & their related items set to become essential from Tuesday as the Government has already extended the deadline to June 1. Proper Committee which is headed by the Director of BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) will review the proper implementation of this policy.


A Sudden Decrease in the Retail Sales of May from Pre-COVID Levels

According to the reports of the Retailer Association of India (RAI), there is a 79% decline in the Retail Sales of May in comparison to the Pre-COVID levels in 2019. The major reason behind this fall is the lockdowns imposed in various states. Retailers across different parts of India showing disappointment due to the major reduction. In a Statement, RAI said that various states are likely to open the retail operations in a graded manner.


MOU has been signed Between Shipping & Civil Aviation Ministries

For Development of Sea Plane Services in India A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Ministry of Ports, Shipping & Waterways & Ministry of Civil Aviation. The Minsters of these portfolios were present at the time of Signing the Memorandum. Settling of this MoU is a historical step in the realization of seaplanes projects in India. The Memorandum emphasizes the Non-Scheduled & Scheduled operations of seaplane services in territorial Jurisdiction of India.


Exports Increased Again to USD 32.27

In May, India’s exports increased by 69.35% and reached 32.27 billion. The major reason behind this upsurge is the continuous growth in the sectors like Petroleum, Gems & Jewellery & Engineering but the Trade deficit is widening. India’s imports in May 2020 & May 2019 were at USD 22.2 billion & USD 46.68 billion respectively. The trade deficit in May 2020 was at USD 3.15 billion. The rise of exports are due to many reasons.


Telangana Farmers is Likely to get Rythu Bandhu Amount

According to the State Agricultural Minster, Nagaland has the highest number of beneficiaries and the Medchal-Malkajgiri is at the lowest. Under the Rythu Bandhu scheme, the State Agricultural Department has decided the disbursement of Funds to the farmers with investment support of Rs 5000 per acre of land. State Finance Minister has decided to facilitate the disbursement of funds faster. Reddy also thanked K. Chandrashekhar Rao


Latest PLI Scheme Revealed to Boost Drugs Manufacturing in the Country

Many drug manufacturers have applied through the application for starting a program of Rs15,000 crore worth started on Monday. Central Government has expanded the Performance linked Incentive (PLI) scheme to Pharmaceutical Sector for achieving self sufficiency in drugs. Once known as The “Pharmacy of the world” the Country faced many challenges during COVID waves due to the insufficiency of the Pharmaceutical sector. With great Manufacturing capacities, India is the Largest Producer of Genetic D


Major Reduction Witnessed in Equity Benchmarks ahead of US Fed policy

The outcomes of US Federal Reserve Policies led to the fall out of Sensex by 90 points on Wednesday. Nifty also fell by 23.55 points or 0.15%. The Sensex Heavyweights were PowerGrid which also fell by 1 % and it was followed by various giants like Dr Reddy’s, Titan, HDFC bank, Reliance Industries. The reduction is also witnessed in Shanghai & Hong Kong while Seoul was gaining with trade. The latest Federal Policy also affected the US equities.


Central Government Allocated 78,000 tonnes of FCI rice for Ethanol Making

To ensure enough supply of Ethanol for making E-20 fuels by 2023. The Center said that it has increased the Ethanol production by use of grains and allocated almost 78,000 tonnes of rice by State-Owned FCI. The government said that it has approved various facilities for performing the procedure. It is a great push for increasing the ethanol distillation by 2025 as the Administration is targeting 20% ethanol blending with petrol. Achieved target is 8.5%

Panasonic ac

PANASONIC Anti-COVID ACs Witnessed Huge Demand

PANASONIC INDIA, Well-Known Diversified company in Technological Industry introduced the latest range of Air Conditioners which is enabled with unique specialties for fighting the COVID virus. TEXCELL Laboratory France has Finalized the Air conditioners by proper Testing & Trials. According to the Departmental Head Air conditioners PANASONIC INDIA “Sales for our Latest Model gained major consumer attraction.” The Air Conditioners can eliminate the presence of various bacteria, Pollutants


Petrol & Diesel Prices Increased Again

On Wednesday prices of Petrol & Diesel prices increased again with a margin of 25 paise & 13 paise respectively. After one-day pause prices hiked again and this is the 25th hike in the prices of fuel. In Delhi petrol has reached Rs96.66 per liter and diesel comes at Rs87.28 per liter.In Mumbai petrol & Diesel came at Rs 102.82 & Rs94.84 respectively. The prices of petrol & Diesel are increasing day by day.

Jubilant Foodworks

Shares of Jubilant Foodworks Jumped in the Fourth Quarter

Shares of Jubilant Foodworks Limited increased by 5% after the company reported its consolidated Net Profit for Fourth Quarter ended March 2021. Jubilant Food works Limited which operates the brands like Dominos Pizzas & Dunkin Donuts is gaining a reputation in its domain. In a regulatory Filing, the Company said that it has witnessed a profit ofRs32.33 crore in January –March Quarter in 2021. JFL Board of Directors also decided about the dividends and the various recommendations.


India’s Exports Increased by 46% Between June 1 to June 14

India’s exports reached USD 14.06 billion from June 1 to June 14. According to the Preliminary analysis of Commerce Ministry, the main reason behind this increase is sudden improvements in Shipments of Engineering, Gems & Jewellery, Petroleum Products. Imports also came at 19.59 billion. Exports in the sectors like Engineering, Jems & Jewelry, Petroleum recorded a high growth rate which is giving momentum to exports. An increase in exports after the second wave is good.


Increase in the Subsidies for DAP

Union Cabinet took a major decision in Agriculture Sector to increase the subsidy Rs700 per bag For DAP Fertilizer, which is the second most well-known after urea among Indian Farmers. The main purpose behind this decision is to protect the farmers from its increasing prices which is the effect of the surge in prices of Raw materials Globally. It will lead to the burden of Rs14,775 crore to the Exchequer. The main target is Farmers Welfare.


Indian Economy Started to Gain Momentum

The week ended June 13 at least the third consecutive week in which Economic Activities sequentially gained Momentum. According to the Data, the Indian Economy started to regain momentum in June but the decline of the Consumer Sentiment is likely to affect the process of Indian Economic Recovery. Unlocking procedures of different states started to increase the Economic Activities at the state level and it will facilitate the easy recovery process.


Satya Nadella will be the New Chairman of Microsoft Corp

On Wednesday Microsoft Corp named its CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Satya Nadella as the new Chairman in place of John Thompson. In 2014 Satya Nadella took the premier position of CEO and contributed a lot to the expansion of the business and billion-dollar acquisitions like Linkedin, Nuance Communications & Zenimax. The top-level changes in the Giant come up after Bill Gates left the Board and emphasized the Philanthropic work of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


There is a Decrease in Rupee against US Dollar

The United States Federal Reserve Policy Announcement affected the Value of the Rupee in the International Market against Us Dollar and it slipped by 1 paise and reached 73.32 against the US Dollar. The loss of The Rupee in the International Market is the main effect of sudden policy Announcements by the Federal Reserve. It also affected the Stock Market Indices like Sensex & Nifty and these indices witnessed a major decrease in the value.


Repair & Prepare the Infrastructure: PM

As Indian is emerging from Devastating & Deadly Second wave of COVID 19 Honourable Prime Minister of India said that it is time for Repairing & Preparing of Health Infrastructure & Economic Scenario. As we know the poor hit hard from the Second Wave so the Government revealed the Free Food Subsidy programs and additional measures with Fiscal stimulus for the affected sectors. He said that over the past years India witnessed major destruction.


NPPA Advised Reduction in the Prices of drugs

NPPA, the Drug Pricing regulator of the Country asked Various Pharmaceutical Companies & makers of medical devices to reduce the prices of products as the Government lowered the GST for the welfare of the Consumers. NPPA (National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority) declared the notification and said that the lowering of the GST by the Government has an impact on the Maximum Retail prices (MRP) of the Drugs & various Formulations. DPCO Notice suggest that it consists of taxes.


There is an Increase in India’s Fuel Demand in June

In June India’s Fuel Demand has regained Momentum as the unlocking procedure of the Different states helped in increasing the sales but consumption is still downward. According to Data Compiled by the State Fuel retailers, Petrol sales have been increased by 13% while diesel consumption was at 12%. Fuel Demand becomes normal in March 2021 but the sudden onset of the virus has affected the sector to a great extent. It is good for recovery process.


Center is planning for Operationalization of Mining Projects

Central Government is planning for faster green clearances for operationalization of Mining projects including coal. It is the urgent need of the sector as Mining Projects in different states find it very difficult for clearances such as Forest & Environment Department. For faster Environment Clearance & Forest Clearance Ministry of Environment & Forest is doing relentless work. According to the Higher Officials of the Ministry EC & FC clearances can be easily resolved faster.


PLI Scheme Will Help Make India Aatmanirbhar in API

According to the research agency ICRA, the Central Government Production Linked Incentive Scheme for major raw materials for Drugs & other Formulations with a stimulus of Rs210 million will be instrumental in Making the Country Aatmanirbhar. According to press notes, the PLI scheme will lead to the declination of import dependence and it will increase the domestic production of High-value products. Some pharmaceutical products also need R & D investment proper research & patents.


Decrease in the Number of Passengers: DGCA

According to DGCA Private carriers like Indigo carried almost 1.6 million passengers in May & Spice Jet carried 1,99,000 passengers in the same period. As far as the Market share is concerned INDIGO & SPICEJET accounted for the market share of 55% & 9.4% respectively. In May only 2.1 million people travelled by air which is 63% less in comparison to April. The reduction in the number of passengers traveling came when Country is Battling COVID.


Downfall Witnessed in Khadi Sales

According to the MSME ministry, Khadi Industries were severely affected by the COVID 19-second wave as Spinning & Weaving industries were affected all over the country. COVID 19 second wave hit the KHADI sector to a great extent as Spinning & weaving are the backbones of the Khadi industry and these are necessary for their overall growth. Reduction happened in both production & sales and lead to the overall contraction of the sector.


Adani Group Hit Hard

According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Gautam Adani is losing money continuously as his Personal Finances are plunging. After the release of the Media reports Gautam Adani's rankings in The Global wealth index are reducing and his image has dented. Adani Group shares are decreasing day by day and some days before the shares are competing in the stock markets with the top giants. Indian National Share Depository Frozen the accounts of three Mauritius Based Funds.


State-Run Oil companies Raised Prices

Latest Hike has increased the prices of Petrol & Diesel by Rs 6.53 per liter & Rs 6.96 per liter across the country. The main question is that International Oil prices are going down but there is no action taken by the Government as well as Indian oil Companies for a price reduction. Prices are going up simultaneously without any break in different Indian states. Brent Crude oil also witnessed the fall and came at $72.42.

 Pension & Pensioners Welfare

Second Vaccination Camp was Organized by the Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare

For Protecting Staffs & Officers from COVID 19, Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare organized their Second Vaccination Camp. During this Camp Officers, Staffs & Their Family members in the age group of 18 -44 were administered with COVIDSHIELD vaccine. The Department has released the safety guidelines in view for the protection of their employees and their family members. Dr. Jitendra Singh was present at the occasion and various officers of the department guided the process.

Gram Panchayat

The government will Allocate Separate Funds for Gram Panchayat: CM Gehlot

CM Ashok Gehlot” Government will provide Additional funds for Development of Gram Panchayats which are performing the Task of vaccination effectively. CM ordered the officials to encourage the people in ramping up the vaccination process. Gehlot addressed through Video Conferencing and said that participation should be increased in the vaccination process up to ward level, Social Org. like NCC, NSS, etc. Influencers should take the responsibility of increasing awareness about the vaccine.

Power Grid

Consolidated Profit of PowerGrid Crossed Rs12K Crore

(PowerGrid) recently posted a profit of Rs40,824 crore & Profit after tax is Rs 12,036 crore on the consolidated basis ended March 31, 2021. It has witnessed a growth rate of 6% & 9% respectively. Increase in profit of PowerGrid is due to many reasons and the profits are booming simultaneously. During the Financial year 2020-21, the Company incurred the Capital Expenditure of 11,284 crores and gained assets of 21,467 crore.


Exemption of GST Take Place in the Supply of Food to Pre-Schools, Aanganwadis & Mid-Day Meals

CBIC said that Food supplied to Pre-Schools, Aanganwadis & Mid-Day meals will be exempted from GST. CBIC released a clarification notice after its 43rd meeting which was held on May 28 that there will be no GST on the Food supplied to the Aanganwadis, Mid-Day meal & pre-schools. Services provided to the Educational institution by way of serving food are exempted from GST irrespective of Government Grants & Corporate Donations.

Tiger Reserve

BharatPe is Likely to Raise $250mn Led by Tiger Reserve

BharatPe, Fintech Major made a record in March this year with 106 million monthly transactions in UPI (United Payment Interface). According to reports, FinTech Giant will raise $250 million in the next funding round initiated by Tiger Global. Fresh Funding of capital will lead the valuation of the Company up to $250 million. The company raised 50 crores in debt from Northern Arc Capital, a Digital Debt Finance Platform.


Increase in Retail Inflation Witnessed in May

Due to the increase in prices of certain food items Retail inflation for farm & rural workers increased by 2.94% & 3.12% respectively. According to the statement released by the Labour Ministry, the point-to-point rate of inflation based on CPI-AL (Consumer Price Index For Agricultural Labourers) & CPI-RL(Consumer Price Index For Rural Labourers) reached 2.94% & 3.12% respectively. All India CPI-Al & CPI-RL increased at a noticeable margin in the month of May.


Rupee breaks its Silence in International Market

On Friday Rupee increased by 22 paise and reached 73.86 against the US Dollar which is due to the increasing momentum in Asian Currencies and reduction in prices of International Crude Oil. Domestic Currency lost 128 paise due to the continuous reduction in eight consecutive sessions. According to HDFC Securities” Aggressive Dollar selling of few banks and the IPO (Initial Public Offering), related capital inflows strengthened rupee.


India’s Forex Reserve Increased Crossed the Border of $3Bilion

India’s Forex reserves rise by $3.074 billion in the week ended. According to a weekly supplement published by RBI, it increased by $608.081. India’s Forex reserves consist of many things like Foreign Currency Assets (FCAs), Gold Reserves, Special Drawing Rights (SDR), and the situation of the Country’s reserves with IMF (International Monetary Fund). Simultaneous rise in the FCA also triggered the increase of Foreign Currency Assets. It is good for the Indian Economy.


Women Become a Majority in Global Workforce

According to the survey women now become 41% of the Global supply workforce in 2021 which is 2% higher than the last year. But 54% of the surveyors said that retaining mid-career women is a bigger challenge. Leaving the job is the main consequence of the Lack of job opportunities for Mid-Career women. Women are in various positions of the company expecting a minor decline in positions of executive level.

 Punjab & Haryana

Demand Increases for Products Made in Punjab & Haryana

On Saturday Amazon India said that the products made in Punjab & Haryana like Hosiery, Sports, Goods & others become the source of the major attraction for Global customers and the demand for these products are booming. According to the company the Flagship Program of “E-Commerce” is instrumental in increasing the participation of MSME (Micro Small & Medium Industries). The export program of the company is playing a major role in expanding the businesses.


India’s FY22 GDP is Likely to Grow at 8.7%

According to a report released by Motilal Oswal Financial services India’s GDP is likely to grow at 8.7% in Fiscal year 2022. According to the company we have revised our estimation due to the attack of the deadly COVID wave. The increase in Nominal GDP growth is likely to remain moderate in 2022-2023. GDP Deflator is more related to WPI (Wholesale Price Index) over the CPI (Consumer Price Index). The projection is based on extensive research.


NTPC comes in the List of top 50 Great Place

According to a report released by Great Place to Work Institute Giant NTPC has been recognized as “Great Place to Work”. NTPC Giant PSU is simultaneously coming into India’s top 50 workplaces. This year is great for NTPC as it came 38th this year in comparison to the 47th rank of last year. GPTW consists of the various factors in determining the best workplaces like the Company’s People, Profiles & various approaches.

Air India

Air India is in Pressure

According to the Government sources the time period of Air India to challenge the lawsuit filed by Britain’s cairn Agency PLC which has a provision that the US federal court forced the Airline Authorities to pay USD 1.26 billion. Indian Government had won this case in December. As we know that Air India is controlled by the Indian Government. The court said the company is liable for the Arbitration award.

IMF Proposed the setting of an International Price Floor

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has settled an international carbon price floor help in limiting the global warming and achieved low carbon growth over the decade. According to Managing Director of the IMF International increase in prices of the carbon lead to innovation & transition for the renewable energy and cleaning mobility. IMF staff is publishing the proposals on how to tackle the problem of international price floor and how it affects the goal of low carbon transition

Shopping Mall

Shopping Malls and Restaurants will Open in UP Today

As the government announces further relaxation of the policy, extending market hours from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays, and allowing full attendance in government offices, restaurants and shopping malls across the state will begin operations on Monday. However, the guidelines issued by Chief Secretary RK Tiwari late on Saturday night clearly stated that in areas where the number of active cases exceeds 500, all relaxation measures will be immediately cancelled.


Petrol Broke 97 Rupees in Delhi, and Diesel was Close to 88 Rupees After Another Price Increase

Petroleum cost was climbed by 29 paise per litre and diesel by 28 paise, as per a value notice of state-possessed fuel retailers. The climb - 27th in seven weeks - pushed fuel costs the nation over to new noteworthy highs. In Delhi, petroleum hit an unequalled high of Rs 97.22 a liter, while diesel is currently evaluated at Rs 87.97 per litre. Fuel costs contrast from one state to another contingent upon the rate of neighbourhood assessments, for example, VAT and cargo charges.

Air India

Air India has Time Till Mid-July to Challenge Cairn Claim

Air India has time till mid-July to challenge the claim documented by Britain's Cairn Energy PLC requesting that a US federal court compel the aircraft to pay a $1.26 billion assertion grant it had won against the Indian Government in December last year, sources said. Cairn had said in the claim recorded with the US District Court for the Southern District of New York. The court should expect the aircraft organization to take responsibility for the assertion grant, the organization had said.

Amarnath ji

Amarnath Yatra Dropped because of the Covid Pandemic

The Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board on Monday dropped the yearly journey to the cavern altar of Amarnath situated at a height of around 13,000 feet in the South Kashmir locale of Anantnag in the wake of the overarching circumstance because of the Covid-19 pandemic. The yatra was booked to start on June 28. Lt-Governor Manoj Sinha, who is additionally the administrator of the Shrine board authoritatively declared the choice after having conversations with the individuals from the Shrine board


Reliance Retail Sector of RIL to be Next Growth Engine for the company said Goldman Sachs in a Report

The retail sector including e-commerce can be the growth engine for Mukesh Ambani's owned Reliance Industries Ltd. Goldman Sachs said in a report that with a potential for a 10x growth in pre-tax profit from the business over the next decade, retail including e-commerce will be the next growth engine for Reliance Industries Ltd.


Rupee Slips Down to 8-Week Low

The rupee on Monday drooped to its most minimal level in almost two months, shedding 24 paise to close at 74.10 to the US dollar as members turned careful catching unfamiliar asset outpourings after hawkish remarks from the US Federal Reserve. At the interbank forex market, the homegrown unit opened frail at 74.20 against the American cash, pared some underlying misfortunes, lastly shut down at 74.10, showing a fall of 24 paise over its past close.

Delta Plus

21 Detected with New Delta Plus Variant of Covid 19 in Maharashtra

Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope has said that twenty-one cases of the ''Delta plus'' variant of COVID-19, considered highly infectious, have been found in Maharashtra so far, the highest nine cases were reported in Ratnagiri, followed by seven in Jalgaon, two in Mumbai, and one case each in Palghar, Thane and Sindhudurg districts, Tope told reporters on Monday.


Gold up for Second Day Subsequent to Falling 4% last week; may hit Rs 48,000 one Week from Now

Gold rates in India attained for the second consecutive day on Tuesday, on the rear of positive worldwide trends exactly where a pullback in the dollar lifted call for the precious metal. On Multi Commodity Exchange, gold August fates had been exchanging Rs 97 or .21 percent up Rs 47,171 for each 10 grams, more than the past close of Rs 47,074 for every 10 grams.


Prices Rise Again to Reach all Time High, know the Prices

Following a day of delay, petroleum and diesel costs were climbed again by 25 to 28 paise on June 22, taking fuel costs the nation over to a noteworthy high, as indicated by a value notice by state-claimed fuel retailers. Petroleum cost hit an unsurpassed high of Rs 103.63 a litre in Mumbai, with an expansion of 27 paise from the earlier day cost of Rs 103.36 per litre. The city, on May 29, turned into the principal metro in the country where petroleum was being sold at over Rs 100-a-litre tag.

Jet Airways

Indices Exchange the Green, Nifty around 15,800; Jet Airways in Concentration

Sensex is up 177.62 points or 0.34% at 52752.08, and the Nifty added 74.30 points or 0.47% at 15820.80. Maruti Suzuki, UPL, and Shree Cements are the top gainers while Adani Ports, Adani Enterprises, and Reliance Industries are the most dynamic stocks. Auto, metal, and the PSU Bank list added a percent each while the midcap and small cap lists are likewise exchanging the green.

Skin Problem

Skin Problems after Vaccination Appeared

Dermatologists said that from fiery skin rashes to layered plaques, a few group have detailed skin-related difficulties subsequent to getting the Covid antibody, however up until now, the quantity of such cases is "little" and can't be straightforwardly associated. Fever, body throbs and shortcoming are normal responses to immunization. Specialists say that a few group whine of skin or other skin issues in the wake of getting the infusion.

JEE Main

JEE Mains Pending Sessions Likely in August, NEET 2021 to be Postponed to September

The source told the news agency PTI that even if the centre cancelled the CBSE board exam, taking into account the second wave of COVID pandemic, the Federal Ministry of Education still plans to hold the pending meeting of JEE Mains in July or August. In addition, the Ministry of Education also plans to postpone NEET 2021 to September.


Gold Metal Rises as US Fed will not raise rates; MCX silver also up

After US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell vowed not to raise interest rates too quickly, supported by positive global clues, India's gold price rose on Wednesday. On multiple commodity exchanges, August gold futures traded at 80 rupees, or 0.17%, to 47,091 rupees per 10 grams, compared with the previous day’s closing price of 47,011 rupees.

Delta Plus

The New Delta Plus Variant has been Detected in Jharkhand

In recent days, new coronaviruses such as Delta and Alpha in Jharkhand have infected 328 people. The state government has ordered samples of patients to be sent for genetic research within 48 hours after their deaths to help develop strategies to control their spread. Officials said on Tuesday.


India Online Business Rules Cast Cover Over Amazon, Walmart and Neighborhood Rivals

New Indian web-based business rules will raise costs for every single online retailer however especially Amazon and Walmart's Flipkart as they may need to survey their business structures, senior industry sources told Reuters. India's Ministry of Consumer Affairs illustrated plans on Monday which incorporate restricting "streak deals" by online retailers, getting control over a private mark push, convincing them to name consistence officials and force a "fall-back risk" if a vender is careless.


Kerala Government Reports Further Relaxations in Lockdown Rules

The Kerala government on Tuesday reported further relaxations in the lockdown guidelines, while forewarning the general population against a potential third influx of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new relaxations would become effective from Thursday, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan told a public interview here after an audit meeting. The Chief Minister said the spread of the illness in the state is on the decay.


IRDAI Permits Home Treatment as Extra Cover in Health Care Coverage

For all healthcare providers including independent wellbeing backup plans, IRDAI has said organizations need to record their items with it if home treatment is offered as an extra cover. According to IRDAI, homecare therapy is one taken at home for a disease that normally needs hospitalization also t a medical practitioner advised the insured home therapy; there is a nonstop continuous treatment of the patient being monitored by a medical practitioner during the extent of home treatment.


Fuel Cost Climbed Once More

Fuel costs expanded again the nation over on Tuesday adding more hopelessness for the average person previously wrestling with rising food costs in the midst of contracting pay. With the ascent, petroleum costs have arrived at near hitting the century mark all over the nation expanding the extent of noteworthy excessive costs that had effectively made the fuel rate cross the Rs 100/Litre mark in specific urban areas and towns of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh.


Sensex Bounces Over 200 pts in Early

The stock benchmark Sensex rose by more than 200 points in early trading on Thursday, tracking the gains of the major index companies Infosys, TCS, and HDFC Bank amidst the influx of foreign funds. The 30-share BSE index rose 216.23 points, or 0.41%, to 52,522.31 in initial trading. Similarly, the broader NSE Nifty rose 59.95 points, or 0.38%, to 15,746.90. TCS rose the most among the Sensex portfolio, followed by Tata Steel, L&T, Infosys, UltraTech Cement, ICICI Bank, SBI, and Axis Bank.


DOT Assigns 5G Spectrum Checking to MTNL

According to official sources, the Ministry of Telecommunications allocated spectrum for 5G field trials to the state-owned telecommunications company MTNL on Wednesday, with C-DoT as its technology partner. In May of this year, Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea obtained spectrum for 5G trials in specific cities in India. DoT has allocated spectrum to MTNL for use in Delhi's 5G trial. It will cooperate with C-DoT to conduct trials," an official source told PTI.


Moody's Slices India Development Foresee for 2021 to 9.6 pc

The Moody (US-based rating agency) said that high-frequency economic indicators show that the second wave of COVID-19 infections hit the Indian economy in April and May. It stated in a report on India that as states now relax restrictions, economic activity in MAY may mark a low point. It lowered India's growth forecast for the 2021 calendar year to 9.6% from a previous estimate of 13.9% and said that faster COVID vaccination is essential to limit economic losses to the June quarter.


Maharashtra Reports 10,066 New Cases, 163 Passings

Maharashtra set a record-breaking 555,000 vaccinations on Tuesday, the highest level in a day, as driving returned to over 18 years of age. Mumbai also repeated Monday’s feat, vaccinating more than 100,000 people for the second day in a row. The state reported 8,470 new cases and 188 deaths, bringing the total number of cases to 5.98 million. The state’s daily positive rate on Tuesday was 3.9%, and 8,470 new cases were added out of the 210,000 tests conducted.

Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett leaves Gates Foundation

Warren Buffett (The Oracle of Omaha) will resign as trustee of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Recently, Gates Couple announced that they would divorce after 27 years of marriage, but would carry on with the foundation together, which is one of the largest charitable organizations in the world. Gates was once the richest man in the world, and his wealth is estimated to exceed 100 billion USD.


India Records 54,069 New Instances of COVID-19, 1,321 Passings in a Day

According to data from the Union Ministry of Health of India on Thursday, India reported 54,069 new COVID-19 cases in a single day, bringing the total number of infections to 3,00,82,778, while another 1,321 deaths pushed the death toll to 3,91,981. The number of active cases has dropped to 6,27,057, accounting for 2.08% of the total number of infections. The data updated at 8 am shows that the national COVID-19 recovery rate has also increased to 96.61%.

 Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries Annual General Meeting Today

Mukesh Ambani-helmed Reliance Industries' 44th Annual General Meeting is going to be held today from 2 pm onwards. This year, thanks to restrictions due to COVID-19, the AGM is going to be held through video conferencing and other audio-visual means. Chairman Mukesh Ambani is predicted to form some major announcements including the country's first 5G phone, JioMart's grocery venture with WhatsApp, low-cost affordable laptop JioBook, and it's $15 billion affect Saudi Aramco.

Delta Plus

Delta Variants Pose the "Biggest Threat" to Covid-19 Work in the United States: Dr. Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a leading US infectious disease expert and chief medical adviser to the White House, warned that the highly contagious variant of the Coronavirus Delta is the “biggest intimidation” to the US trying to eradicate the epidemic. He told the White House Covid-19 Response Team briefing on Tuesday that this variant was first discovered in India and was more contagious than other transmission variants and caused more serious diseases.

Oxygen Cylinder

The SC Team Stated That the Delhi Government has Exaggerated the Oxygen Demand by 4 Times During the Second Peak of COVID.

The Supreme Court’s oxygen audit team submitted a report and stated that the Delhi government had exaggerated its oxygen demand four times during the second wave of COVID-19. The team is led by Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director of AIIMS, and includes Bhupinder Bhalla, Chief Home Secretary of the Delhi Government, Dr. Sandeep Buddhiraja, Director of Max Healthcare, and Subodh Yadav, Joint Secretary of the Joint Jal Shakti Department.

Air India

Air India Flew from Amritsar to Dubai With Only One Passenger

When S P Singh Oberoi, an Indian businessman based in the UAE, boarded an Air India flight from Amritsar to Dubai with an economy class ticket, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the entire plane belonged to him. An official said that Oberoi holds a golden visa and is allowed to live in the UAE for 10 years. He is the only passenger on the three-hour flight of the UAE national airline to Dubai.


NDMC Raises Licensing Fees For Various Industries

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has increased the annual fees for the grant and renewal of various trade licenses for 2021-22, including licenses for hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and dessert shops. However, the annual fee for small kiosks, stalls, dairy products stalls, water carts, etc. will not increase. The case of a five-star hotel," said a senior NDMC official.

JIO Next

JioPhone Next, Jointly Developed with Google, will Become the World's Most Affordable Smartphone

Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani said on Thursday that Jio and Google have jointly developed a powerful and affordable smartphone "JioPhone Next", which will be available on September 10. Ambani promises that JioPhone Next will become the most affordable smartphone in India and the world. At the Reliance Industries Co., Ltd. annual shareholder meeting, Ambani asserted that an ultra-affordable 4G smartphone is essential to India's 2G-MUKT (2G -free).


Delta Variants Have Been Reported in 85 Countries/regions Around the World: WHO

The Covid-19 weekly epidemiological update released by the World Health Organization (WHO) on June 22 stated that, globally, the variant Alpha has been reported in 170 countries, territories or regions, Beta in 119 countries, and Gamma in 71 countries. Delta is in 85 countries. Delta has now been reported in 85 countries around the world, and new countries in all WHO regions continue to report, 11 of which were newly reported in the past two weeks," the update said.


Tesla's Artificial Intelligence Chip is 180 Times More Powerful Than the F-35, the World's Most Powerful Fighter Jet: Research

The global electronics and automotive industries are facing severe supply chain disruptions, leading to a backlog of most manufacturers. This supply chain interruption is caused by a shortage of processor chips, which are as small as a coin but provide computing power for the smallest things (such as mobile phones and video games), and for the largest machines such as space rockets and airplanes.

Credit Card

West Bengal Cabinet Approves Student Credit Card Scheme

The West Bengal Cabinet on Thursday approved the student credit card program promised by the Trinamool Congress in its election manifesto, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said. With the help of a credit card, students can obtain a soft loan of up to Rs 1 million to continue their studies. The Cabinet endorsed the student credit card program. Anyone who has spent 10 years in West Bengal and want a loan for undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral study in India or abroad,”


Lioness Tested Positive for COVID-19 at Sri Lanka Zoo

According to media reports on Friday, a lioness in a zoo in Sri Lanka tested positive for the coronavirus. A lion in the same zoo was infected with the virus a few days ago. The Dehiwala Zoo Department said on Wednesday that a lioness named "Sheena" was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, which increased the number of animals infected with COVID-19 in the zoo to two.

Bullet Train

China Opens its First Bullet Train in Tibet Near the Indian Border

China opened its first fully electrified bullet train in the remote Himalayas of Tibet on Friday, connecting the provincial capital Lhasa with Nyingchi, a strategically important Tibetan border town close to Arunachal Pradesh. The Lhasa-Nyingchi section of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway is 435.5 kilometres long and opened on the eve of the Centennial Celebration of the Communist Party of China on July 1.


Gold Assets Decline, Foreign Exchange Reserves Decrease by 4 Billion U.S.D to 603.93 Billion U.S.D

Data released by the Reserve Bank of India on Friday showed that as of the week of June 18, due to the decline in gold and currency assets, India’s foreign exchange reserves fell from a historical high of US$4.148 billion to US$603.933 billion. In the last reporting week, Forex Kitten soared by US$3.074 billion, reaching a record of US$600.881 billion.


The Head of ICMR Said that More Data is Needed to Determine Whether Children can be Vaccinated

ICMR Director-General Dr. Balram Bharagava said on Friday that pregnant women can be vaccinated against COVID-19, but more data is needed to determine whether children can be vaccinated against the disease. "The Ministry of Health has already given guidelines for vaccinating pregnant women (anti-Covid vaccine). The head of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) was asked about the vaccinations of children and pregnant women.


Tamil Nadu Relaxes Covid Restrictions; Religious Places, Shopping Centers, and Shops Open

Although its daily Covid-19 count is still well above the 5,000 marks, and the Delta Plus variant threatens the third wave, the Govt. of Tamil Nadu eased the lock-in rules on Friday because it relaxes outdoor activities. According to the latest state notice, the existing restrictions have been extended to July 5, but citizens of Chennai and neighbouring areas have many relaxation measures. Shopping centres, places of worship, clothing and jewellery stores, and gyms are open for business.

Delta Plus

Delta Plus variant: The Government Requires 8 States and UT to Take Immediate Containment Measures

The Ministry of Health on Friday urged 8 states and union territories to take immediate containment measures, including preventing crowds, conducting extensive testing, and prioritizing increased vaccine coverage in areas where the Delta Plus variant has been found. These measures were addressed by the Federal Minister of Health Rajesh Bhushan to Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu, and Kashmir, Gujarat, and Haryana. Proposed in a letter from.


Record of Immunization Against Covid-19 2.1 Lakhs

A record 210,034 doses of the anti-Covid-19 vaccine were vaccinated in Chhattisgarh on Wednesday. This is the highest single-day record in the state since the pandemic began. According to Dr. Priyanka Shukla, the node officer in charge of Covid vaccination, vaccination was carried out in 4,191 locations. She said that on June 24, a total of 158,191 doses of anti-coronavirus vaccine were given to people aged 18-44 in Chhattisgarh.


Starting From June 28th, the Covid Vaccine Must be Injected at Least Once When Entering Public Places in Rajasthan

On Saturday, the Rajasthan government stipulated that from June 28, people must receive at least one dose of the vaccine to enter public places. The Gehlot administration made this provision and the new guidelines stipulate that government offices can now be open until 6 pm, and companies whose employees have been vaccinated can open another 3 hours to 7 pm. Religious places will be opened conditionally, and the marriage hall will be opened to hold marriage events from July 1.

Gandhi Hospital

Gandhi Hospital Performed 500 Mucormycosis Operations

Nearly a month and a half after the outbreak of mucormycosis in the state, Gandhi Hospital completed nearly 500 operations on Saturday to treat the infection. The hospital has a team of doctors from different specialties—ophthalmology surgeons, plastic surgeons, dentists, and neurosurgeons—who work together to treat patients.


Karnataka 4,272 Cases of New Covid Cases, 115 Deaths

Karnataka reported 4,272 new Covid-19 cases and 115 deaths on Saturday, bringing the total number of infections to 28,31,026 and the death toll to 34,654. A further 6,126 people were discharged that day, continuing to exceed new cases, bringing the state's total recovery so far to 26,91,123. Bangalore City accounted for 955 cases. 1,174 people were discharged from hospitals and 16 people died in the city.

Gold Medal

Tamil Nadu CM Announces a Cash Prize of Rs 3 crore for Athletes who Won Gold Medals at the Tokyo Olympics

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M.K. Stalin, announced that it will provide a cash prize of Rs 3 crore for the athletes who won gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics, which began on July 23. The Chief Minister announced the news at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on Saturday, while addressing athletes and athletes at the special Covid vaccination camp held for them. He said that the silver medalist will receive a cash prize of 20 crore rupees and the bronze medalist will receive 1 crore rupees.


New 50,000 Covid Cases in India, 1,258 Deaths Within 24 Hours

According to data released by the Federal Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on Sunday, India reported 50,040 new Covid-19 cases, slightly higher than Saturday, with 1,258 deaths in the past 24 hours. As India surpassed 30 million Covid cases on Wednesday, the total number of cases rose to 3,02,33,183. This is the tenth consecutive day in the past two months that the death toll has fallen below the 2,000 mark.


Delhi Petrol Rose by 35 paise per Litre for the Second Day in a Row, Chennai Was Close to 100 Rupees

Gasoline prices in the capital rose by 35 paise per litre for the second consecutive day, reaching 98.46 rupees per litre. Similarly, fuel prices in other major cities have continued to rise, with gasoline in Chennai priced at 99.49 rupees per litre. In Mumbai and Kolkata, the price of fuel is 104.56 rupees and 98.30 rupees per litre, respectively.


Twitter Will Finally Allow Users to Log in With their Google Account

Many applications allow users to log in with their Google account to save the time and effort of manual registration. However, the Weibo website Twitter does not allow users to log in through their Google account. However, based on a recent discovery, Twitter now seems to be working on this feature. Reverse engineer Jane Wong discovered that Twitter is considering enabling Google login on its application.


Manu-Saurabh Won the 10m Air Pistol Mixed Team Silver Medal

On Saturday, the Indian duo of Saurabh Chaudhary and Manu Bhaker continued their impressive match, winning the silver medal in the 10m air pistol mixed team competition of the ISSF Shooting World Cup. Won five gold medals in the previous version, this is the sixth 10m air pistol hybrid World Cup medal for the duo in the trot. The Indian team fought hard, equalizing from 6-12 to 12-12, and then losing to Russia's Vitalina Basarashkin 12-16 in the last two series and Artem Chernosov.

Kanika Layak

Kanika Layak (Ace shooter) from Jharkhand Gets a New Rifle for Practice from Bollywood actor Sonu Sood

On Saturday, Kanika Layak, a female Ace shooter in Jharkhand, received a new rifle for practice from Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, and her dream came true. In March, when some of her friends tweeted Sood and asked her to provide the same thing, Sood promised to give her a rifle. Imported from Germany and handed to her at the female shooter residence by the representative of Sood. The actor also talked to Layak in a video call and asked for more and more medals for the country.

Delta Plus

Due to Concerns About the Delta Plus Variant, the Maha Region will Resume Restrictions From Today

According to reports, the Delta Plus variant, which is more spread across the state, has now adopted Level 3 as the basic limit for Covid-19 restrictions. The first two levels have the greatest slack and have been removed until there are more orders. Starting today, many areas in Maharashtra will cancel the relaxation measures and implement further restrictions.


NTPC's Goal is to Achieve 60 GW of Renewable Energy Capacity by 2032

State-owned power giant NTPC said on Sunday that it has set a goal of installing 60 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy (RE) capacity by 2032. NTPC has become India's first energy company to announce its energy contract targets, as the United Nations High Commission for a statement, Level Energy Dialogue (HLDE). The country's largest electricity producer also plans to reduce net energy intensity by 10% by 2032.


India Has Recorded 46,148 New Covid-19 Cases, Which is Lower Than Yesterday; the Death Toll Has Dropped to 979

This number is slightly lower than Sunday when the country reported 50,040 new infections and 1,258 new deaths. According to data from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India on Monday reported 46,148 coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases and 979 deaths in the past 24 hours. This number is slightly lower than Sunday when the country reported 50,040 new infections and 1,258 new deaths.

Dead Fish

Declining Oxygen Levels Cause Hundreds of Fish Deaths in the Guwahati Pond

Assam Fisheries Minister Parimal Suklabaidya said on Sunday that the depletion of dissolved oxygen levels in ponds due to environmental degradation has claimed the lives of hundreds of fishes in Dighalipukhuri on Guwahati Island. Since Saturday night, a large number of dead fish have been found floating in the water body, and then the minister has directed his department officials to visit the site and determine the exact cause.


Red face: IBBI releases PAN and Aadhaar Information

The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) “unintentionally” published on its website the Aadhaar and PAN details of creditors (including workers) of some companies that are undergoing settlement procedures. A senior official said that because the regulator is working on a test project to custody information about creditors of companies that are undergoing Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (CIRP) and liquidation, the details have entered the public domain "inadvertently".

Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon

MCG will Launch a Web Portal for Public Appeals

The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) will soon launch an online portal to resolve complaints and have time to meet with the municipal commissioner. The name of the portal has been proposed by the commissioner as "MCG". In this regard, MCG Commissioner Mukesh Kumar Ahuja held a meeting with IT Wing officials on Monday and provided the necessary guidelines and recommendations for preparing the portal.

Covid Cases

India Adds 37,566 New Cases, Daily Covid-19 Cases Drop Again

The latest news from the Ministry shows that the total number of Covid-19 in the country is now 30,316,897, and the death toll has reached 397,637. According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, India reported 37,566 new coronavirus disease (Covid-19) infections on Tuesday, and 907 people have died in the past 24 hours. The country’s new Covid-19 cases are lower than the data reported on Monday when 46,148 new infections were recorded in the past 24 hours.


A Fire Broke Out in the OT of the AIIMS Emergency Ward

On Monday, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and Safdarjung Hospital reported the fire accident. On Monday morning, a fire broke out in a room near the operating room of the AIIMS emergency department. No one was injured. According to Atul Garg, director of the Delhi Fire Service (DFS), he received a call at 5:04 in the morning saying that there was a fire in the emergency room operating room (OT) and rushed to AIIMS for seven fire protection bids.

Cricket Career

India Captain Mithali Raj Set the World Record for the Longest Cricket Career

The captain of the Indian women's cricket team, Mithali Raj, accomplished the inspiring feat of her cricket career for more than 22 years. What's more admirable is that in their career, no one can compare with her. Compared with men's cricket, only Sachin Tendulkar can cross the 22-year mark. The Indian women's cricket team is currently participating in the trio ODI and T20 series against England.


Successful Test Launch of Advanced Nuclear Energy "Agni"

India successfully runs testing of a new variant of its nuclear-capable Agni ballistic missile on Monday. The missile has a range of 1,000 km to 2,000 km and will provide the armed forces with operational flexibility. The missile named Agni Prime was designed and manufactured by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). It was successfully tested after being launched from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Island off the coast of Balasore, Odisha at 10:55 am.

Char Dham Yatra

Despite HC Holdings, Uttarakhand Issued New Covid Guidelines for Char Dham Yatra

In view of Covid-19 and insufficient health preparations, the High Court made this decision. It asked the government to submit the affidavit again by July 7. The Uttarakhand government issued new guidelines for the Char Dham pilgrimage because it decided to start the first phase of the pilgrimage from July 1st and the second phase from July 11th, despite the high court banning the pilgrimage this year.


Another 19,041 Rupees For Rural Broadband

The government allocated an additional Rs 19,041 crore on Monday to provide broadband connections in all villages under the Bharat Net Project. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on August 15, 2020, that all villages will have broadband connections within 1,000 days. In announcing the stimulus measures for various sectors, FM Nirmala Sitharaman said that an additional 19,041 crore is being provided to cash in that all villages will have broadband connections within 1,000 days from 2020 promi

Black Fungus

To date, India Has Reported 40,845 Black Fungus Cases in the Second Wave of Covid

So far, in the second wave of coronavirus epidemics, India has reported 40,845 cases of mucormycosis or black fungus, of which nearly 85% have occurred in patients infected with the coronavirus. Fungal diseases have claimed 3,129 lives. On Monday, Union Minister of Health Harsh Vardhan shared the data at a meeting of the Covid Ministerial Group. Since April, mucor infections have soared across the country.

maharashtra Slums

The Health Department Focuses on Vaccinations in Gurgaon Slums

In respect of dealing with the Covid-19 infection in Gurugram, the regional health department decided to deploy a mobile vaccine vehicle for the slum areas of the region. According to the plan, from July 1st to July 9th, drugs will be administered via mobile trucks in slums. Gurugram Civil Surgeon Dr. Virender Yadav informed that a nine-day plan has been drawn up to introduce the new coronavirus vaccine in slums.

 Niti Aayog

Mr. Kant Receives a 1-year Service Extension as CEO of Niti Aayog

Kant was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of the Public Policy Think Tank in 2016 for a two-year term, which was extended to June 30, 2019. It was then extended for another two years until June 30 this year. The center has extended the term of office of Amitabh Kant, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the National Institution for Transforming India (NITI Aayog), India for one year until June 2022.


Fauci's Research Institute Supports Covaxin to Fund its Efficacy Enhancers

Covaxin is one of the two most popular Covid-19 vaccines in India, together with AstraZeneca’s Covishield. Although it is waiting for the results of phase 3 clinical trials, it has been authorized for emergency use. A top US Institute for Infectious Diseases said on Tuesday that the research it funded led to the development of a chemical that can improve the efficacy of Bharat Biotech’s Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin, which has shown that the vaccine can effectively neutralize SARS -CoV-2.

Covid Cases

Maha Covid Death Toll Drops to 231

On Tuesday, the daily number of Covid-19 deaths in Maharashtra fell to 231, and the number of infections remained relatively low at 8,085, although 8,623 patients in the state’s hospitals were discharged after a full recovery. The state recorded 287 deaths and 6,727 infections the day after, the daily death toll dropped further to 231, while the number of infections increased by 1,358. It is important enough that for the first time in two months, there are no “old and missing” death reports.


The Main Market Laxmi Nagar Delhi is Closed Until July 5 Due to a Violation of Covid Regulations

Officials said on Wednesday that the East Delhi Regional Government had closed the Laxmi Nagar main market and some nearby markets until July 5th due to violations of the Covid agreement. In an order issued on Tuesday, Sonika Singh, chairman of the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (Eastern District), stated that the market association and shopkeepers of the main bazaar Laxmi Nagar “cannot secure the Covid agreement (Compliance) due to the high passenger flow".

Blood Cells

Study Says New Coronavirus Infection Changes Blood Cells

A new study shows that coronavirus infection can change the biomechanical properties of red blood cells and white blood cells, which in some cases lasts for several months. It may be that Covid survivors will suffer for months even after clearing the life-threatening infection. s reason. Their pain is varied, including shortness of breath, fatigue, and headaches.


After the Complaint, Google Deleted 59,350 Pieces of Content in April

After receiving more than 27,700 complaints from individual users in India, Google removed approximately 59,350 pieces of content from its social media platforms in April. In the first monthly transparency report released under the new social media and intermediary guidelines, Google stated that approximately 96.2% or 26,707 such complaints were related to copyright issues; followed by trademarks, defamation, other legal issues, counterfeiting, and circumvention.


700 million User Data Security: LinkedIn

Professional social platform LinkedIn denied that the data of its 700 million users was compromised by hacker attacks. LinkedIn said in a statement that private member data has not been leaked. LinkedIn has issued a statement in several reports claiming that more than 700 million (92%) of its 756 million users' data was exposed in a new violation. User data is sold on the dark web along with 1 million "samples" of potential customers.


The Atmosphere in Kerala is Not Conducive to Doing Business: Kitex

As commercial companies that signed a memorandum of understanding with the state government announced their decision to withdraw from the project, a major industrialization movement that was supposed to create 35,000 jobs in Kerala over the next three years suffered a setback on Tuesday. Kitex, the leading business group in Ernakulam District, announced on Tuesday that the state's environment is not conducive to business operations.

Vodafone , Idea

Vodafone Idea’s Auditors Expressed Concern About its "Going Concern" Status

As Vodafone Idea reported a net loss of Rs 6,985.1 crore for the quarter from January to March, the company’s auditors raised concerns about its survival as a “going concern”. The company stated in its financial performance statement for the 21st fiscal year and the fourth quarter of the previous fiscal year that the group had a loss of 44,233.1 crores for the year ended March 31, and net assets were negative.

Power Grid

Peak Power Demand Exceeds 7,000 MW

At 3:30 pm on Thursday, Delhi's peak power demand reached the highest point of the quarter of 7,026 MW. A senior BSES official stated that this was only the third year in Delhi's history that peak power demand exceeded 7,000 megawatts. "In 2018, peak power demand was more than 7,000 MW for the first time, reaching 7,016 MW. In 2019, it peaked at 7,409 MW," he said.


Exports From April to June Increased to 95 Billion U.S. Dollars: Goyal

Minister of Commerce and Industry Piyush Goyal said on Friday that due to the healthy growth of industries such as engineering, rice, oil, and seafood, exports in the June quarter of this year jumped to US$95 billion. He told reporters here that the value of merchandise exports from April to June 2018-19 was USD 82 billion, and the value of merchandise exports in the last quarter of 2020-21 was US$90 billion.


Since the Peak of the Second Wave, Covid Cases Have Dropped by 86%, But Don’t Let Your Guard Down: Ministry of Health

The Federal Ministry of Health said on Friday that since the second wave of the pandemic reached its peak in the country, the number of Covid cases in India has fallen by 86%, but people should not relax their vigilance. Lav Agarwal, joint secretary of the Ministry of Health, said at a press conference: “With the continued attention of clinical management, the recovery rate was 81.1% on May 3 and is now about 97%.”

Sustainable Society

A Big Step Towards a Sustainable Society

On Friday, stakeholders emphasized the importance of students’ socio-emotional learning and praised the Delhi government’s "happiness course", saying that the course is an important step towards building a sustainable society. On the third anniversary of the "Happiness Program" in public schools, Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, Director of the DOE Udit Prakash, students, their families, and teachers shared their experiences in the positive transformation of students.


"Both Vaccine Doses are Guaranteed to be 98% Effective Against Covid Deaths"

Niti Aayog member (Health) VK Paul quoted a study of Punjab police conducted by the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) on Friday, saying that both vaccines can provide at least 98% protection against Covid-19 death. A total of 42,720 police officers received two doses of vaccine, of which 2 died, equivalent to 0.05‰, and 35,856 police officers received one dose.


The Government Extends the Retirement Age of the Chairman of LIC to 62

The government passed the amendment to the Indian Life Insurance Company (Employee) Regulations of 1960 to extend the retirement age of the chairman of the LIC bound by the IPO to 62 years old. The changes in the rules will be referred to as the Indian Life Insurance Company (Staff) Revised Rules 2021, based on a government notice dated June 30, 2021.


Although Covishield is Approved, Travel to Europe is Still Uncertain

Although 10 EU countries have accepted Covishield as a certificate of exemption to enter these countries, those worried about future travel plans to Europe will have to wait for the resumption of international flights. Germany is the only country that has signed a bilateral bubble agreement with India, but it has not lifted the travel ban on people from India.


Johnson's Single Vax Effectively Fights Against the Delta Variant

According to the results of the Phase III trial, Johnson & Johnson's single-dose Covid vaccine has shown strong neutralizing antibody activity against the Delta (B16172) variant, and the immunity lasts for at least eight months. The Phase III trial submitted to the bioRxiv preprint showed that the vaccine is consistently effective in all regions of the global study, including South Africa and Brazil, which are during the study period.


Attaining Magical Zero no. in Covid Cases in this City

The number of Covid-19 cases may be steadily declining, but with the mutation of the virus, it is unlikely that the magical zero number will be achieved in Delhi. Experts said and predict that the coronavirus will be reduced to an endemic epidemic in the future. The centre, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, and his cabinet colleague Satyendar Jain said last year that people must learn to deal with the coronavirus and make preventive norms part of our lives.


Maharashtra Has Vaccinated with 7.85 L at Maha on Saturday

On Saturday, a record 785,000 people across Maharashtra were vaccinated with Covid-10, although the number of daily pandemic infections rose to 9,489 and the death toll jumped to 371. Maharashtra broke its previous record of 7,38,704 vaccinations on June 26, setting another record, vaccinating people across the state with as many as 5,311 doses of COVID-19 vaccine.


From July 5th, Restaurants May be Allowed to Open at 50% Capacity: Goa CM

Pramod Sawant, Goa's chief minister, said on Saturday that the Goa government is considering allowing restaurants to operate at 50% capacity as soon as possible. "We have announced that the salon may be open (from July 5). We are also considering a 50% reduction for (restaurants)," Sawant told reporters here, adding that the exact details are being worked out soon will be announced.

Blood Disease

Good News for Patients with "Blood Disease"!

For people with blood diseases such as sickle cell Anemia and thalassemia, the good news is that for the first time, a group of researchers used CRISPR-Cas9 technology to successfully edit the genes of patients with severe red blood cell congenital diseases. The advantage of this method is that it uses the patient's cells, or in other words, modifies the DNA of the patient's blood cells. Donors are not required. The research was printed in the New England Journal of Medicine.


The MP Price of Diesel is 100 Rupees; The Latest State of Sikkim Sees 100 Rupees per Liter of Petrol

On Sunday, the price of diesel in some parts of Madhya Pradesh exceeded the 100 rupees per liter mark, and Sikkim became the latest state to see a petrol price of 100 rupees per liter after the fuel price rose again. According to the price notification from the state-owned fuel retailer, the price of gasoline increased by 35 paise per liter, and the price of diesel increased by 18 paise per liter.


The Delhi Government Sets a Target of Meeting 8,500 MW Demand Next Year

After achieving the target demand during the peak period of this summer, the Delhi government has set a goal to meet the power supply of 7,323 MW next year to exceed 8,500 MV. During the peak of domestic electricity demand in the capital, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held a meeting with officials from the distribution company and the power sector.

Ranji Trophy

Ranji Trophy Starts on November 16th

BCCI announced on Saturday the domestic cricket calendar for the 2021-22 season, which will be played in domestic competitions of all ages. The coveted Ranji Trophy will begin on November 16, which is scheduled for 2127 matches. Of a major event. Last season, BCCI was unable to host any age group competitions and was forced to cancel the Ranji trophy due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Small Families

The Government Wants to Communicate the Message of "Small Families"

In order to speed up efforts to raise awareness of population control, the Yogi Adityanath government decided to spread the message "Do Bachche Hi Achhe" at people's doorsteps. In order to implement the plan, the state government will organize a "population stabilization biweekly" event on the occasion of World Population Day on July 11. The National Health Mission has completed all preparations for this special and large-scale sport.


The Government Has Set Up Two Other Coronavirus Vaccination Facilities In Hyderabad And Pune.

The government said on Sunday that it has set up two other vaccine testing facilities in Pune and Hyderabad. New laboratories for vaccine batch testing and quality control are in the process of getting ready as the Central Drug Laboratory (CDL) at the National Center for Cell Science (NCCS) in Pune and the National Institute of Animal Biotechnology (NIAB) in Hyderabad. These facilities are expected to test about 60 batches of vaccines each month.


Businesses Do Not Have To Deduct TDS For Stocks And Commodities Traded On Exchanges

To simplify doing business, the new guidelines instruct companies to purchase stocks or commodities that are traded through approved exchanges without deducting TDS from their transactions. The Central Direct Taxation Commission (CBDT) has implemented a regulation related to tax deduction at source (TDS), which applies to businesses with a turnover of more than Rs. 10 crores.


IP Accelerator Program In India Has Launched By Amazon To Help Companies Protect Trademarks

E-commerce giant Amazon announced on Sunday that it has launched its IP Accelerator program in India to provide sellers (also brand owners) with the services of intellectual property experts and law firms. According to a statement, these sellers, including small and medium-sized sellers, can choose to cooperate with these intellectual property law firms to help protect trademarks, protect their brands, and resolve infringement issues on and Amazon websites worldwide.

flexible Fuel Vehicles

The Government May Issue Guidelines For "Flexible Fuel Vehicles" Before October

Automobile companies may soon be required to manufacture passenger cars and commercial vehicles with multiple fuel configurations, aimed at reducing the use of polluting fossil fuels and reducing harmful emissions. It is expected that the new guidelines for the use of flexible fuel vehicles (FFV) will be released in the third quarter of this year (FY22), which will specify the engine configuration and other changes required for the vehicle to comply with the required fuel mix changes.

Late Payment

New Regulations For Charging Interest On Overdue Time Deposits

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has revised the specification under which the bank’s unclaimed fixed deposit (TD) maturity income will attract the interest rate applicable to the savings account or the agreed interest rate of the maturing TD, at any of the two One shall be lowered. According to the current regulations, if the fixed deposit is due but the payment is not paid, the unclaimed amount by the bank will accrue interest at the interest rate applicable to the savings deposit.


India Has Recorded 39,796 New COVID-19 Cases And 723 Deaths

According to data from the Alliance, India added 39,796 Covid infections in a single day, bringing the total number of cases to 3,05,85,229, while the death toll climbed to 4,02,728, and the death toll increased by 723, the lowest level in 88 days. The MoH data was updated on Monday. The data updated at 8 am showed that the number of active cases further dropped to 4,82,071, accounting for 1.58% of the total number of infections, while the national Covid recovery rate has increased to 97.11%.


Amazon, Tata Say Centre's E-Commerce Rules Will Hit Businesses

Four sources familiar with the discussions told Reuters that Amazon and Tata Group of India warned government officials on Saturday that plans to implement stricter regulations on online retailers will have a significant impact on their business models. At a meeting organized by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and the government investment promotion agency Invest India, many executives expressed concern and confusion about the proposed rules.


Delhi Allows The Stadium To Reopen Without Spectators From Monday

According to an order issued by the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), the Delhi government has allowed the city’s stadiums and stadiums to reopen from Monday, but there are no spectators. In its order on Sunday, DDMA stated that when opening stadiums and stadiums, it will strictly abide by standard operating procedures and other government guidelines, and comply with Covid-related behaviours.


Zomato Obtains Approval From Sebi For An IPO Of Rs 8,250 Crores

Food Supply Aggregator platform Zomato has received approval from the market regulator SEBI to raise Rs 8,250 crores through an initial share sale. According to the Draft Red Herring prospectus, the initial public offering (IPO) includes the issuance of new shares worth 7,500 crores and Info Edge (India) Ltd's offering for sale worth 750 crores.

Income Tax

The Income Tax Department Increase The Time Limit For Manual Submission Of Forms Related To Foreign Remittances

The income tax department on Monday extended the deadline for manual submission of forms related to foreign remittances to July 15. As the new I-T portal faced technical problems after its launch on June 7 and users complained about malfunctions, the department allowed the manual submission of the 15CA/15CB form (required for foreign remittances) to the bank before June 30.


After Another Price Increase, The Petrol Price In Delhi Is Close To 100 Rupees

After raising rates again, the price of petrol in the capital on Monday approached the 100 rupees per litre mark. According to the price notice from the state-owned fuel retailer, the price of petrol increased by 35 paise per litre, while the price of diesel remained unchanged. In Delhi, petrol prices soared to 99.86 rupees per litre. The price of diesel remained unchanged at 89.36 rupees.


There Are 54 Covid Cases In The City

Delhi recorded 54 new Covid-19 cases and two other deaths on Monday, with a positive rate of 0.09%. According to data shared by the health department on Monday, 14,34,608 Covid-19 cases have been recorded in the capital since the beginning of the pandemic last year. So far, more than 14.08 million patients have recovered. According to the Health Bulletin, the new death toll brings the city’s death toll from the disease to 24,995.


Bihar Is About To Start Providing Door-To-Door Vaccinations For The Elderly And People Of Different Abilities

The Bihar government has decided to vaccinate the elderly and the disabled at home. Families who are bedridden or frail will soon be able to use the state helpline number to book vaccine doses. The facility, known as the Veterans Vaccine Express, has already started operation in Sri Krishna Puri, Patna, and an elderly woman received a dose of Covid-19 vaccine at home.


FCI Has Purchased 2.34 Million Metric Tons Of Wheat

The Food Corporation of India is the highest central agency that purchases food at the lowest support price. It purchases grain directly from farmers and sends it to the state government to provide grain to beneficiaries. FCI purchased 2.34 million metric tons of wheat in the state at the lowest support price during the 2021-22 rabi marketing year, which is the highest ever wheat purchase in Rajasthan.


So Far, There Have Been 36 Cases Of Dengue Fever In Delhi: SDMC

Data released by the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) on Monday showed that at least 36 cases of dengue fever have been reported in the capital so far this year. According to the latest reports issued by all three municipal companies, at least 30,466 households have reported mosquito breeding this year and 2,689 prosecutions have been initiated.


CBSE Will Hold The 2021-22 Board Examination In 2 Groups

The Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) said on Monday that it will conduct two sets of committee examinations for students in grades 10 and 12 in the current academic conference 2021-22, one set between November and December, and the other set in 2022. Between October and April to prepare for any "unprecedented circumstances" that may arise next year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cowin Platform

Cowin Platform Will Be Open Source: PM Modi

At the Cowin Global Conference, Prime Minister Narendra Modi told a global audience that since Cowin was used in India, it can be determined that the platform has been tested for speed and scale in the real world. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (Narendra Modi) said on Monday that India’s covid-19 vaccination platform Cowin will be open source and its technology will be shared with all countries seeking to use it to fight the deadly pandemic.


DMRC Launches Fastag/UPI-Based Cashless Parking Lot

Delhi Metro Railway Corporation Limited has launched a FASTag /UPI-based cashless parking facility at Kashmir Gate Metro Station, which can accommodate 55 four-wheelers and 174 two-wheelers. The facility was launched by Dr. Mangu Singh, managing director of DMRC, and senior officials from DMRC and the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) were present.


Due To The Increase In Crude Oil Prices, The Exchange Rate Of The Rupee Against The U.S. Dollar Rose By 24 Paisa To 74.55

As the strong U.S. dollar and rising crude oil prices suppressed investor sentiment, the Indian rupee exchange rate against the U.S. dollar fell by 24 paise to close at 74.55 on Tuesday. In the inter-bank foreign exchange market, the opening price of the rupee was 74.28 per dollar. It hovered in the range of 74.25 to 74.62 during the day, and then closed at 74.55 against the U.S. dollar.

Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar Passed Away At The Age Of 98. The Funeral Will Be Held Today

Veteran actor Dilip Kumar has passed away at the age of 98. He left a film heritage spanning six years and brought some of the most enduring classics to Hindi films. Dilip Kumar’s funeral will be held later in the day, which was announced through his official Twitter account. "Buried at 5:00 this afternoon. At Juhu Qabrastan in Santacruz Mumbai," the tweet read.


Today's Petrol Prices In Delhi And Kolkata Reach 100 Rupees Per Litre, A Record High

As the trend of rising fuel prices in India has no end in sight, petrol and diesel prices nationwide continue to rise. The state-owned oil company raised the price of fuel pumps again today. The recent interest rate hikes have pushed Delhi and Kolkata to surpass the 100 rupees per litre mark, while at the high end, cities like Mumbai have already surpassed the 106 rupees per litre line.


Sensex Increases Over 100 Points In Early Trading; Beautifully Close To 15,850

The stock benchmark Sensex rose by more than 100 points in early trading on Wednesday, tracking the gains of index heavyweights HDFC twins and TCS Asia Paint. After starting to fall, the 30-share BSE index rose 119.36 points or 0.23% to 52,980.54 in initial trading. Similarly, the broader NSE Nifty rose 25.10 points, or 0.16%, to 15,843.

Char Dham Yatra

Char Dham Yatra Will Run A Special Train Covering "Char Dham Yatra" In September

This is going to be a 16-day tour, which will start from Safdarjung Railway Station in Delhi on September 18, 2021, covering Badrinath, Narsingha Temple, Rishikesh, Jagannath Puri, Konark Sun Temple, ChandraBhaga Beach, Rameshwaram, Dwarkadhis, Shiv Rajpur Beach and Bet Dwarka. In light of the decrease in coronavirus cases nationwide, Indian Railways It was decided to operate a special train covering multiple popular tourist destinations in September.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos Became The World's Richest Man With $203 Billion After Stepping Down As Amazon CEO

Even after stepping down as Amazon's CEO, Jeff Bezos still tops the Forbes global real-time billionaire list because he firmly grasped the number one position. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Bezos' net worth is estimated at 203 billion US dollars, and his wealth has soared since he first founded the company in 1994.


India Is Expected To Inject 3-4 Million Doses Through Covax By August

Although the country’s cumulative vaccination coverage in the past 24 hours has exceeded 360 million, India is expected to receive 3 to 4 million doses of Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines through Covax facilities by August. Covax, led by the GAVI Vaccine Alliance and the World Health Organization (WHO), may ship vaccines made in the United States to India as early as this month. "This is through a donation from Covax” the source said.


Great Potential For A Further Revival Of Air Traffic: Indigo

Major airline IndiGo argues that India has great potential to further restore air traffic due to suppressed demand. In addition, the airline stated that this trend is supported by strong domestic tourism consumption, and the accelerated pace of vaccination work has further exacerbated this trend. In a conversation with IANS, the chief commercial officer of IndiGo.


Strong Spot Demand, Zinc Futures Rise

In futures trading with strong spot demand, zinc prices rose 0.8% on Tuesday to 240.15 rupees per kilogram. On multiple commodity exchanges, the zinc contract for July delivery rose 1.90 rupees, or 0.8%, to 240.15 rupees per kilo 1,840 lots. Analysts said that after the positive demand from the consumer industry supported prices here, traders created new positions.

Van Mahotsav

Van Mahotsav: Min Hussain Plants Tree At Yamuna Bank

The Van Mahotsav programme is being organised by the Department of Forests and Wildlife, Delhi Government from June 26 to July 11, 2021. Ishwar Singh, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Nisheeth Saxena, Chief conservator of forest and other senior officials of the Forest Department were also present during the plantation drive.


With Domestic Help To Recover, Sales Of DIY Products In India Have Returned To Pre-Pandemic Levels

Retailers and manufacturers say that sales growth of DIY products such as robotic vacuum cleaners and dishwashers has fallen from a substantial increase of 2-4 times in the first wave of Covid-19 last year. Sales of certain types of vacuum cleaners (such as portable vacuum cleaners, electric mops, clothes dryers) have returned to the days before the outbreak after reporting the best situation ever


PM Modi Will Interact With Athletes Going To Tokyo On July 13

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will interact with Indian athletes participating in the Olympic Games on July 13, three days before the first group of athletes travel to Tokyo to participate in the Olympic Games. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the interaction will be held in a virtual way. Shri Narendra Modi will interact with Tokyo Olympic athletes to inspire them.


Zomato's IPO Will Begin On July 14

With the corona virus disease (Covid-19) pandemic hitting India last year, after states and the Union Territory (UT) initially banned dining in restaurants, hotels, and food stalls, demand for online food delivery services provided by aggregators such as Zomato Significant increase and so on.


India Has Exported 4.75 Million Tons Of Sugar So Far This Year: AISTA

The trade agency AISTA said on Friday that in the 2020-21 marketing year ending in September, sugar factories have exported 4.75 million tons of sweeteners so far, with the largest export volume to Indonesia. The All India Sugar Trade Association (AISTA) stated in a statement that compared with the 6 million tons allocated by the Ministry of Food in January this year.


Paytm's President And Head Of Human Resources Resigned Before The IPO

It is understood that Paytm President Amit Nayyar and Chief Human Resources Officer Rohit Thakur have resigned. In recent months, several other executives have also published their own papers. In response to TOI’s inquiries, Paytm said in a statement: “As a company, we do not comment on personnel changes. We have built an incredible management team that includes some of the most well-known figures in the industry.


Blackstone, India's Largest Office Building Owner, Wants To Rule The Warehouse. Need: Some Development Risks.

Blackstone is already India's largest warehousing company after IndoSpace. It accomplished all this in just one and a half years. Although it has reached deals with some of the most well-known domestic warehousing companies, if it wants to improve its ranking, it has no choice but to enter project development.


Forgetting And Returning: How Tata Motors' Automotive Business Was Reversed The Commonality Of Vehicles.

The goal of Tata Motors is to become more agile through the Alpha and Omega platforms. The idea is to maintain a rolling chassis common to different cars. Modularity reduces development time and costs because the company has fewer parts to manage. In addition, for each new model launched on the same platform, the amortized R&D cost of each vehicle has decreased exponentially.


UPSC Will Recruit 363 Principals From The Delhi Ministry Of Education

The United Public Service Commission (UPSC) has invited applications to fill 363 vacancies in the post of principal of the Education Bureau of the Ministry of Education of the NCT Government of Delhi. The United Public Service Commission (UPSC) has invited applications to fill 363 vacancies in the post of principal of the Education Bureau of the Ministry of Education of the NCT Government of Delhi.


Gold Prices Fluctuate Throughout The Week Under Global Clues

Gold fell slightly by 29 rupees on Wednesday, trading at 46,903 rupees per 10 grams, reflecting the overnight drop in global precious metal prices. Gold prices fell by 451 rupees on Friday and traded at 46,844 rupees per 10 grams in the capital. On Thursday, the precious metal closed at 47,295 rupees after rising by 56 rupees or 0.12%.

 Miracle Park

Waste To Miracle Park Bag Earth Day Municipal Leadership Award

On Friday, the waste from the South Delhi Municipal Corporation went to Miracle Park and won the "Earth Day Network Municipal Leadership Award." The award was presented to Mayor Mukesh Surian at an event organized by the Municipal Center by the head of the India Office of the Earth Day Network. At the meeting, the mayor said that the Waste to Wonder Park of SDMC has become the most famous tourist attraction in the capital.


The Pharmaceutical Company Venus Remedies Declare Covid Protection Policy For Employees

The pharmaceutical company Venus Remedies announced on Saturday a Covid protection policy for its employees and their immediate family members. According to one company, according to this policy, if the designated family member of a permanent employee dies prematurely due to Covid-19, the company will pay him an amount equivalent to one month's total salary within the next 12 months.


India's Fuel Demand Rebounded In June

As restrictions on curbing the spread of the pandemic have been relaxed, India’s fuel demand rebounded in June after falling to a nine-month low last month, helping economic activity and liquidity rebound. Fuel consumption increased by 1.5% to 16.33 million tons.

Sirisha Bandla

After Kalpana Chawla, Sirisha Bandla Is The Second Indian-Born Woman Who Will Fly Into Space.

The Virgin Space Ship Unity space shuttle will be launched today, which is an important feat for mankind. Although the rest of the world has reasons to celebrate the achievements of Virgin Galactic, one of the reasons in India is Sirisha Bandla. Bandera is rooted in Guntur in Andhra Pradesh. She will become the second woman born in India after Karpanachola to fly into space.


Play With Caution To Unlock Themes: 7 Stocks Worth Starting Now

Obviously, the fading second wave brings hope to stock market investors who are tired of the new crown virus. The slow removal of local blockades by the state government is stimulating optimism. Keval Bhanushali, CEO of Marwadi Shares & Finance predicts: “As everyone is waiting to open up, fast-moving consumer goods, retail and other fields will recover significantly.”

Bill Gates

What Does Bill Gates Have On The Launch Of Steve Jobs And Itunes

As the two chief CEOs of the world's largest technology companies, their competition is notorious. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates did not really agree on many things. However, there is also admiration. Since Jobs passed away in 2011, Gates has often talked about this.


It May Be Decided Within 4-6 Weeks To Include Covaxin On The Emergency Use List: WHO

The World Health Organization may make a decision on the emergency use list (EUL) of Bharat Biotech's Covid-19 vaccine Covaxin in the next four to six weeks. According to PTI News Agency, Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist of global health agencies, said in a webinar on Friday that WHO is reviewing Covaxin because its manufacturer, Bharat Biotech, is now uploading all of its data to the health agency’s portal.

Indian Tea

Indian Tea Consign May Drop By Nearly 15% In 2021

Due to the very low prices of tea in Kenya and Sri Lanka, Indian exports have been affected in the past two to three years. The average price of tea auctions in Kenya is less than US$2 per kilo, which is much lower than our average auction price," said Dinesh Bihani, Secretary of the Guwahati Tea Auction Buyers Association (GTABA)

Economic Recovery

Due To The Limited Economic Impact Of The Blockade, A Rapid Recovery Is Expected: Survey

A CII survey stated that the Indian economy is expected to recover rapidly from the effects of the second wave of COVID-19 because the blockade is mainly to restrict social gatherings and has little impact on economic activities. About 60% of the CEOs participating in the survey expect their company's sales recovery to be better than the first wave of pandemic.


Delhi Allows Auditoriums To Be Open

Taking into account the significant reduction in Covid-19 cases in the national capital, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) removed academic and training activities from the list of completely prohibited activities.

Social Media

Responsible Social Ecosystem": New Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw’s First Article On Koo’s

IT rules Ashwini Vaishnaw posted on Koo that the new IT rules will ensure that India’s social media ecosystem is safer and more accountable. The new Minister of Information and Technology Ashwini Vaishnaw made his debut on Koo on Sunday. His first post on the social media platform was about the recently introduced IT rules, which he said are "empowering."

Tata Motors

Tata Motors Launches Dark Versions Of Harrier, Altroz, And Nexon: A First Look

Tata Motors has launched dark versions of Altroz, Nexon, Nexon EV, and Harrier. The dark version of Tata Motors' "Forever Car Series" is essentially a special edition with black inside. Most of these dark version cars are top trims of the above models. In terms of mechanics, there are no changes in internal components and driving terrain.


Industrial Production Increased By 29.3% In May

Official data on Monday showed that India’s industrial production increased by 29.3% in May. According to the Industrial Production Index (IIP) data post by the National Statistical Office (NSO), manufacturing output surged 34.5% in May 2021. Mining output climbed 23.3% in May, and power generation increased by 7.5%. Industrial Production Index contracted 33.4% in May 2020.

Janpath Market

Delhi Government Revokes Order To Close Janpath Market

The Delhi government reversed the order to close the Janpath market. SDM has issued a warning to the market association and warned store owners to strictly abide by the Covid-19 rules and agreements. On behalf of the SDM, an order regarding the rules has been issued to the SHO of Connaught Place and the district officials of NDMC.


Retail Inflation Remained At 6.26% In June

Official data released on Monday showed that the retail inflation rate in June was almost flat at 6.26%, compared with 6.3% last month. However, the inflation rate based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is still higher than the Reserve Bank pair for the second consecutive month. The government has authorized the Reserve Bank of India to keep the retail inflation rate at 4%, and the profit margin on both sides is 2%.

Blue Origin

U.S. Approves Bezos' Blue Origin Manned Space Travel Permit

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to launch a new Shepard rocket into space on July 20. The company was required to verify that the rocket's hardware and software operated safely during the test flight, and the FAA confirmed that it met regulatory requirements.

Solar Energy

Mukesh Ambani Considers Bidding For India's Solar Incentives In A Green Push

According to people familiar with the matter, the billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Ltd. is considering ordering for India’s incentives for solar manufacturing as the fossil fuel giant has begun to invest $10 billion in clean energy. Reliance, India's most valuable company, attended the meeting. People familiar with the matter said that a pre-bid meeting was held last month to discuss the subsidy plan.


The Government Repaired 1% Of SUC For BSNL's Satellite-Based Services

The Ministry of communications has charged a 1% spectrum usage price for satellite-based services provided by the state-owned telecommunications company BSNL. Currently, public sector telecommunications companies provide satellite phone services to government organizations and shipping companies authorized by the Ministry of the Interior.

Kanwar Yatra

In View Of The COVID Pandemic, The Government Of Uttarakhand Cancelled Kanwar Yatra

In COVID-19 pandemic, the Uttarakhand government decided on Tuesday to cancel this year's Kanwar Yatra. Kanwar Yatra is a devotee of Lord Shiva who makes pilgrimage to the Hindu pilgrimage sites of Haridwar, Gaumukh and Gangotri in Uttarakhand and Sultanganj in Bihar to fetch the holy water of the Ganges every year. Later, holy water was distributed to Lord Shiva as offerings in the temple.


Zomato Raised Rs 4,196 Crore From Anchor Investors Before The IPO

Food delivery platform Zomato said on Tuesday that it had raised more than Rs 41.96 crore from major investors before its first public subscription on Wednesday. According to a notice uploaded on the BSE website, the company has decided to allocate 552,173,505 shares to anchor investors at a price of 76 rupees per share, with a total transaction size of 4,196.51 crore rupees.


Adani Group Takes Over Management Control Of MIAL

This is after the approval of the Union Government and the Maharashtra State Government and the Maharashtra City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO). Adani Airport Holdings Ltd. (AAHL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adani Enterprises Ltd., took over the management of GVK Group’s control of Mumbai International Airport Co. Ltd. (MIAL) on Tuesday.


The Government’s Goal Is To List LIC By The Fourth Quarter Of FY22: Secretary Of DIPAM

A senior official said on Tuesday that the center's goal is to list the state-owned insurance giant LIC before the last quarter of the current fiscal year and will soon appoint a commercial banker for the transaction. Tuhin Kanta Pandey, Secretary of the Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM), told TOI: "We are looking at the fourth quarter. Several aspects of the IPO are making progress."


The Government May Extend The Investment Promotion Plan

An official stated that the government may extend the 2017-20 investment promotion plan to attract investors and promote the country's economic growth. The official added that the Expenditure Finance Committee under the Ministry of Finance has approved the proposal to extend the plan, and it is expected that the Ministry of Industry and Commerce will soon seek approval from the Cabinet.

Relative Allowance

Rajasthan Will Increase The Relative Allowance For Government Employees From 17% To 28% From July 1st

The Rajasthan Government has decided to increase the pension allowance for Rajasthan Government employees and pensioners from 17% to 28%. The pension rate will take effect from July 1, 2021. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said on Wednesday that despite the difficulties faced by Covid-19, the state government will spend about Rs 40 crore each year to support this decision by employees.

Tata Tigor

The XPRES-T Sedan Based On Tata Tigor EV Is Launched With A Cruising Range Of 213 Kilometers

Tata Motors launched a new brand called "XPRES" for fleet customers on Wednesday. Under this brand, the company will meet the specific needs of the fleet in terms of safety, passenger comfort and low cost of ownership. All vehicles in the fleet department will be equipped with the newly designed XPRES badge, which will distinguish them from other models.


India’s Exports Increased By 48.34% To US$32.5 Billion; The June Trade Deficit Was US$9.37 Billion

According to data released by the Ministry of Commerce on Thursday, India’s exports increased by 48.34% to US$32.5 billion due to healthy growth in shipments of petroleum products, gems and ornament, as well as chemicals, leather and marine products. Imports in June also increased by 98.31% to 41.87 billion U.S. dollars.


Gold Prices Rose By 177 Rupees, Silver Rose By 83 Rupees In Delhi

According to data from HDFC Securities, with the rise in global precious metal prices, the price of gold rose by 177 rupees on Thursday to 47,443 rupees per 10 grams. In previous transactions, precious metals closed at 47,266 rupees per 10 grams. Silver also rose by 83 rupees to 68,277 rupees per kilogram from 68,194 rupees per kilo in the previous transaction.


2 Million Indian Whatsapp Accounts Banned From May 2021 To June 2021

WhatsApp released its first monthly report in India on Thursday. The report complies with the Indian government’s new I-T rules, which require technology companies operating in India to issue a monthly report in addition to appointing an appeal officer in the country. In its report, the messaging app owned by Facebook revealed that it banned a total of 2 million WhatsApp accounts in India between May 15, 2021 and June 15, 2021.

Life Insurance

The Second Wave May Wipe Out The Covid Clauses Of Life Insurance Companies

Due to the intensity of the second wave of pandemics, many life insurance companies used up their Covid-19 claim reserves for FY22 in the first quarter. Although insurance companies cannot modify prices immediately, they have become cautious about accepting new proposals. They are now insisting on medical testing of recommendations, and these recommendations will be accepted earlier on the basis of remote consultations.


Gasoline And Diesel Prices Rise Again

On Thursday, gasoline prices rose by 35 paisa and diesel prices rose by 15 paisa, pushing national prices to new highs. According to the price notification from the state-owned fuel retailer, the price of gasoline in Delhi is now Rs 101.54 per liter and Rs 89.87 per liter for diesel. Increased after interest rates remained silent for three days.

Relaince - Justdial

Reliance Retail Will Obtain A 66.95% Stake In Just Dial For Rs 3,497 Crore

Reliance Retail, the merchandise arm of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), will acquire a 66.95% majority stake in B2B search engine JustDial. After this transaction, Reliance Retail should be classified as a promoter of JustDial. According to the agreement reached between the two companies, VSS Mani will continue to lead Just Dial as managing director and chief executive officer.


Zomato IPO Gained 38 Times Oversubscription On Friday

According to stock exchange data, Zomato's bid was 2,751.25 million shares, while the quotation was 71.92 million shares. This IPO is India's largest IPO since March 2020. Institutional investors who avoided talking during the first two days of the IPO repeatedly bid more than the number of shares reserved for them.

Solar Energy

India Will Play A Leading Role In The Field Of Renewable Energy: Piyush Goyal

Union Minister Piyush Goyal said on Friday that India will play a leading role in the field of renewable energy in the next few years. In his speech at the second "Aatmanirbhar Bharat-Self-Reliance for Renewable Energy manufacturing" farewell meeting, he said that starting from the initial stage of hydropower, we are already looking to the future and beginning to get involved in hydrogen technology.


Covid-19 In Delhi: About 87,000 People Were Vaccinated On July 16

The vaccination bulletin issued by the Delhi government stated that the city has received more than 9.2 million doses of vaccine since the vaccination campaign began on January 16. On Friday, about 87,000 people in Delhi were vaccinated against the coronavirus, with less than a day's stock of vaccines available. According to official data, the city.

Sarojini Nagar

Delhi's Sarojini Nagar Export Market Closed For Violation Of Covid Regulations

It turned out that the export market of Sarojini Nagar was extremely crowded, severely violated Covid-19 regulations, and did not maintain social distancing. While several instructions were issued from time to time to ensure that Covid acted appropriately, the market association still failed to with these instructions, so it has decided to close the Sarojini Nagar export market from July 18 until the order is placed.

Google Mobile Data

Google Mobile Data May Affect Covid Spread

Google community data shows that after the second wave of pandemic, the movement of people in most states has become diversified overall, thereby relaxing restrictions. Several studies, including a study by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), found that the third wave may hit India at the end of August. But a deeper study of the Covid data suggests that the third wave may have already hit India.


Maharashtra Revises Development Rules To Promote MHADA Reconstruction

The Ministry of Urban Development of Maharashtra has amended the Unified Development Control and Promotion Regulations (Unified DCPR) to allow the construction of 5% comfortable space in land parcels larger than 20,000 square meters and increase MHADA (Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority) Floor Space Index (FSI)) redevelopment projects and provided additional FSI for commercial business districts (CBD).


Mcovid Recovers, OPEC Supply Increase May Help India

Fuel customer may get some respite from rising gasoline and diesel prices, because as the oil cartel OPEC reached an agreement to increase production to meet growing demand, the global oil situation is expected to slow in the next few days. The rise in Covid cases worldwide has made the oil market uncertain because it has the potential to quickly erode demand.

Kanwar Yatra

Covid-19: Delhi Cancels Kanwar Yatra DDMA Issues Notice

Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan, cancelled the annual pilgrimage for fear of a third wave of Covid-19. Yatra is also unlikely to be held in Bihar and Jharkhand. The Kanwar Yatra will not be held in Delhi this year because the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) issued a notice on Sunday to cancel the annual pilgrimage for fear that it will lead to a possible third wave of the coronavirus pandemic.


Walmart's Flipkart Says India Investigation Should Not Be Treated Like Amazon

Walmart's Flipkart should not be treated in the similar way as rival Amazon in an antitrust investigation in India because the evidence against the two companies is “different in quality”. Amazon as well as Flipkart have challenged the Competition Commission of India (CCI) in court to seek to revoke the Indian court's June decision to allow them to conduct antitrust investigations.


OMC Suspends Gasoline And Diesel Price Increases On Sunday

The Oil marketing companies (OMC) suspended the button on Sunday due to rising gasoline and diesel prices. In the capital, the price of gasoline was 101.84 rupees per liter, while the price of diesel remained unchanged at 89.87 rupees per liter. On Saturday, the price of gasoline rose by 30 paisa, while the price of diesel remained unchanged.